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Where's Bibi Gone?

by carys1994


“Pleeeease can I play with your Click Klacks, Pouncer?” pleaded Bibi.

     Bibi was a blue Kougra, and also the youngest of her family. She was the Battledome champion and also the one who chased petpetpets, and she was saving her Neopoints for a striped paint brush. (She thought stripes looked good on Kougras.) There was another Kougra as well called Pouncer; he was red, very energetic and most importantly, loved to roll in mud! (He was saving up for a paint brush as well, but he wanted an electric paint brush instead.) The two little Kougras were best friends and always played with each other, except for certain times when Pouncer wanted to do something different to Bibi. They had a brother called Buster, and he was a red Lupe and just plain loyal and always had an answer for everything. (If you asked him what the capital of Neopia was, he might say something stupid like ‘an island’.) That leaves the oldest, Ruby, who was a red Uni. She was very hygienic, pretty, and playful and acted like their mother when their owner, Caz, wasn’t home.

     “OK! You can play with my Click Klacks! I’ve seen a nice patch of mud to roll around in out in the garden, and I’ve got to do it quick before Ruby stops me,” answered Pouncer, hurrying over to the back garden door.

     Bibi jumped to her feet and ran upstairs into her room. Bibi and Pouncer both shared a bedroom, since they were best friends and brother and sister. Bibi saw the colourful Click Klacks and started playing with them.

     “POUNCER!!!” screamed Ruby. “You know you’re not allowed to play in mud! What’s Caz going to say when she comes home, you naughty Kougra!!”

     She had obviously seen Pouncer and gone bonkers.

     “But, Ruby! Rolling in mud is my favourite thing to do, and you can’t stop me from doing my favourite thing,” groaned Pouncer.

     “Favourite thing or not! Get in the house now!” yelled Ruby, and Pouncer did as he was told.

     Meanwhile, Bibi was having too much fun to notice. She loved her brother's Click Klacks as much as he did, or even more! Pouncer had picked them up in a shop one day, and once Bibi saw them she wanted them, but since Pouncer found them, Caz bought them for him. She said if there were any more she’d buy some for Bibi, but there weren’t any left.

     Bibi heard Ruby stomping up the stairs saying, “Honestly, Pouncer! This is your tenth bath this week!”

     She couldn’t help a little giggle, but she carried on playing with the Click Klacks. But as she did she got more and more playful and swiped her paw on the toy. The balls came flying off the strings and her sharp claws landed on Pouncer’s blue bouncy ball that burst with a huge BANG!

     Bibi sat and stared, horrified, at the two broken toys. She suddenly heard Pouncer saying, “Bibi, what are you doing in there?”

      She quickly sat on the ball but didn’t have enough time to hide the Click Klacks before Pouncer opened the door.

     “Bibi, I heard a loud noise and came up to-” He trod on the Click Klacks before he could finish his sentence.

      Bibi knew what was going to happen next and started trembling all over.


     “I didn’t mean it, honestly,” squeaked Bibi in a small voice.


     Pouncer paused as he saw something blue beneath his sister.

     “STAND!” he ordered.

     Bibi did as she was told. Pouncer picked up the flattened ball and went red in the face, even more red than usual.


     Ruby and Buster were minding their own business downstairs while the argument started.

     “Can you hear something, Ruby?” asked Buster.

     “Of course I do,” answered Ruby.

     “It’s those Kougras having an argument, I expect.”

     “Something must be wrong. They’ve never argued like this; let’s go and see if they’re okay.”

     So the Neopets hurried upstairs just in time to see Bibi yell at the top of her voice, “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!” and she ran out of the room with her eyes filled with tears.

     Buster and Ruby stared with their mouths wide open at Pouncer, who in fact, had his mouth wide open in disbelief himself.

     “Wow!” said Buster.

     “Pouncer, you’d better go into the bathroom and see if Bibi’s alright... whatever you did,” said Ruby softly.

     Pouncer walked into the bathroom. Bibi was standing in front of the mirror, red-eyed and tears flowing down her cheeks.

     “Bibi, are you OK?” asked Pouncer.

     “I thought you were supposed to be a good brother, I thought you were supposed to forgive me, I thought you were my best friend,” she said.

