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Breaking a Way Out of Bruno’s Backwoods

by superpepe


GAMES ROOM - It is the one of the latest craze to hit the gaming world of Neopia, along with the timely (and much needed) release of the new games room. It is also based on a character from the Tale of Woe plot that has got many Neopians excited. You must have guessed it by now. That’s right, the game I am talking about is the newly released Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway.

Located in the action category of the games room, Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway proves to be an action-packed fun game that is sure to be a challenge to the average Neopian. However, do not fear, as today, I am going to share with you the tips to getting that *shiny* trophy from this game which I have obtained. *Mwhahaha* (breaks out in evil laughs) -That was weird. Now, on with the guide that I have written to help you play this game.

Let’s take a look at the game’s description: ‘After a potion he took went wrong, Bruno became a disfigured, monstrous Gelert. The townspeople of Neovia took the same potion and were similarly twisted by the elixir. They blamed Bruno for being the first to advertise the potion and chased him out into the Haunted Woods. To escape their wrath, Bruno must now use whatever shelter he can find to evade the angry mob.

Avoid the villagers and the rocks that they throw. Collect all of the potions to end the level. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move and the SPACEBAR to jump. Press SPACEBAR when Bruno is near the cave to drop off the potions. Press "P" to pause the game.’

In Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway, you control Sophie’s brother, Bruno and you have to collect all the potions in a level and bring them all back to the cave.

First, I will introduce the villagers or enemies that you will encounter in this game:

- The yellow Wocky with a very tall body. He is able to move left and right and can shoot stones at you.

- The angry-looking Acara who does the same things as the Wocky in order to stop you.

- The green Kacheek who not only can move around and shoot but is also able to jump.

- The blue Techo who does the same things as the Kacheek.

Keep in mind that once you touch any of the villagers or get hit by their stones, you will lose a life. Thus, you have to avoid the villagers at all costs. You start off with 3 lives and that means that you can only die 4 times. Of course with my guidance, I will ensure that you do not die unnecessarily. Next, I will talk about some general tips that will help you in this game.

General Tips

1. Layout of the map

- The background of this game keeps repeating itself. This is a very important thing to keep in mind when playing the game. For instance, if you need to reach a potion on top of you, you can drop all the way down until you reach that potion which you had wanted to get. This is what I mean by going down to get up.

- Also, if you are able to memorize the map of a level as in the location of where all the potions are, it will greatly help you.

2. Time

- Remember that there is no time limit for this game. Thus, there is no need to rush and get yourself killed accidentally. Always look ahead before you make any move. Furthermore, there is the pause button if you need to use it. You just simply have to press “P” to pause and press any button again to resume. The game programmers sure are being thoughtful by adding this function.

3. The controls

- As mentioned above, control Bruno and move around the map using the left and right arrow keys. Press spacebar to jump or drop off the potions when near the cave. An important note here that I feel ought to be mentioned is that the up and down arrow keys should not be ignored. Many people do not know that you can actually view what is above and below you by holding down the up or the down arrow key respectively. Again, look before you jump down to check if any villager is below. You can also jump onto the trees to reach higher places. Do this by first jumping onto the tree branch and then jump to the tree top.

4. The potions

- In the lower left corner of the screen, there are faded images of the potions that you have to collect. The number above it is the number of potions you have collected so far over the total number of potions available in that level. Once you collect a particular potion, its image will light up, indicating that you have collected that potion.

5. The scoring

-The score you get depends on the number of potions you have collected and successfully brought back to the cave. Obviously, the more potions you bring back to the cave, the higher your points will be. However, there is more to it. The more potions you brought to the cave in a single visit, the higher your score will be. For example, there are 5 potions on the first level. If you collected all 5 potions and brought them back together to the cave, you will receive 5+10+25+50+100 points. That adds up to 190 points. On the other hand, if you brought the potions back to the cave one at a time, you will only receive 5 points each time you drop off a potion and that means a total of 25 points.

- For 5 potions, you will receive 5+10+25+50+100 points, amounting to 190 points.

- For every other additional potion, you will receive 100 more points in addition to the score. This means that if you collected 9 potions and brought them all back at once, you would receive 5+10+25+50+100+100+100+100+100 points, amounting to 590 points.

After reading these tips and lots of practice, you should be able to pass the first few levels of this game relatively easily. Therefore, I shall not waste time on talking about these levels. Then, you will encounter a level most Neopians have trouble getting past. The name of the level I am talking about is level 8, also known as ‘the point of no return’. There is a yellow potion high up on a platform which seems impossible to get as Bruno cannot jump that high. Now, of course I shall unveil the secret to getting this yellow potion. All you have to do is drop down from the platform on top of this potion to the wall on the left of this potion. Hold on to the right arrow key and you will see the impossible become possible. *drum rolls* While falling down, around the third brick of this left wall, Bruno will be able to pass through the brick on to the other side of the wall as if he were invisible. If you keep holding on to the right arrow key after passing through the wall, you will reach the platform that the yellow potion is on. Then, you can drop down the platform and complete the level. Now, that is what I mean by nothing is impossible. After that seemingly impossible-to-complete level, the levels after that should not be a problem for you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this guide as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This is my first time writing a guide and hopefully, you will find it useful. Lastly, remember that practice is essential if you want to get a high score. Again, nothing is impossible, so persevere and you will get that *shiny* trophy soon.

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