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Hidden Tower Items: Battledome Use Only?

by wackedpoptart


I'm sure everyone has made a trip to visit Fyora in the Hidden Tower at some point or another. Whether you're a Battledomer or just browsing her collection, the finest items in Neopia come at a hefty price (usually in the high thousands, low millions), which most Neopians can't afford. But are her items only for use against opponents in the Battledome, or do they have everyday purposes? While browsing, I've come up with the top thirteen most useful Hidden Tower items outside of the Battledome.

13. Rancid Battle Dung

Are you one of the many who have neighbors that you could just do without? Or do you and your pets just love wreaking havoc? If so, then this is the perfect solution to your annoying neighbors or boredom (or, quite possibly, both). =) Just grab a nearby cannon (because everyone has one holed up *somewhere* in their SDB) and fire away! (WARNING: May cause angry mobs carrying pitchforks and flaming torches to chase the user.) This is also great for keeping away Dr. Sloth and Meepits (unless their sense of smell have been permanently destroyed).

12. Werelupe Claw Necklace

This item is pretty cool for all the guys or pets out there that want something to make them look those motorcycle guys that girls always seem to like. Or the Werelupe's lunch when it finds who has its two missing claws.

11. Portable Kiln

The Portable Kiln is great for bakers or for if your oven decides to break in the middle of baking cookies (or it could be the neighbors getting you back for the Rancid Battle Dung incident). Just pop your cookies inside and you have fresh baked cookies instantly! Well, they'll be a little burned... (offers me a cookie) No, no thanks... I don't eat toxic waste.

10. Everlasting Apple

This is a pretty cool find, because not only does it provide excellent assistance in the Battledome, but it also keeps you from having to constantly buy food for your pets! Like the description says, no matter how many times you eat from this apple, it will never get smaller. This item is ideal for all you Skeith and Grarrl owners out there, along with any other Neopet that has a black hole for a stomach.

9. Faerie Fog

Faerie Fog is the perfect item for famous Neopians such as Hoban, Chef Bonju, and Queen Fyora herself to move about in public without being seen by others. This is also helpful for Neopets who have been flinging Rancid Battle Dung at their neighbor's Neohomes and wish not to be recognized. :) It's also great for playing hide-and-seek with, as no one will be able to find you if you are hidden in it!

8. Hubrid's Puzzle Box

This is a great gift for a Neofriend or a Neopet who loves puzzles! You can sit there for hours pushing buttons and flicking switches to see what happens. Just a quick word of advice: Don't push the red button, flick the blue switch, and turn the Puzzle Box 90 degrees to the right... my cousin did and well, the Starry Battle Dung still hasn't come off. O.o;

7. Asparachucks

AAAAIIIIEEEEE *pow!* This is great for Neopets who are involved in karate or spy thrillers. Or for those who run around thinking they are...*whistles*

6. Meuka's Snot Trail

Although this is a truly gross and disgusting item, it can be used to help cave explorers or Neopets who are easily lost. If you and your Neopet went out on a camping trip and discovered a cave with lots of different paths to choose from, you could simply trail Meuka's Snot Trail on the ground behind you to mark where you've been (and the way back out of the cave!).

5. Rainbow Swirly Thing

This is a great gift idea for the easily distra--whoa... look at all the colors. O.O;

4. U-Bend Of Great Justice

I think we've all been there when a pipe springs a leak in the sink in our Neohome and we don't happen to have a spare one laying around. With the U-Bend Of Great Justice, you could easily replace the leaky one and also prevent your house from flooding (or becoming that indoor pool you were always contemplating getting).

3. Slumberberry Potion

If you or your pets can't seem to get to sleep at night, this is the perfect item for the job. While they're on their crazy sugar run, casually slip some into their Neocola and they'll be out like a light before you know it! This also works great on Dr. Sloth if he's found out that you've invaded his castle again. :)

2. Snowball Machine

Who *doesn't* love a great snowball fight? With the assistance of the Snowball Machine, you're guaranteed to win every snowball fight that you participate in. Just be careful, I used it once and it put a nice, round hole through a tree in my backyard. O.o; This could also be used to repeatedly pelt Chef Bonju with snowballs until he tells us how to obtain his elusive avatar!

1. Rainbow Clockwork Grundo

This is extremely useful for sneaking around in places you aren't supposed to be (cough*dr.sloth'slair*cough*). If anyone comes, just send this little guy in the opposite direction from you, take cover, and wait for the poor follower to explode with the Rainbow Clockwork Grundo. Example:

Isis6545: Uh oh! Someone is coming!

Kiwilicious48: Don't worry, we'll just send the Rainbow Clockwork Grundo out!

(The Grundo is sent out to the hall opposite of Isis6545 and Kiwilicious48; the guard confronts them.)

Kiwilicious48: Oh look! A distraction! (points to the Grundo moving in the opposite direction and then runs)

(The guard stupidly follows the Rainbow Clockwork Grundo.)

....KABOOM! Problem solved. :)

After spending many nights (a.k.a. 1) of carefully picking these thirteen Hidden Tower items, I'm very confident that life in your Neohome will be easier with items like the U-Bend of Great Justice and the Everlasting Apple. I can also predict that the rate of Rancid Battle Dung-covered houses and angry mobs will also increase, but I can't imagine why...*shifty eyes*

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