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The Truth About Jack

by evumeimeidingzai


He always could feel the pull, the force. It haunted him, day and night. He was born to be good, he was sure - yet he could feel Jhudora's call to him always. Jack was the youngest of the famous Elenoi's Army. His brother and two sisters saved people, pets, from harm. Morrell, his brother, was a bodyguard for Queen Fyora now. Lena, the oldest sister, was a tropy-winner, the decoy of them all. Nari had the best job of all: she dealt with supernatural evils.

     Jack wished he could be important, too. But the fact remained that he wasn't. He didn't discover a plot of vampires. He didn't take a dark arrow for the faerie queen. He didn't win trophy upon trophy for the beauty contest. He didn't do anything important at all.

     Even though he did nothing compared to them, he didn't want her to come. She came of her own accord, in the middle of the night, while he made feeble attempts to sleep. "Jack," she said, voice rasping. "Come with me, Jack, you know you belong in the dark." She tried to coax him out of his home.

     He shivered in his bed. "Never," he rasped.

     She laughed. "Not now, maybe," she told him, "but you will come to be my follower - even the greatest of my dark generals - in time." The dark faerie glided away like a ghost, leaving Jack to his thoughts of fear and shame.


     He shook like a leaf when he thought of it. She came every night now, always saying the same things, and he could do nothing to stop her. Neopia was free; she could go where she wanted. Even on the private property of a Neopian citizen.

     It was finally his turn to be great. He was finally of age. But he could do nothing. There were no good faeries to be saved, only dark ones to be followed. There was no dark plot to be foiled, only those to be created.

     Jack thought of his three siblings. When Nari, a soft-spoken island Uni, came of age, she foiled Bella Roo and Count Von Roo's plot to take over Neopia. When Morrell, now a glowing Lupe, came of age, he saved Coltzan's Shrine from destruction. Lena, a beautiful spotted Gelert, beat all the Defenders of Neopia challengers when she was of age, and had become one of the most well-respected Battledomers in Neopia. These thoughts just made Jack even more miserable.

     Then, he had a terrible thought.

     What if I really am meant for the darkness?

     He shook it off. Of course not. Zafaras were called to magic, more like, or Battledoming. Never the darkness. Could zafaras even be painted shadow? the green Zafara wondered vaguely.

     As he tried to sleep, though, he couldn't keep it off his mind. Darkness pulled at him always.


     She came again. Of course.

     "Jack, Jack," she called. "Come to me. Do my quests, become one of mine."

     "No thanks," he said. "Elenoi is for Illusen, and my sister is the one for the quests."

     Cackling, she replied, "Don't worry, my sweet. You will finish my quests and become my minion."

     He decided on a new path: tease, torment, drive off. "Only Sloth has minions, stupid old bag," he said.

     She glared at him. "You will see the darkness one day," she promised. She got closer.

     "Not while Nari is around," he said, smiling. He shouted, "HELP! NARI! A DARK FAERIE IS TRYING TO GET ME!"

     His sister burst through the door. "Jhudora," she snarled, bristling.

     The evil faerie hissed and thrust herself from the window. "I'll be back."

     Nari turned to Jack. "Why was she here?" she demanded.

     He gulped. "I - well - " He told her everything, starting from the very first visit, telling her the threats of a shadowed heart he had received. "And that's what happened," he concluded.

     His sister was silent for a moment. Finally, she said quietly, "I know I should have told you. I didn't, though. I didn't even tell Mom."

     "What are you talking about?"

     She sighed. "When I was on that hunt for Balthazaar, remember that? I was hunting him because he had that store of dark faeries that Mom wanted me to confiscate. I found him and located the store. Well, I neglected to tell you all one part." She looked guilty. "I opened a bottle of them."

     He stared. Everybody knew you weren't supposed to open a bottled dark faerie unless your owner was around.

     "It flew high above my head," she continued. "It made a prophecy. It told me that - well - I'll just get it. I made a written record of the prophecy."

     Jack followed Nari to her room in a high tower. She dug through a trunk full of old files from cases she had worked. He saw some with photographs of Count Von Roo, Vira, and Jhudora paper clipped to some.

     "Here." She handed him a thin, two-sheet report labeled "P:bF(DK)6-14-06"

     It read:

     Army upon army may fall down to the ground

     Before the one for whom Jhudora's trumpet will sound

     Heart of dark and born the same

     It is he who is to blame

     Destroying all that crosses evil's path

     Betraying all family that he hath

     Yet though he was born under darkened sky

     He will choose the path he will live by

     Prevail he must over all he fights

     Raised to be lightest of lights

     Born is he under dark stars above

     Symbol of hate, brother of love

     Hope there may be for Neopia yet

     Jhudora may lay it all upon a bet

     For if he chooses the side of light

     He will defeat the darkness in a fight.

     Jack looked up from it. "Why do you think it's me?" he wanted to know.

     She stared at him. "Jack, look at the clues. 'Born under darkened sky.' Elenoi created you at night. 'Born is he under dark stars above.' It was Jhudora's day, the night all the stars turn black. 'Raised to be lightest of lights.' Mom wanted you to be the greatest of all of us. It all fits to you. Even 'brother of love.' Lena's planet is Venus."

     Her brother was pale. "Now I know," he mumbled. "She visits me - stalks me - because of this prophecy."

     "Yes," she told him.

     He turned to her. "I will not do what is expected of me," he said dangerously. "Jhudora will pay." He turned and stormed out of the room, down the stairs, and headed for the door.

     "No, Jack, you can't just run off," Nari protested.

     "And why not?" he wanted to know.

     "Because you just - can't," she said. "Mom'll know you're gone, anyways, so you may as well at least get a plan before you throw yourself into some crazy scheme to kill a faerie."

     "Well, what do you propose?" he asked.

     "I say we go together."

     He stared. "No! It's my fight, not yours."

     "I don't care, I'm going with you."

     He rolled his eyes. "Fine, Nari," he said angrily, "But I won't save you if you need saving."

     "Hey, I'm the one who whooped a vampire, an angry acara, and random monsters that pop up around Neopia, so I don't need saving," she told him.

     "Let's just go."

     And off they went on a journey of life: Jack's life.

The End

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