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The Honorary Feepit

by ashflash


Spats the Purple Tasu was curled up and thinking about his life. He had lived with this family for a couple of months and had only one friend, his master Kira the Faerie Kougra. Kira and the other pets were out shopping. There were other petpets in the house, but they weren’t pets he could play with. Phoenix the Christmas Doglefox was hyper and liked to play too rough for his taste, while Gloria the Angelpuss just liked to curl up with her master, a Speckled Bori. Rufus the Feepit on the other hand was rarely around. As soon as the masters were gone he would disappear, reappearing seconds before they got home. Spats wondered where Rufus went; after all, there wasn’t much for a Feepit to do on Mystery Island.

     Maybe I should ask Gloria where he goes all the time, Spats thought.

     Gloria yawned as Spats approached the windowsill she had been napping on. “Are you bored, Spats?”

     “Yes, I was wondering if you knew where Rufus is.”

     “I believe he is sneaking out the kitchen window by now.”

     “Great! I can go with him.”

     “Curiosity killed the meowclops, Spats,” Gloria warned.

     “But satisfaction brought it back,” replied Spats as he sped to the kitchen, where, just as Gloria had said, Rufus was about to crawl through an open window. “Can I come, Rufus?” Spats asked.

     Rufus whirled around and glared at him. “No, I have something that I have to do.”

     “I can help.”

     “Sorry, this is for the big boys, Spot.”

     “It’s Spats!”

     “Go back and play with your yarn.”

     Rufus squeezed out the window and was off. With a grin Spats quietly followed. Soon they were deep in the jungles of Mystery Island. With a twinge of fear he remembered the terrifying tales of cannibals and curses that could be found in the uncharted jungles that he was now exploring. I will never be able to find my way back home without help, he thought. Minutes later they arrived in Geraptiku. I wonder what happened to this place. All that was in this derelict village was decaying homes, a gigantic tomb, and a few pets who were trying to be brave by exploring the village. Next, Spats followed Rufus to the tomb and watched him navigate a series of tunnels.

     Out of nowhere a ghost Hissi appeared. “Hissss!”

     Spats screamed in pure terror, when he heard Rufus laughing. He watched in shock as the Feepit continued as if the ghost wasn’t even there.

     “Go home, and don’t ever follow me again!” Rufus shouted.

     Not to be deterred, Spats bravely followed, when a light caught his eye. What is that? A projector! The ghost is a fake. I wonder what is going on here. A few feet farther and Spats saw twenty Feepits of different colors listening to a Starry Feepit in the middle.

     “Fellow members of the F.D.N. Mystery Island Division, we have an emergency. Intelligence shows that a gang of Meepits have infiltrated the secret lab and are planning to adjust the petpet lab ray so that it will always turn petpets into Meepits. If that happens we will be overrun and the Meepits will rule the world. We must stop them. Everybody move out!”

     Spats quickly hid as the Feepits rushed off toward the secret lab. So Rufus has been fighting Meepits; I bet I can help. Spats continued to follow the Feepits.

     After hours of trudging through the jungle they finally arrived at the lab. There was probably close to thirty Meepits in the lab. A Pirate Meepit was watching the Yellow Kookith in charge of the ray making the adjustments. “Hurry up or your Scorchio master will pay!” the Meepit shouted.

     “You will be the one to pay,” proclaimed the Starry Feepit, as the army of Feepits burst out of hiding.

     “We will see about that. Meepits charge!”

     “Feepits charge!”

     Spats watched as the Meepits and Feepits faced off. He stared at the unattended petpet lab ray and smiled. I have an idea.

     A couple of minutes later and the Meepits were beginning to gain the advantage. Two Meepits had backed Rufus into a corner. “I can take on all of you pathetic rats,” teased Rufus.

     “I don’t think so,” replied one of the Meepits.

     A flash of purple and the Meepit found himself pinned to the ground by Spats. “Leave him alone, Pinky!” shouted Spats.

     Rufus kicked the other Meepit against the wall. “I could have handled him, Spot!”

     “My name is Spats; it is not that hard to remember,” Spats growled.

     With Spats biting and clawing and the Feepits punching and kicking, the Meepits were beginning to lose.

      In desperation the Pirate Meepit seized control of the petpet lab ray. “It is now complete and you don’t stand a chance!” he shouted.

     The Feepits could only look on in terror as his paw reached for the switch. He flipped it on, but nothing happened. “How can this be happening?!” he yelled.

     A millisecond later Spats had pounced on top of him. With the battle over, the rest of the Meepits fled.

     “My precious ray is ruined,” cried the Kookith. “It will take ages to fix it!”

     “No, it won’t,” corrected Spats. “I just unplugged it; all we have to do is plug it back in.”

     “Very clever,” commented the Starry Feepit. “My name is Orion, and I am the officer in charge of the Mystery Island Division of the F.D.N. Who are you?”

     “My name is Spats.”

     “Spats is the newest member of my family,” chimed Rufus.

     “Now you remember my name.”

     “Well, I guess we finally found a partner for you, Rufus. You are so stubborn that none of the other Feepits want to be your partner. Spats, you are now an honorary Feepit. Welcome to the Feepit Defenders of Neopia!”

     “Thank you,” replied Spats. “What are we going to do with this Meepit?”

     “Mark my words, I will break out of prison and Meepits will rule the world!” shouted the Pirate Meepit.

     Orion frowned. “He has already broken out of our prison three times this year. I don’t know what to do with him.”

     “I have an idea,” replied Spats with a slight smile.

      A few weeks later Spats, Rufus, and Orion were sitting on a small mound of dirt on Krawk Island.

     “There he is!” yelled Rufus in delight.

     They watched as a Pirate Bruce stuffed the squealing Pirate Meepit into a cannon and fired. With a loud boom the Meepit sailed through the air and crashed into the ground a foot short of the bucket.

     “Good idea, Spats,” commented Orion. “He will be so busy with his volunteered position in Petpet Cannonball that he will have no time to plot revenge or recruit more Meepits.”

     “I wish we could enjoy this longer, but Spats and I have to head home.”

     The two petpets stowed away on the next ferry to Mystery Island. Soon they were sneaking back into their house through the kitchen window.

     “Just in time. I hear our masters coming through the door,” Gloria told them from her spot on the fancy sofa.

     “Where were you guys?” asked Phoenix as he chewed on a shoe.

     “Here and there; it was kind of boring,” replied Spats with a slight smirk.

The End

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