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The Tale of Uglyfoot the Kougra

by iloveunis1011


Sunlight poured into Mistyfoot's bedroom. Mistyfoot was a spotted Kougra, though she had dreams of being painted royal someday. Today was a very important day for Misty (Misty was her nickname); it was her very first day of neoschool! Though most Neopets' first day of school was when they were six, going to Neogarten, Misty was twelve and she was going into seventh grade. Misty's owner, Lizzy, had home schooled her up until now. It was Misty's decision to start real school, as she called it, so Lizzy enrolled her in the neighborhood neoschool, Faerie Cloud Neoschool.

      Misty leaped out of bed and ran into the kitchen, where a plate of fluffy faerie pancakes and a glass of milk were waiting for her on the table. Lizzy was already sitting at the table. Lizzy was a tall, brown-haired teenager with pale skin and green eyes, who always looked happy. Misty wolfed down her pancakes and slurped up her milk, then quickly got ready for school. She brushed her teeth and her fur, then made sure her backpack was packed with everything she needed, and she was so excited she almost forgot to say goodbye to Lizzy!

      "Bye, Lizzy!" called Misty.

      "Have a nice day at school, dear, bye!" Misty could've sworn she saw a tear run down her owner's smiling face. Misty walked and walked until she got to Faerie Cloud Neoschool. Hundreds of pets were rushing from one place to another! Misty couldn't believe her eyes. She walked up the pink cobblestone steps and opened the doors that led into the light purple building. She pushed through mobs of pets until she made it to room 131, her classroom.

      When Misty opened the door and walked into her room, she saw pets sitting on top of desks and in chairs talking to one another. Misty walked nervously around until she found an empty desk in the back of the room. She sunk down low in her chair so none of the other pets would notice her. When the door of the room opened revealing an aged faerie Krawk, who appeared to be the teacher, all of the pets rushed into the seats of their desks.

      "Good morning class. My name is Mrs. Flontang, and I will be your teacher this year," announced Mrs. Flontang. The rest of the morning flew by for Misty, and when the recess bell rang, all the pets rushed out the door and to the playground. Misty waited for the rush to be over, and then walked quietly to the playground. When she got out, a faerie Pteri approached her.

      "Hi! My name's Bianca, what's yours?" she asked politely.

      "M-my name's M-mistyfoot," Misty stuttered. "But you can call me Misty," she added.

      Bianca smiled and said, "Misty is a very nice name. I haven't seen you here before; are you new?" Bianca asked.

     "Well, I used to be home schooled. But I persuaded my owner to enroll me here," Misty said.

     "Well, why don't we be friends?" Bianca sounded nervous.

      "I'd like that." Misty smiled as she said it. It was Misty's first friend! She was so excited. Then a royal Shoyru walked over daintily. A group of other Shoyrus, who Misty guessed were her posse, followed her.

     "No pets will be friends with each other unless I have approved it," she said bitterly. "You should know that, Bianca. But then again, you were always a troublemaker." The Shoyru smiled an evil grin, and then turned her glance towards Misty. "And just who are you?" she asked her.

     "Ruby, this is Mistyfoot. She's been home schooled up until today," Bianca explained to the Shoyru.

     "Mistyfoot? What a hideous name. Anyway, my name's Ruby, and whether you like it or not, I'm calling you Uglyfoot, and so will everyone else at this school." Ruby smirked, and then grabbed Misty by the paw and flew up to the top of the jungle gym. Ruby seemed to find her balance perfectly, but it took Misty a while.

     "Attention!" she called to the rest of the playground. Every single pet turned his or her head toward Ruby and Misty. When Ruby was sure she had everyone's attention, she made her announcement. "Pets of Faerie Cloud Neoschool, from this day forward, this spotted Kougra beside me will be known as Uglyfoot. She will be known as Uglyfoot and only Uglyfoot, unless I say otherwise." Ruby laughed evilly, and flew to the ground, leaving Misty to soak in her embarrassment. Misty, or Uglyfoot, was red as a rose. She climbed down, tears welling into her eyes. How could someone do something so incredibly mean? she thought. She ran towards Bianca and cried into the Pteri's wing.

     "There, there," Bianca cooed softly. "It'll be alright, trust me!" Uglyfoot looked into Bianca's eyes.

     "Revenge," muttered Uglyfoot. "I must get revenge. Meet me here at the end of school, okay?" she asked Bianca.

     "Erm, okay, but may I ask why?" Bianca asked.

     "Just what I said, we are going to plan revenge on Ruby! She needs to learn that she can't do something like that and just get away with it." With that said, Uglyfoot ran to class, leaving Bianca before she could ask any more questions.


     The rest of the day passed quickly for Uglyfoot, and when the dismissal bell rang she saw Bianca waiting exactly where she asked her to wait. Uglyfoot bounded over to her.

     "Bianca, I have a great idea on how to get revenge on Ruby," Uglyfoot said. "But I'm going to need your help." Uglyfoot whispered the plan into Bianca's ear and asked, "Are you up to it?"

     Bianca nodded.

     "Perfect!" growled Uglyfoot.


     The following day, Uglyfoot got ready and ate her breakfast quickly. She said goodbye to Lizzy, and ran all the way to Faerie Cloud Neoschool. Everything was in place. Uglyfoot skipped into the school and saw Flitter, a faerie Xweetok who was a friend of Bianca, waiting outside the classroom for the heads up from Bianca to let her know that Ruby was coming. Uglyfoot went into her classroom and took a seat at a desk that had a perfect view of the door. Mrs. Flontang was already at her desk, grading some papers from the previous school day. Uglyfoot noticed Flitter send a smirk her way, the sign to sit back and watch the show.

     Ruby strutted up to the classroom and waited in the doorway for the usual entrance applause. But instead of the usual, Flitter pulled the rope that sent a steaming pile of dung onto Ruby's crowned head. The whole class burst into laughter, even Ruby's posse, who were usually on Ruby's side about everything, and Mrs. Flontang, who was usually very serious. Ruby stormed out of the school screaming at the very top of her lungs.


     After that day, nobody ever saw Ruby again. Some say she goes to a school high atop Terror Mountain, or started being home schooled, but no one knows for sure. Uglyfoot is no longer called Uglyfoot, but Misty the Great. Misty the Great and Bianca are still friends to this very day, and no one ever tells them otherwise.

The End

Yay! My first story in the Neopian Times! Feedback is appreciated.

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