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The Average Neopian Guide To Extreme Potato Counter

by plecoguy1


So lately you've been typing too quickly and staring at your computer with too much fright to finish Aaa's challenges? Well, for all of us, the hardest game was Extreme Potato Counter, was it not? Good, let’s begin. I'm here with the tips to help you get a pretty decent score.

1. Never focus your eyes on the center. If you do, there’s an annoying little potato that always crosses a corner, and you completely get it wrong. One of the wisest things is to keep your eyes on the sides of the screen to see incoming potatoes.

2.Open the screen X-large. Set it on “best quality” to make the potatoes slightly slower and help you see those really small ones. Also, lean back or move farther away, and it helps even more.

3. If you need help remembering the potatoes in your head, count out loud, even if it’s just a whisper. Or loudly, depending on whether you are disturbing someone else. Or if it helps, get a buddy to help you with counting them.

4. In the rare chance you are really confused by the number and think that you might be one potato too high or too low, just guess. You always have a chance of being correct, and if not, there is never any harm in trying again.

5. Sure, it's frustrating to be counting and counting and counting, but have something around to relieve your frustration, like a stress ball, if you are easily frustrated by this game. That is the hardest part, but keep trying if you really need to achieve that extra-high score!

6. Blinkers beware! Make sure you have your eyes good and open, because if not, that could spell certain potato doom, as if you blink, you often recount already-counted potatoes or sometimes don’t see some at all.

7. Veggies of Doom... The vegetables that appear on later levels may not quite be veggies “of doom,” but they’re still a threat! They move slowly and block potatoes from view, so look closely at them. Sometimes they have a small potato going through their slow spin. Fortunately, they only come from the sides of the screen and not the corners.

8. Remember the buddy idea? Here is where it really comes in handy. About 5 levels into the game, there are almost 50 potatoes floating in the air. Beware if you are playing alone! If you dare brave the 6, 7, 8, and 9 levels, a buddy to help count is an even better idea, though the higher levels pretty much confuse anyone. And each level, there are more and more and more potatoes beyond 50, incredibly expanding their number each time after the 6th level.

9. To avoid unpleasant distractions: Make sure that you don’t have anything else to do. And if you have small siblings, make sure they can't bother you with something unpleasant to do when you have 100 potatoes counted. Also make sure your parents don't have plans for you when you want to play this game. Phone ringing, however, is inevitable.

10. That little time between your guess and the appearance of the next round button is an excellent time to do whatever you need done. If you don’t have anything to do, at least take a small eye break to help your eyes get focused for the next round. That is helpful. Or if any of the things trying to distract you really need to be attended to, it is easy to let the computer just stay there for a while and then come back. That is the best time to do it, since there isn’t any unpleasant time limit for you to start the next round.

11. Keep trying! Some of those high scores you see were people who managed to get easier rounds. The servers randomly select the rounds, so part of getting all of it is just pure luck. Even if you've played for the 9,999,999th time, do not give up the millionth time either. One of these days could be your lucky day.

12. Take advantage of TNT's number one tool, the birthday! Games are much easier then, so if you have an upcoming birthday, use it to its fullest extent. That is the only known thing that gives more luck in games and random events. So play, play, play on your birthday. Note: Don't stare at the game for 24 hours. You should still do more than play with a computer or a Meepit shall come and take over Neopia.

13. Overall, do not play nonstop, but remember that practice makes perfect. Also, for a small tip, if you go to any of the larger fast levels, the number is usually not a multiple of ten. Just keep that in mind if you’re not sure of your guess. And do not go crazy just because you were so close to that lovely bronze potato. Also for the expert: there are some hidden things to earn if you count a lot of potatoes...

14. Just because this was hard, don't say you'll never eat a potato again. It might hurt the potato's feelings. And you do not want a deranged potato to come after you just because it's sad, do you? So respect the potato, no matter how frustrating this game is.

15. As with most Neopian games, the soundtrack can get annoying. Is it annoying or distracting you? Well, if it does, always remember to shut it off to have complete control of your memory to remember how many potatoes were there. And if you sometimes type slowly, just try your best to get the correct number typed, but don’t forget there is an unpleasant little time limit, so try your best to do it quickly.

16. Perhaps if you need a little more experience in potato counting, you should try the regular Potato Counter game to get the hang of counting fast and in large quantities. That is just a little something to get some practice into your potato counting.

This concludes all 16 pieces of help for the Average Neopian Guide to Extreme Potato Counter. I hope this little guide helps clear up the hardest game for most of us. If not, it may help experts get their shiny gold potato in their trophy cabinet. And if not, come up with your own working strategies.

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