     She didn’t say anything after that. She didn’t say anything when Caz walked through the door, she didn’t say anything at lunch or she didn’t say anything when she went to bed. She was silent for the rest of the day...

     That night, Bibi lay in bed with her ears flat on her head. She stared at Pouncer. She was curled up and had been crying silently on her soft tail, but was now full of anger. Why had Pouncer been so mean? She glanced at her clock. It was 3:30am. She got out of bed. The Kougra had planned it all night. She knew what she was going to do.

     Pouncer opened his eyes and saw sunlight streaming through the window. He looked up and saw Bibi’s empty bed.

     “That’s strange,” he thought. “I normally wake up before Bibi. Oh well, maybe she got up extra early so I wouldn’t pounce on her.”

     He jumped out of bed and raced downstairs. No-one was there. He looked in Ruby’s bedroom. Nothing was there except for makeup and a grumpy red Uni. He looked in Buster’s room and then Caz’s, but not a single blue Kougra in sight. Pouncer started to worry and asked Caz to help. Soon, everyone was looking for Bibi.

     “When and where was the last time you saw her, Pouncer?” asked Caz.

     “Last night, in bed; she wouldn’t talk to me at all for some strange reason,” he answered.

     “I know why! It’s because you were mean to her,” said Buster.

     “This might sound harsh, Pouncer, but you were frightening her and yelling at her quite a bit,” said Ruby.

     Pouncer felt horrible after that. He searched and searched, and so did everybody in town. He hoped and hoped that he’d soon find his little sister, and he’d get to say sorry for being so horrid to her the day before. But it was no use. They couldn’t find her anywhere.

     It was dark, and a little blue Kougra was wondering around Mystery Island. The moon shone on her coat as she walked on. Her thoughts were on Caz and the rest of her family. She missed them all so much, but if Pouncer was going to be horrible to her like that again, then she wouldn’t go back.

     “Maybe another owner will find me and adopt me,” she said to herself.

     She found a little tree to curl up and sleep under. A thought suddenly struck her.

     What if Pouncer didn’t mean to shout and was just upset?

     That morning, Pouncer and his family were looking around Neopia.

     “We’ve got to carry on looking; where else haven’t we looked?” asked Pouncer desperately.

     “Let’s see, we’ve looked in the Haunted Woods, Faerieland, Kiko Lake, Krawk Island, Terror Mountain, Roo Island and practically everywhere else in Neopia!!” said Buster.

     “We haven’t tried Mystery Island yet,” said Ruby.

     “Let’s go, then,” said Caz.

     They searched and searched everywhere in Mystery Island. They looked under every rock and even into the Cooking Pot, but still couldn’t find Bibi. They looked from the Rock Pool to the Island Mystic. There was no sign of her anywhere.

     “Pouncer, we all want to find Bibi as much as you do, but maybe she went to the pound and got herself adopted by another owner,” said Caz softly.

     Pouncer looked up, with tears down his cheeks. But as he looked up, he saw a blue neopet sleeping under a tree.

     “She hasn’t,” he whispered. “Bibi! She’s there! Look, Caz! She’s there, under the tree!” he said in a high voice, and ran over to the sleeping Kougra.

     Bibi felt something squeezing her in her sleep. She looked up and saw a red Kougra with a big smile on his face hugging her.

     “Oh, Bibi! I missed you so much! I’m ever so sorry! I’m sorry for everything bad I did! I’m sorry for being so mean! I’m really sorry!” said Pouncer.

     “Really?” asked Bibi.

     “Really, positively sure!” he said.

     He was so happy and relieved that he had found his sister and was smiling more than he had ever before. Bibi suddenly felt sorry for him. He really meant it.

     “Pouncer... I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I scared you like that. I shouldn’t have run away,” she admitted.

     “Well, we shouldn’t worry about anything right now, It’s all over and done with, and we can forget about everything that’s happened,” said Caz.

     “Are you still best friends, though?” asked Buster.

     Pouncer looked at Bibi hopefully.

     “Of course,” said Bibi.

     And they’ve been best friends ever since.

The End

Hi! Hope you liked the story! I've written another short story called 'The Wrong Wish' that you may want to read sometime.

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