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True Sight

by fieryangel40


Brutal winds, angry, stabbed his soft neck, then his lowered ears, and then his tired legs. The ice bori, frozen within himself, collapsed as the surrounding snow slowly rose. He sighed, as his warm tears dripped down his saddened face then slowly froze over. He licked his maw, thinking. Why wouldn't he just quit and fall into dreams? He had no answer for this. Elego yawned, smiling as he fell asleep, promising to wake again.

     He rose... warmth grasped him. Dazzled eyes quickly shot open, shifting. Did the storm finally conquer him? He could hear a warm fire near... but of course the blind bori could not see. Mysterious was all, and so was he.

     "Are you warmed?" a soft voice asked.

     He shifted, cocking his head toward the voice. "Yes..." he nervously answered.

     "Good, good. The storm almost buried you, my child."

     Elego rose, tripping.

     "I see... how beautiful your crystal eyes. You are blind, my child."

     Elego nodded, not caring to be cautious. This place was obviously better than outside.

     "Now, let’s see... maybe I could fix this."

     "How so?" Elego asked.

     "I am a being of magic," she answered.

     He was captured by her soft, loving voice. He didn't care to see... maybe a bit frightened.

     "No," he sternly said. "Please, keep your magic; my life is thank you enough. I have no desire to see such a wretched world."

     She nodded.

     "Very well. Once the storm has passed, you can always leave my cottage here."

     He nodded... a bit nervous. She smiled; well, he could feel her smile.

     "Is there something else you desire? I am always alone here, especially during these wretched storms. I would love to help you in anyway."

     He smiled.

     "There is one thing. I do not want to see... but maybe, feel the wind, get rid of my awkward feet. Travel to areas of warmth."

     She ceased her smile.

     "With what I give you, you will be happy, yet cursed, my child."

     "How so?" he asked.

     "You are cursed with everything," she answered, sighing. She waved a hand... he began to mutate... His icy exterior began to melt, as his flesh began twisting and turning... Elego was reborn. Elego could feel the scales, his hot breath and scraggly tail... but then... Wings. He flapped them.

     “There you are, Elego. Wings I have given you, yet your appearance has mutated. Desire more?”

     He thought a bit. Could he trust this stranger? Who was she?

     “Yes, I do. I desire knowledge.”

     She smiled, for this creature before her was quite amusing.

     “That I can help you with, dear child. You will have to travel a great distance, I would recommend after this horrible weather. Travel to the lands of the ancient, the simple minded. There, in the depths of darkness and despair shall the great behold you with his knowledge. But I must advise you my last time. There are great chains you must bear to hold such knowledge. My magic will guide you.” Elego nodded, not caring to hear any more. He rose, and awkwardly headed toward the door. This woman was odd, he thought. Why would she help a complete stranger? But Elego didn’t care for warnings or questioning things too much. The now Draik dared venture into a storm almost succeeded in claiming his life. Large wings expanded, their might breaking the harsh wind's path. He inhaled, not of fear or anxiety, but pure delight and joy. He was eager to fly away and so he did. The ruthless ill-tempered storm swallowed him as he flew into the darkness.

     She was correct. He didn’t need to see to know where he was going. His wings seemed to lead him and he would have dozed off, just flying, but the wind was too cold, as well as mesmerizing.

     He had heard stories of Tyrannia. Depending on who told them, some would say it was a gorgeous desert, filled with humble, simple neopets. Others would disagree; it was a wretched place of vicious ancient neopets and a tormenting sun. Elego stayed high in the sky peering down to hear the vast plateau, canyons and distant mountains. He couldn’t see but somehow the mysterious woman’s magic had guided him through the frozen mountains down to the plateau. He was a bit nervous of flying down. Though he couldn’t see himself, Elego knew he wasn’t an attractive sight. He could feel his rough scales, long claws, and hot breath. Elego slowly flew closer to ground, listening intently for neopets.

     The mysterious woman’s magic was like a voice in his head. Oddly, he had arrived in Tyrannia at night and a loud concert was taking place. The plateau was deserted. He slowly followed the magical guide for what seemed a few hours. Suddenly the magical presence disappeared. Elego frowned listening to what was before him.

     He heard the hollowness of a large deserted cave. From deep within, the small drip-drop of water echoed into what sounded like deep rough breathing. Elego paused unsure if to continue. He was blind, so the hollowing darkness would not cause him fear. The sounds would have scared everyone away but Elego’s ears were his eyes and they had developed to discovering what sounds were. No, he wasn’t afraid. Elego sighed. He was nervous. Was this the right thing to do?

