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Games and the Board: The Perfect Formula?

by godsowngodzilla


Of course everyone knows playing games is an excellent way of earning an abundance of neopoints, but how many use the boards for even better results? There are countless Neopians who have not learned of or never thought of taking advantage of the boards. The truth is the boards are absolutely amazing and they serve a wide variety of purposes.

1.) Game Help, Tips, and Guides

The game board is a spectacular area to find and ask for tips from fellow Neopians. From the very experienced to the similarly confused you can get many, many replies that will reveal some of the most useful tips you will ever find!

Players on the board are always ready and willing to reveal their own knowledge and advise you about pet pages of other players. Often these pet pages are filled with tips, tricks, and strategies on almost all games.

Sometimes players will also help and give aid to games such as Lenny Conundrum and Mystery Picture. This allows players who have not solved the puzzle to have a clue as to what the answer is or sometimes to confirm their answer.

** Remember, though, tips and clues are appropriate, but straight answers are uncalled for and very much illegal. Revealing the actual answer is cheating!! It is unfair for players who figured out the answer themselves. Not only is it preventing other players from playing legitimately and receiving the prize they deserve, but also it lowers the amount of neopoint pay out from the pot. You don’t want everyone winning and ending up with a measly 300 neopoints after all your hard work, do you?

From personal experience, I have found a few very useful pet pages that have had all sorts of information, including images of gameplay, strategies and reminders of what to do and where to watch out, and finally the requirements to get various prizes from the games, such as trophies and avatars.

2.) Game Debate and Feedback

Besides information on how to achieve your desired scores and goals in a game there is also a lot of debate on the most popular, the newest games, and any other game you bring up.

Ever wondered what others think about the newest released games? Head on over to the board! As soon as a new game is playable, and ever prior to its release, there are many Neopians discussing and debating on the pros and cons of the game.

Is this game going to be good or bad? Is it really worth the time?

Fellow Neopians discuss their scores and whether or not the pay out from the game is worth playing. Everyone expresses his or her feelings as to if it is enjoyable or if it needs some improvement.

The most controversial and discussed games are updates of old games. These debates are very spicy and there are opinions on a wide spectrum. Some explain their reasons for supporting the new updates and tweaks to the game, while others show clear concern and disapproval of the changes, preferring the old version. Players also often reveal the new tips and tricks to the newly updated games, which is very helpful for those who have not tried out the game yet as well as those who are struggling to get their score higher.

Don’t worry, however; every game is up for debate and players are always ready for discussion on every single game on the site. Don’t hesitate to bring up questions, concerns, or simply start a conversation on a particular game and soon you will find it filled with comments and replies.

3.) Creative games created by fellow Neopians themselves

Often the board plays a role in introducing new games that fellow Neopians have invented or created using Neopet tools by themselves. Players are often advertising their newest and favorite creations of games such as Pirate Caves and Adventures. These are highly enjoyable and not only can they be played for fun, but they are also inspirational for you to create your own! Remember, these are attached to the possibility of earning a shiny trophy from contests such as Pirate Cave of the Week and Adventure Spotlight.

Other games include RPGs (role-playing games) on the boards, where Neopians may create their own characters and play fun, enjoyable roles with other Neopians. This is a great way to meet new friends and communicate with other Neopians.

4.) NeoQuest I & II

NeoQuest is a very long, spectacular game; however, many Neopians struggle to get to the next part of the game or figure out the necessities to defeat a boss or enemy. The boards are a very useful and information packed place to find tips and information that will answer all questions regarding the game.

There is a specific board for NeoQuest I and NeoQuest II and therefore it should be very easy to find and is very subject specific. Neopians will be able to find guides as to which level their characters should be on and what skills and stats are most desirable and useful. They will also be able to find maps, information on items and weapons, and prizes associated with the game.

Once again, playing games alone is a passable way of earning and enjoying Neopets, but taking advantage of the boards will allow you to improve and surpass your current level of play. Neopians on the boards are very friendly and are always willing to answer questions and express their own thoughts towards a particular subject. They will supply you with not only one answer, but also many answers that will allow you to try various methods.

The boards are also very safe as there are a very specific set of rules and regulations that govern what can be done on the boards. This assures a safe environment for each and every Neopian and also promotes fair gameplay. There is no reason to be afraid of communicating on the board and besides. Besides, who doesn’t want to earn more neopoints?

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