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Top Topiaries

by ngc_5128


Also by milla_022

Well, it's that time of year again. Yes, fall is upon us in all of its glory. If you are a gardener, fall has to be one of your favorite seasons. Spring is great because you get to plant your Neogarden and eagerly await the fruit of your labours. Summer is even better, since you get to see your Neogarden in all of its glory. Fall, however, is great because it is a wonderful time to start planning your Neogarden. If your thumb is really green, you can even buy some of your plants ahead of time and start growing them early. Below is a handy guide to some of (in my opinion) the best bushes and trees to plant in your Neogarden this spring.

Gurple Bush

WARNING: Neopians with allergies take heed! Gurple Bushes release copious amounts of pollen in the air. That being said, those of us who are normal will love the beautiful purple polyps floating through your Neogarden. It's very relaxing, but again, if you have neighbours close by, they may not appreciate the aesthetic. These bushes do require constant care and are not for the beginner gardener. I highly recommend reading as much as possible before installing one in you Neogarden. I have it on good authority that you can be fined by the Neohomeowner's association for non-compliance, but don't ask me how I know.

Furry Autumn Bushes

I know what you're thinking, who wants a furry bush in their yard? Well, the number one reason is no maintenance. All you have to do is plant these babies and forget about them. If you love fall colors like I do, then you'll just have to have at least one Furry Autumn Bush in your Neogarden. With dazzling oranges, yellows and golds, you can't help but be mesmerized by their awesome beauty. After looking at them for a while, you completely forget that they're made of fur. Some people like to brush and style theirs, but I prefer the natural look. You can find all sorts of manuals for sprucing them up, but as I stated before, they are quite lovely in their natural state.

Sandwich Tree

Mmmm, sandwiches. Seriously, who doesn't enjoy a good sandwich every now and then? What better way to enjoy a sandwich with your very own sandwich tree? Sliced turkey, cheese tomato and lettuce make this tree a perfect way to end any hunger pangs you have. This tree also looks and smells great, although you may want to avoid picking a sandwich right after it rains; it tends to make the bread incredibly soggy.

Candy Floss Tree

Candy Floss, what more do you have to say? The top is a vivid pink, eye catching in any light! You'll be the envy if the neighbourhood. The trunk is, of course, candy cane, making a stunning contrast with the foliage above. Envision rows of them, lining your driveway or walkway. When combining it with the Cookie Tree and Chocolate Ice Cream Tree, you can create a candy wonderland in your own backyard!

Heart Fruit Tree

If you're looking for a second income then this is the tree for you! This tree actually grows heart shaped chocolates. Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, you'll have them lined up around the block. This tree blooms all year round and all you have to do is harvest the scrumptious "fruit". I know, they call it fruit; it may be false advertising, but who cares? Plant an orchard of these trees and in no time you can you can add that extra room onto your Neohome. Just sit back and let the Neopoints roll in.

Cookie Tree

COOKIES! The only thing that could make the cookie tree better than it is would be to have it flower into many smaller cookies, instead of one giant one. Regardless, the one giant cookie that does bloom is delicious. The best place to plant the cookie tree is right out side the kitchen window. This provides easy access to a scrumptious snack virtually any time of the day. On hot days, the sun will heat up the cookie tree, filling your Neohome with the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked cookies.

Chocolate Ice Cream Tree

*shudders with pleasure* Excuse me a moment while I contemplate the idea of having a chocolate ice cream tree in the back yard of my Neohome. I have one thing to say here, and that is you would be foolish not to plant a chocolate ice cream tree in your Neogarden. IT'S CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! ON A TREE! Your only excuse for not planting this magnificent specimen would be an allergy to chocolate, or ice cream. Other than that, you have no excuses, so get planting!

Ice Cube Tree

It's a hot sunny day; you're sitting on your porch swing, with a nice tall glass of lemonade. Everything is perfect... or is it? No! It isn't, because you look over at your lemonade and there isn't any condensation rolling down the sides of the glass. A tell tale sign of a frosty beverage! You momentarily panic... what to do, what to do? Do you get up, walk aaallll the way into the kitchen, over to the snow fridge and get some ice cubes? No. All you do is reach out your hand and grab a couple of ice cubes from the Ice Cube Tree that you, genius that you are, planted right within arms' reach. Crisis averted.

Star Tree

The star tree is a great addition to any Neogarden. For the veteran gardener, the star tree looks great and makes a wonderful accent piece to may different arrangements. This tree is even more suited to the novice gardener. As the tree grows, it stays in a perfect star shape all the time; it doesn't need any pruning. This is good news to someone just starting to garden. This is also a great tree to plant if you are lazy.

Skeletal Bush

Finally, we have the skeletal bush. This is one of my favourite topiaries. It manages to look cool and scary all at the same time. This bush has a myriad of uses, besides just looking great. In the fall, you can use it as a super creepy Halloween decoration in a pinch. In the winter, you can use it to hold your snowballs. It can be used all year round as a landing strip for flying petpets. There is one thing to remember is that when considering where to plant this fantastic plant; don't put it too close to your bedroom window. Plant it too close and you will be sleeping a lot less. However, you may feel free to plant it next to a sibling's window.

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