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Heroes: An 8 Step Guide to Becoming the Best

by adopt_neos_123


Do you strive to become Neopia's next hero or heroine? Well, look no further, young Neopet. In just a few steps, you can be traveling down the path of great courage, honor, and all that is good, to become our next hero.

1. Wardrobe

After your mother tucks you in at night, do you get up and turn your bed sheets into your exquisite cape? If you want to become a hero, (and a dashing one at that) you must invest in a more suitable attire. Take Jeran for example. He is well dressed in gold armor, with a sword ready at his side. Or, for our female heroes, do you ever wish you could have a ravishing gown like Psellia? Don't be afraid to look your best while battling evil. You'll not only be battling to protect, but doing it in style.

2. Weapons

You don't see a hero fighting off villains with a butter knife, now do you? To be a successful hero, you must have the right weapons.

A: It might be useful if you have magic. Fyora is a very powerful faerie who doesn't use anything but her magical abilities and that polished staff. Before you use magic as a weapon, though, be sure you can control it, and know a lot so you don't come up short against an evil-doer.

B: If you're a little short on magic, why not use a gilded sword? Many of Neopia's greatest rulers use a type of sword. Take General Dacon as an example. His Sakhmetian sword does him well! He hasn't lost a battle yet with it! Or Garin, with his mighty pirate sword! It definitely came in handy when fighting off the notorious Captain Scarblade and his crew.

C: If you haven't got enough money for a trusty sword, you can always rely (or not) on allies and armies who will fight by your side. Be strategic when assembling the best of the best to assist you in battle.

3. Tactics

Do not fail to determine the ultimate game plan. Learn from others' mistakes, such as Dr. Sloth, who used *cough* not so bright recruits for his army. Always be on your toes, and make sure there's ALWAYS a Plan B. No good hero ever goes without a Plan B. Always think things over, and use your head for the best strategy to handle the situation. Don't ever get too pompous, though. That almost certainly leads to the villains taking over Neopia, which is the second worst thing that could happen. The first is - Well, nevermind that, I'm sure you won't want to hear. And lastly, just be sure to take your time, and be patient with these things. If you do that, you'll surely succeed.

4. Positive Attitude

Never think that you can't do something, or you won't accomplish a task, etc. It's never good to think negatively, for that kind of attitude will lead you nowhere. Always being positive is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Never give up, never be afraid to take risks, never give up hope, and never quit.

5. Saving your fellow Neopians and heroes

Just like Psellia saved Jeran, you too can save Neopians. It could be an everyday little thing, like fetching flour for your mother so she can bake cookies, or helping a younger Neopet out. This itself makes you a hero in your everyday life. One day you will be the greatest hero (or heroine) there ever was.

6. Talk the talk

I'm sure you've never heard a hero say, "What's hangin', dude," or "Chillax, man." To be a hero, you've got to have the right lingo. So start getting rid of the "dudes" and slang terms. Heroes mostly talk like they are super intelligent like King Hagan. Always pronounce your words very clearly, and speak slowly so all can hear you perfectly. Have some fake macho voice going for you. You want to sound like you can command an army (which you need to, anyway)! Practicing in front of a mirror is always the best way to practice. Keep in mind: Never practice using your macho voice on your mother.

7. Composure

Do you see a hero slouch, or not stand up straight? I didn't think so. The last step to becoming a hero is to make sure you have the posture of a king. Never slouch, or walk hunched over. This is an invitation for villains to pick on you. Also, be sure not to act like a child (even though some of you might be). A hero never screams, whines, throws fits, acts foolish, etc. Always act superior (to an extent, of course).

8. It's not just fun and games

Being a hero is hard work. You constantly have to be on your toes to keep a lookout for evil, while maintaining your armies, etc. You also need to calculate things. A lot of stress is involved, but each night you'll go home happy knowing that you saved Neopia once again. Being a hero is a gigantic job, but staying patient and working through things is the best way to handle problems. Don't treat this like a game; it's a tough job, and being a hero takes so many things. Take Hannah for example. Do you think she became a heroine by playing games all day? No! She worked hard to help protect, and that's why she's a heroine. Never give up hope and keep trying, and one day, like Hannah or Jeran or Garin, you can become a hero too.

So you see, youngin'? You too can become a hero or heroine in Neopia as simple as that. Just remember, though: the next time the Pant Devil steals something from a friend and you try and get it back, make sure you are prepared to fight him, and always ask your mother for permission first. Good luck, youngsters, I'll see you all at the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters, fighting to keep Neopia safe for all.

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