      The mutant Draik crept into the large cave. His eyes were unable to see the warning sign: BEWARE; LAIR OF THE BEAST. He entered the dark cavern slowly. A small flame on a torch caught the attention of his ears. The small sound of the roaring blaze filled the cave and was oddly soothing. Elego quickly shot a glance behind him. Small rats were scurrying away from the fire. He continued forward, past the shadow of the torch into the cooling darkness. Elego ran into irritating spider webs constantly and a distant scratching noise kept making him stop. He walked until there was a dead end. He paused, sniffing around. He brushed by a withered old rope. Elego help the rope in his hands and looked up as if he could see. He hesitantly climbed the rope. He entered a small cavern and looked ahead. The cool air of the cave was no longer here. Warm air drifted out of another cavern. Elego hesitated. There was a creature there. He stalked forward and climbed through the jagged hole.

     He entered pure darkness that even his blind eyes could see. He was scared. There was a large growling noise that sounded like clicking. The creature within had noticed him and was scurrying around the large, dark cavern. Elego was frozen in place. It was large, and he could hear its gigantic wings. Suddenly he heard a large screech from the bird that caused a sharp pain of fear to race down his spine. He couldn’t stop his shivering. He shouldn’t have done this; this was stupid. He should have stayed in the mountains in the warmth, next to the fire, with the soft voice... he shouldn’t have made this journey... Elego opened his eyes. No, he thought, I made the right choice.

     “Calm down,” he yelled loudly, his normally soft quiet voice boomed throughout the cavern. The sound of his loud voice shocked not only the creature but himself.

     The large bird quickly stopped then slowly stalked toward him.

      “I am calm,” a scratchy, rough voice answered. “Who are you, and how dare you enter my cave?” it continued.

     Elego, no longer nervous, answered, “I’ve come in search of you. I’ve heard the great creature of the darkness could behold me with great knowledge.”

     A loud echo of laughter escaped the creature’s mouth. “What makes you think I would do anything for you?” the scratchy voice replied.

     Elego frowned. He thought if he was just brave enough to come, the creature would grant him his request.

     “I... I thought you just would. Since I came here and all.”

     “You thought wrong,” it yelled.

     “You must help me!”

     The large bird stared at him menacingly. This Draik was odd, he thought. No one in a few centuries had entered his cave. He was amused yet nervous. It took bravery to come and speak with him.

     “How is it you had the courage to seek me out? Were you not frightened by the warning sign... the dark... the jagged rocks?”

     “I’m blind,” responded Elego. “I couldn’t see those things.”

     The large bird laughed. “This is interesting! Who told you about me! Who sent you here?”

     “I don’t know... well, not her name. She lives in the snow and mountains. She is magic.”

     The large bird frowned. “Of course! That troublesome Taelia. She sent you... she knew you would make this journey.”

     “I don’t understand.”

     “It doesn’t matter,” the creature replied. “I will grant your request. But... do you know the consequences?”

     Elego shrugged. “She, Taelia, may have mentioned something but I can’t remember. I don’t care.” Elego felt the large creature smile wickedly.

     “Well then, it doesn’t matter,” it replied.

     Abruptly, the large dark cavern lit up, so bright that Elego could see it. The cavern’s walls had changed from the darkness to almost a mirage image of the sky and dark heavens, the galaxy, the stars, planets. The beautiful sun and moons. The creature had become silent, staring at the walls. Elego could see... he saw the galaxy.

     “Isn’t it lovely,” the creature asked in an almost soft, kind voice. “It’s the galaxy, the world. I see everything, you know. In this cave of mine. I see it all, the beautiful life of it all.

     Elego nodded, awestruck and frozen in silence. He could see the planet of Neopia, Kreludor, the sun, the millions of stars. The beautiful stars. Everything was so peaceful. He saw life. “Is this the ultimate knowledge of the world?” he asked after a while.

     The creature nodded. “Almost.”

     They both stared for a while, and Elego lost track of time.

     “Do you understand, Elego?” The creature tapped Elego’s head with his long claw. Elego’s mutated appearance changed as quickly as when he first mutated. He became Tyrannian.

     Elego nodded, “Yes, I know now.” The Tyrannian Draik bowed. “Thank you.”

     The bright walls faded and Elego became blind once more.

     “Will you live here forever?” Elego asked.

     “Yes. I will. I cannot leave, Elego. That is my curse to knowing everything. And your curse... it is still with you.”

     Elego hadn’t noticed the chains surrounding him. They only surrounded his body, locked to his neck and arms. He wasn’t chained up, only to himself. He didn’t frown. The punishment was worth it. He flapped his wings. He could still fly, if only for a short time. He began to leave dragging the chains along.

     “Goodbye... I don’t know your name.”

     The creature shrugged. “You don’t need to. Say hi to Taelia for me.”

     Elego nodded and left. It took him twice as long to return to Taelia because of the heavy chains. Eventually he would get used to it and the weight would no longer affect him. Taelia never explained to him what her relationship to the creature was. She was delighted to see Elego once more, but not as happy to see the chains. Elego didn’t mind. He knew everything. Well, almost.

     Elego is elusive. He visits the famous snow faerie Taelia once in a blue moon, but not as often as he once did. He searches for more knowledge, for more books. It took him a few years to realize the true curse of the chains. He could never fly to the stars.

The End

This is my first entry into the Neopian Times. ^^ I hope you like the story.

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