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Inner Tubing for Dummies

by vanillastar12


It is a phrase so exciting that it can even revive the dead from slumber, a tool that Neopians use to relieve their boredom, and earn some Neopoints in the meantime. It is steering through obstacles such as whirlpools and arrows. It is (to most participants' horror) swimming through swamp water, it is-


In this game, you have to help a Kiko named Kavi cross the finish line in first place! Sounds easy, doesn't it? But as I've already said in the first paragraph, there are many obstacles to cross. So, before you click that 'play' button, here are the basic things you have to know.


1. One of them, is of course, how to score points, and here are the many ways to do so:

  • float/swim through a checkpoint (30 points)
  • pick up floating items (1-10 points)
  • shoot your enemies (who will shoot you with arrows as well) (10 points)

2. And moving/controlling.

  • left: paddle to your left
  • right: paddle to your right
  • up: paddle to your left, backwards
  • down: paddle to your right, backwards

Those are the more basic ones, and these are the more advanced ones:

  • left+right: paddle forwards
  • up+down: paddle backwards
  • up+right: turn clockwise on the spot
  • down+left: turn anti-clockwise on the spot

If you suddenly see something in your way (o_o), you can either turn clockwise on the spot, then paddle forwards, or move in the opposite direction.

And if you want to pick items up, it'll be better to:

  • turn in that item's direction, then
  • move forward

than to use the left/right buttons. Seriously.

Does it sound complicated? The best advice anyone can give you on this is to practice - then practice, and practice again! Practice by swimming around in the first level or something like that, until you're comfortable with the controls, then move on.

3. Misc. tips and information

  • Your shield can only help you escape from 2 arrows.
  • Each bullet that you pick up gives you 3 shots.
  • You cannot shoot any of those sun-tanning (or whatever they're doing) Kikos. Well, you can, but I don't think anything will happen if you do. (haha)
  • It is best to switch the sound on (off the music if you wish to), because then you can hear the arrows coming.
  • I've heard that if you lose your life, then the bonus points you get from the items you picked up is reset to 1. So that gives you 1 more reason not to lose your life. :)
  • Seeing a speedstream doesn't mean that you have to ride it, 'cause they can make you miss checkpoints and other items you want to pick up, like bullets. They can be very handy when you're trying to escape from arrows coming in many directions though.
  • Having a shield on only protects you from arrows, so watch out for the whirlpools even if you have a shield.
  • Memorize the course! It really helps a lot. :D
  • Don't stick to the basic maneuvering stuff; you have to remember the more 'advanced' ones in the game, for sure!

1st level

This is, of course, the easiest level, with only 4 checkpoints. You have to get them all if you want to get an 'ok' score (700-800+) at the end of the game. Besides that, you also have to try shoot as many enemy Kikos as possible. Usually, I shoot the same few Kikos, and they are:

  • The light blue one that is above the flat thing sticking out of the water. You can see him after floating past the first checkpoint.
  • The orange one below the him

Those two are easy 'cause you can let yourself get stuck by the flat thing sticking out of the water, then shoot the two of them, before quickly swimming to the second checkpoint (swim UNDER the whirlpool if you're too slow to swim above it, there is actually enough space to do so, but you have to make sure that you are not too close to the top).

Then, at your third checkpoint, there is this 'house' with a porch. Swim beside the shoreline at 90 degrees and as you float past the Kiko above the house, shoot it! Then, you HAVE to move more to your right because there will be a tornado on the left, after you pass the checkpoint.

Move to your right until the speed stream pushes you forward, then continue moving to your right, so you can pass the last checkpoint! (After you pass that one you can hit the orange Kiko, then pick up the bullet below it.)

2nd level

The things to look out for in this level are not the checkpoints, but the arrows. This is because there can be a lot of arrows shooting at you sometimes. I think it is better to try get all your checkpoints, so I usually shoot the fewest enemy Kikos in this level.

There are some Kikos that are easier to hit, such as the one you see right after passing through the first checkpoint, and I'll leave you to decide which ones to hit for yourself. If you want a hit a Kiko, I think it is best to:

  1. Move very near it (make sure you have a shield, or if you don't, make sure you move away fast enough), turn so that you're at 90 degrees, and shoot it when you're right beside it. Or...
  2. Get yourself to stop floating using an obstacle, so you can aim better. This only works when there is an obstacle near the enemy Kiko, though.

One thing you may find useful to remember is that the first shield is on the very right hand side of the page when you first start the level. So, if you've already lost your shield, just swim there before the 'loading level map' thing comes out and you'll catch it.

3rd level

This level is quite easy, just long and with more enemy Kikos. Make sure you get the easier checkpoints, because you may miss some of the other ones. Also try to shoot as many Kikos as possible to boost your score. That should be quite easy 'cause there will be more obstacles to 'stop you floating' with. However, as you are not moving, the arrows that are shot will be all directed at the same place, and you may get killed. When that happens to me, I usually press up+down, cause most of the time, that is the fastest way to escape.

After playing the game many times, you will be able to remember the checkpoints where there are whirlpools below, so you will remember to steer away the next time.

The first shield for this level is in the middle, to the right of the first checkpoint. Move Kavi more to the right, though, so you won't bump into the checkpoint. After you get the shield, press up+down to move backwards, then move to your left to pass through the checkpoint.

I hope this guide will be helpful; this is my first time writing a guide. I also hope you like the game as much as I do! It always cheers me up to play this game. The Kikos look so cute even when they're shooting you, haha!

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