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What to Get your Owner for Christmas

by black_wolf2561


Have you been spending weeks going Christmas shopping, looking for something to get for your owner? Have you been searching everywhere for the ideal gift, but didn't have any luck in finding it? Well, I am a Lupe myself, and I happen to be a master at this kind of thing. So quit all that holiday rush and read my top ten gift ideas.

Idea #10: Plushies

Not only do pets love plushies; owners love them too! Especially the ones that talk when you squeeze them. Plushies come in many different varieties and shapes, from a fire Jetsam to a green Buzz. Owners usually like plushies that resemble their pets. For example, since I'm a glowing Lupe, I'd probably get my owner a glowing Lupe plushie. Wait... glowing Lupe plushies don't exist yet? Well, I guess a green Lupe plushie would have to do. Some owners enjoy putting plushies into their galleries. If your owner collects plushies, he/she might enjoy a rare plushie, which may be hard to find, but I can assure you that your owner's smiling face makes it all worthwhile.

Idea #9: Potions

Potions, just like plushies, come in many different shapes and sizes. Almost every potion has a different effect, so it's a good idea to check the label before buying it for your owner. (You wouldn't want your owner to drink an Aisha transmogrification potion, now would you?) Any potion would do, especially for owners who enjoy the Battledome. A present for your owner can also be your own protection in a Battledome, right? Some owners who enjoy making their pets take different forms may want a morphing potion. These are highly expensive, however, and I would highly suggest a cheaper potion for Neopets who lack the Neopoints.

Idea #8: Weapons

Another good idea for those owners who bring their pets to the Battledome often, weapons are very helpful, and will help your owner win all the Battledome avvies that he/she is trying to get. Keep this in mind: The more expensive weapons are the better weapons. The higher the price, the stronger the weapon, I can guarantee it. This also isn't the best idea for "poor" pets, or pets to lazy to make Neopets. A few snowballs might be just fine with your owner, though. Whatever you do, just take my advice: NEVER buy a snowball! I mean, you can just go up to Terror Mountain and make your own snowballs. For some reason, owners like their pets' handmade presents than store-bought presents, so this gift can be both easy and worth the trip to Terror Mountain.

Idea #7: Books

Now, the weird thing about books is that they disappear in a puff of smoke every time you read them, so that can be a pain in the tail. However, there are owners out there who are working to make either you or your siblings the smartest pet in Neopia. Some owners also like to read books themselves. What is your owner interested in? Does he/she enjoy cooking? A cookbook would do the trick. Do they enjoy Neopian History? Get them a copy of The History of Meridell. Of course, there are always those owners that have a certain desire to collect, so rich pets can consider getting their owner a rare book. Of course, if you don't want to buy them something store-bought, you can always write them your own story. Your owner will enjoy reading about their own pets, and the books won't even disappear in a puff of smoke when they're done reading it! Your owner can cherish it forever.

Idea #6: Dubloons

These shiny objects can be used anywhere in Krawk Island, so your owner can spend it on whatever they wish! You can buy dubloons at many different stores, but you can also find them buried around near Coltzan's Shrine. These shiny dubloons aren't only for spending, though! They can be used to solve conflicts! Do you and your owner both fight on what book to read or who should eat the last slice of omelette? A simple flip of a dubloon can solve any problems you or your owner may have! Or of course, your brothers and sisters, but let's not even go there for now. Your owner can also use a dubloon to chip at when they get frustrated. (Hey, it's a thought!) There are many other uses for a dubloon coin or two, so try to figure out all of its uses!

Idea #5: Map Pieces

These seem to get more popular, expensive and rare as the days go by. Some full maps can give your owner some pretty good stuff. Some can give your owner a paint brush or access to the lab ray. (Just make sure you aren't the lab rat!) If your owner has been saving piece by piece for a map they want, just one piece can make a difference. Just try not to get them a piece that they already have, since that can be quite pointless. If you can get them more than one piece, perhaps two or three, then do it! The more the merrier, for the closer your owner is to his/her goal, the happier they will be. If you don't feel like saving your own Neopoints for a map piece, I would suggest visiting the Pant Devil and... stealing one. Just make sure he doesn't notice you.

Idea #4: Codestones

A major gift must, which is why it stands as #4 in our countdown. They might look like a slab of stone with markings carved on their surface, but they are worth a good 3 or 4k, and owners absolutely love 'em! Besides being used to train you to become a stronger Battledome pet, you'll be surprised what else owners will use them for. Somewhere in Mystery Island, if your owner collects enough codestones, he/she may throw them into a volcano to get special red codestones, a collector's must. They can also be used to keep your owner's homework from flying away on a windy day, or a picnic blanket for that matter. Whatever the use, codestones make great Christmas gifts for any owner!

Idea #3: Petpets and Petpetpets

Once an owner has a Neopet, what will they most likely want? A petpet for their Neopet! And what does an owner want once they have a petpet? A petpetpet for their Neopet's petpet! An owner with allergies to these li'l critters may not find them an ideal gift. Most owners will love them, though! Owners usually like petpets that match up with their Neopets, so get a petpet that you think resembles you the best. Already got a perfect petpet? Your owner will adore a petpetpet. I, for one, think they are kind of creepy, but the rare price of one will make your owner jump to the ceiling as if he/she had a jet pack secured to them! Remember, petpetpets that match the petpet AND Neopet are an owner's must-have!

Idea #2: Bottled Faeries

Wow! These extraordinary creatures somehow squeezed themselves into the #2 position of the countdown! Every bottled faerie has a different element, whether it be water, fire, or even dark. Some owners like to use bottled faeries to enhance your skills in the Battledome, but like every good gift, that's not their only use! Some owners say they make great secondary pets, while others have been reported to bless themselves with the faeries to make THEMSELVES stronger! Nice owners may just enjoy seeing the faeries being released back into the wild. Faeries can be bought at stores of all kinds, but many pets find it easier to catch them on their own. In my opinion, it definitely saves a lot of trouble.

Idea #1: Neopoints

Yup, you read this article right, Neopoints are the most popular gift around! More than 75% of Neopets agree that it's easier to get their owners Neopoints than anything else. A great advantage to Neopoints is that you don't need to know what your owner really wants, or if he/she wants anything at all. Neopoints can make any owner's day, no matter what they want to do with the dough. Any of the above gifts can be bought using Neopoints, which can be great if you want your owner to make his/her own choice. Most owners will save their Neopoints for things greater than these, such as a lovely paintbrush. Any amount will do, too. Most Neopets agree that at least 50% of your savings should be given if you want your owner to have an ideal present. Neopoints, no doubt, have to be the most popular and easiest gift to get your owner, and they will love it!

Well, this is Spade the glowing Lupe, checking out. I hope some of my Christmas gift ideas have helped you out a little bit with your shopping. Remember, Christmas isn't all about presents, though. Just spending time with your owner can be the greatest gift of all. Merry Christmas to you and your owner this year! =)

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