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Drop Site Acquired

by spikecat244


Whoa!!! Look out below! Stare into the sky in terror as the might of the million mootix army descends upon Neopia. Seek shelter in your houses, beds, and piles of dung; their landing is imminent. So either now is the time to find a decent bomb shelter, or now it is the time to join the strong, the mighty, and the mootix. Upon entering their elite core, you see many assortments of weapons and charts. You see locations on them of various worlds, cities, and petpets?!?! Among these many types of items is a single book titled Drop Site Acquired! Upon opening the book you begin reading and slowly become engrossed in the pages as their words seem to flow out towards you, and you soon find yourself saying them aloud...


Mootix Drop is a game based on landing Harry, a mootix hotshot who obsesses over the game and enjoys plunging downward and landing on the soft fur of a petpet beneath him. Now mootix technology allows them to create a projection of a target on the fur of the petpet. This new ability allowed different mootixes to challenge each other or themselves by making the target smaller or larger based on the skill level of the mootix trying it. Later the idea of projecting rings that could be passed through came into mind, thus making the game of Mootix Drop what it is today.


The keys that are primarily used in this game are the up, down, left, right, and space keys. Firstly when you start the game, you will be presented with whether you want to play the game, view the instructions, or erase your data (You’ll never want to do the last choice). Now, once you select to play the game, you are taken to a screen where you can either play mission mode or single drop. Single drop is where you can select from courses that you beat in mission mode under a set difficulty. When you have beaten all of the courses under one type of difficulty, than you will get a “reward”, but beware, one or two of the level sets are glitched, making it impossible to gain the “reward” in some cases. Mission mode on the other hand offers you three links to choose from: easy, medium, and hard. Medium can only be accessed if you complete easy mode, and hard mode can only be accessed if you complete medium mode, so you have to go in order.

Scoring for Levels

Okay, basically you fall from the sky and try to pass through rings as you are falling. Normally passing through a ring will give you 2 points, but passing through the center of one will give you 4 points. Then after getting as many of the rings as you could you should look at the rectangular bar at the left top corner of the screen, and check if you met the ring requirements (each course has a certain amount of rings you can miss before you fail the course). Then after checking in on your status, you should now concentrate on the incoming target on the ground. As you will see it looks like a bull’s-eye with numbers on each of the rings. These numbers symbolize how many times the amount of points you got from the rings will be your score if you can hit that section of the target. And, poof, you have your score for the level!

Score lists


Babaa: 5 rings (3 at least), max target: 7x

Warf: 10 rings (5 at least), max target: 7x

Kadoatie: 15 rings (10 at least), max target: 7x


Babaa: 5 rings (4 at least), max target: 7x

Warf: 10 rings (8 at least), max target: 7x

Kadoatie: 15 rings (13 at least), max target: 7x

Gruslen: 20 rings (16 at least), max target: 7x

(note, you must land on the smallest target in hard mode)


Babaa: 5 rings (4 at least), max target: 7x

Warf: 10 rings (9 at least), max target: 7x

Kadoatie: 15 rings (14 at least), max target: 6x

Gruslen: 20 rings (19 at least), max target: 7x

Doglefox: 20 rings (19 at least), max target: 10x

Maxin’ it out!

In Mootix Drop, getting scores of around 1700-1999 is good, and will secure you a spot on the high scores, but there are much higher scores available. Getting these score sis very hard. Some of these super high scores even require codes which can be entered in on the screen that displays the next course you will be playing. To enter in these codes you hit the up and down arrow keys to select a symbol (mootix, target, babaa, or spyder), then use the left and right ones to select which symbol goes in which of the 3 spots. The maximum score you could get for easy would be 840 if you scored perfectly on each course; math is displayed here: [(5 x 4= 20 x 7= 140) + (10 x 4= 40 x 7= 280) + (15 x 4= 60 x 7= 420) = 840] if you got all perfects on all of the courses and landed on the best possible target for each course as well. For medium it would be 1400 with all perfect rings/targets to get/land on; math is displayed here: [(5 x 4= 20 x 7= 140) + (10 x 4= 40 x 7= 280) + (15 x 4= 60 x 7= 420) + (20 x 4= 80 x 7= 560) = 1400]. For hard mode you would have a maximum score of 2200; math shown here: [(5 x 4= 20 x 7= 140) + (10 x 4= 40 x 7= 280) + (15 x 4= 60 x 6= 360) + (20 x 4= 80 x 7= 560) + (20 x 4= 80 x 10= 800) = 2200]. Then if you factor in some of the better codes you can enter, you get scores in the 2300-2500 range, which is amazingly hard to do. The highest score I’ve ever seen was 2602, which was scored by a very good Mootix Drop player who probably wishes to remain anonymous. My best score was 2411, which was never sent due to too many plays in one day.


Most players use two types of moves: the normal movement, and the barrel-roll. Normal movements are performed by simply holding the arrow key you wish to move in the direction of. Barrel-rolls are performed by quickly tapping the direction you wish to move in twice. Doing this will cause Harry to roll quickly to the side you specified; barrel-rolls can only be performed with the left and right arrow keys, not the up and down ones. A big part about getting on the high score board is the small x10 target on the last stage of hard mode; it moves extremely fast, and is incredibly small. The target seems to land on the left side of the petpet most of the time, and will generally be in the vicinity of the shadow on the far left side of the petpet’s back. So try to position yourself to land in that area after obtaining the rings, and make adjustments based on when the target is near you. Doing this will greatly increase your chance of hitting it. Also, another thing that is important is that Harry will sometimes seem to be slowly drifting off course if you keep him in one location; this is caused by “winds” in the game, and yet again you must make adjustments to stay on target. If you can master all of the levels, and perfect the techniques that are taught here, you will surely be a Mootix Drop master.


In Mootix Drop it seems that the programmers left some mistakes in the game; an example of this is when you beat hard mode you’ll unlock a mode labeled as Insane. In this mode you need to get all the rings, and land on the smallest possible target; this may seem hard, but it is doable up until the 3rd level where it becomes impossible. After getting a number of rings, you’ll realize that the petpet has rings imbedded in its fur, and that when you hit the ground it will declare that you have failed the mission and it will never let you past the level. If insane mode could be completed, you would see scores that could be in the low 3000 range instead of the 2500 range as maximum scores. Also, those silly programmers forgot to add some of the targets in single drop mode, so you cannot get all of the possible prizes, still though we should thank the programmers, because they made it so that there would be several unanswered questions in Mootix Drop that we could conspire about. Some of these include whether we can really beat insane mode with some code no one has discovered yet, or if they just enjoy watching us look around trying to find something that doesn’t exist. Either way knowing the Neopets Team, we may never know.

You put the book down, and walk out of their base. You are a changed player; you have armed yourself with knowledge, knowledge of the strong, the mighty, and the mootix.

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