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National Food Items

by donuts_254


Ever wondered what was the national food item of a world? We will get all you questions answered here! We will also do the Mini-Worlds, including Roo Island, and Kiko Lake.


The national food item is the Jipple Pear! The Jipple Pear is a local delicacy in Brightvale. The pear is very sweet and soft in the inside. In Brightvale, they grow them everywhere! Almost all farmers in Brightvale own a Jipple Pear crop. If you can see the green stripes completely, then it is ready to eat! Some farmers farm, and send their Jipple Pears out to shops. The Jipple Pear is the national food item, also because it looks a lot like the colors of the Brightvale hat.


The national food item of Faerieland is the Faerie Bubble! The Faerie Bubble is quite a delightful treat to have around. The food "Faerie Bubble" originated when a player's gooey drink accidentally got mixed with his bubbles. When the player tried to eat it, he was quite amazed with the taste. Ever since, the Faerie Bubble has been the #1 food item in Faerieland. I interviewed the faerie from Faerie Foods, and she told me how they make the Faerie Bubble. The bubbles are made at a factory, and they start off by mixing bubbles with a "top secret" ingredient. The secret ingredient makes it stay in its shape and not pop. It also takes away the flavor of the bubbles. Then highly delicate machines inject the flavors into the bubbles. You might be wondering how they make the indents, well, when the bubbles are taking shape; they go through faerie shaped prints.

Haunted Woods

When I say "Halloween," the first thing that comes into mind is carved pumpkins. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with Pumpkin Cookies! Pumpkin Cookies have a delicious pumpkin taste with a frog interior! I went to Spooky Foods, and the owner told me the recipe. First they mix flour, sugar, a pinch of salt, pumpkin powder, butter, and 2 eggs. Then when the dough is thick and orange, it is time to flatten it. After it is flattened, they spread mushy frog marmalade. Then they carefully close it, and put it by tablespoons on a cookie sheet. When the dough starts to rise, then it is ready.

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake's national food item is the Rock Slice! This snack comes in a variety of flavors. I went to the Kiko Lake Treats factory, and saw how they made the rock slices. First, a machine would mix the ingredients together, until it is thick and smooth. Then the gummy dough goes through a cooling system where it hardens. Then circle shaped prints start to shape the large dough into many rock slices. Then it goes through tubes to get a perfect shape. Then the employees stamp them, and it goes off to its package.

Krawk Island

Do you know what this world's national food item is? Fish, of course! Fishing is the main resource for food in Krawk Island. Many people in Krawk Island sell fish for a living. Krawk Island's waters are filled with fish! Sometimes fishes such as Guppies are used to stuff the fish.


The most known food item in Kreludor is the Moon Rock Pie! This pie is a very traditional treat in Kreludor. The only flavor available right now is the Orange, but the Grundo at Cafe Kreludor said he was inventing new flavors. First they make dough, which includes, sugar, flour, butter, and water. When the dough is ready, they flatten it and make two perfect circles. One goes at the bottom, and the other at the top. After they add the bottom. Then they add the filling, which includes, flavored moon rocks, orange flavored paste, sugar, and meringue. Then they add the top, and it goes in the oven from 30-40 minutes. You will know when it ready if you stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean. Then they add moon rocks for the decoration, and an orange flag.


The national food item of Maraqua is Kelp! Why? Well, it is the most common plant that grows below water. Kelp is used to make fancy dishes or desserts. Herbivores sometimes prefer Kelp as a light snack. Kelp is also used to make wraps, shakes, even Lasagna! Some people prefer Kelp as a decoration. For example, it is very common to use Kelp blinds in Maraqua.


The most popular food item in Meridell is... gravy! Gravy is the most popular delicacy in all of Meridell. Every year Meridell holds a Gravy competition. The winner takes home the Gravy Crown, a trophy, and 10,000 Neopoints. Players use many herbs and spices to make their gravy delicious and unique. Players add certain ingredients to make the gravy thick. Gravy goes great with mashed potatoes, vegetables, or chips. Who doesn't love a thick, warm, gravy over a pile of mashed potatoes?

Mystery Island

Deep within the jungles of Mystery Island lies its most popular fruit... Islandberry! The Islandberry is the most popular item because it grows only within the deep jungles of Mystery Island. Islandberries are ripe only once a year, and when the Islandberry is good enough to eat, there is an Islandberry Festival at Mystery Island. There are many treats made from the Islandberry. Puddings, ice cream, smoothies, and much more. Many like to eat them ripe, while others only like them cooked.

Roo Island

Ahhh! Roo Island is a happy little island that is always in a happy mood! The official game is Dice-a-roo, and that is why its most popular food is the gummy dice! The Gummy Dice comes in grape, orange, pineapple, and strawberry! The Gummy Dice may sound like a fun snack, but it is very complicated to make! First they have to melt a lot of jelly, and then put them in cubed-shaped molds. Before they put the jelly into the mold, they spread their secret-ingredient, which is a liquid. Then they put the jelly into the molds. They jelly goes through a cooling tunnel where it hardens. Then machines stamp every side of the gummy dice with a Blumaroo face.

Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain is full of surprises, and it is full of Snow Puffs too! Snow Puffs are a delightful treat for anyone that has a sweet tooth! To make Snow Puffs, first they mix snow within different barrels. In each barrel, they add different artificial flavors. The flavors are strawberry, blueberry, grape, lemon, and lime. Then they mix in a secret essence, which makes it puffy. Other factories like to make it the old-fashioned way, by firing rice really hard at snowflakes when there is a rainbow in the sky.

The Lost Desert

The Lost Desert is a large desert with ancient cities, and within its sands rests the legendary food item, Bagguss! Bagguss is a tasty delicacy that can only be grown in the Lost Desert. Bagguss is very unpleasant when ripe, but when left to dry in the sun of the Lost Desert, it gains its chocolate taste. They have the chocolate taste because it is degassed, and it loses its unpleasant taste. Bagguss grows underground, and you can pull them out just by digging out some of the sand on top.


Ugga-Ugga! Welcome to Tyrannia! Can you guess which meal, beefy, meaty, and easy to carry? Bronto Bites! They are the perfect snack for a carnivorous Neopet! Bronto Bites are all the rage in Tyrannia! They are known for their portability. Bronto Bites can be taken anywhere! Underwater, in the air, and... well practically anywhere! Most people buy Bronto Bites raw and cook them over a light fire. When it is golden crispy, then it is ready to eat!

Virtupets Station

Yes! Even the Space Station has its popular food item! Chocolate Eclair Paste! You may be wondering what makes it so popular. Well, when Neopets first headed into space, they couldn't take any solids, so they had to take this paste. Since that day, it became a delicacy in the Virtupets Station.

Well, my friends, with that, we finish our national food item search! I hope you enjoyed it!

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