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Bubble, Bubble, Faerie Bubbles!

by littlej001


Bubble, bubble, Faerie Bubbles! A wonderful game, with a wonderful avatar! Not many people I know have the knowledge, or patience, to do the tedious task of getting that elusive avatar. Until today!

This guide isn't just going to tell you about the bubbles; I am going to give you a walkthrough of the levels and of the suggested scores throughout the game to start you on your path to success! I am not allowed to give away the score needed for the avatar in this guide, but I believe most of you know the score to get the avatar already.

Ready to start the game? You'd better not be! I haven't even given you the basics yet!

Okay, first things first. Get to know the game. When you have three bubbles of the same kind put together, they POP! Each of these pops is worth 3 points. I call a grouping of three same type bubbles a pop and will use that term throughout this entire guide. After a certain amount of bubbles are fired, the screen shifts down. The shaded part keeps retreating down, until it is at the end of the screen. After eight retreats, the screen gets filled and you lose the game. Try not to get the shaded part down to the bottom, okay? Also, if any of the bubbles go under the bottom of the screen, you lose the game too.

Now it's time to get to know the bubbles. The water, light and fire bubbles are colored blue, yellow and orange, respectively. Air bubbles are the white and blue ones. Earth bubbles are the green ones. And dark bubbles are the purple ones. Each of these can do a special thing when put into a combo.

Combos are four or more bubbles are grouped together. Each of these will do a special event that regular pops don't do. Alone, combos are worth 4 points. However, if you pop any bubbles or any drop down through the bottom, those are all worth one point each. The bubbles in the combo also drop and are worth 1 point each. Below the different bubble combos and their effects are listed:

Water: This combo destroys all water bubbles on the screen.

Light: If you get this combo, it will turn all the bubbles that touch them into a different kind of bubble. This means that all bubbles touching this combo will be turned in to the same kind of bubble.

Fire: I LOVE this combo! All bubbles touching this combo, excluding water, will be destroyed! I suggest this combo regularly in the level walkthrough.

Air: I strongly dislike this combo. It adds bubbles in all empty spots in the same row/rows the bubbles in the combo are in, but if all air bubbles take up one full row, it won't add any bubbles. This is the only time I suggest using an air combo.

Earth: Not too great. Adds a new row of random bubbles.

Dark: Not too great either. Just replaces all the dark bubbles in the combo with all different kinds of bubbles (they will most likely be all different kinds). But sometimes it dishes out combos. This can be good or bad.

There are two types of special bubbles, rainbow and nova. The rainbow bubble will turn to the type of the first bubble it touches. The nova bubble will destroy all bubbles in a 2-bubble radius.

So, you think you are ready to tackle the game now? STOP RIGHT THERE! I haven't even gotten to the walkthrough yet! Okay, if that's getting annoying, I'll stop. Or not… Oh well, time for the level walkthrough!

Level 1: Wait until you get fire bubbles so you can get a fire combo. If you have two water bubbles on the side, get a water combo to finish up the level. If you have mostly earth, dark, or air bubbles, start the game over.

Level 2: The most common bubbles for this level are water and light. To start off, get a water combo and then use the two light bubbles left to get a light combo. Just put one light bubble next to the remaining light bubbles on the inside and do that to both sides, until you can just shoot one bubble in the middle to finish the combo! This saves you two shots and should get you the bonus of over 100. If you don't have these, start the game over. It's okay to start the game over now, because it's easy to get back there.

Level 3: If you get dark bubbles with fire bubbles on the side, get a fire combo to destroy the dark combo. Then just pop the remaining bubbles. If not, get any fire/water combo you can get to destroy any air, dark, or earth bubbles.

Level 4: If there are any bad combos in the middle (earth, air, or dark), you might be able to get away with getting them, but if there is a fire or light bubble around, get those combos. Then destroy the rest of the bubbles on the level.

Level 5: Easy. If they give you the right bubbles, and the level contains two earth, four fire, four water, and two light, just do the earth pop before the fire combo, and you should get the 100-point bonus!

Level 6: Do you really need me to explain this level? Just pop the bubbles. Don't get any combos.

Level 7: Same as level 6. Just switched around a bit.

Level 8: If there are any dark, earth, or air bubbles, destroy with fire or light combos. If light combos give you bad bubbles again, then just keep getting light combos. This is why I highly suggest fire combos.

Level 9: Simple. The bubbles are not in combo form, and don't put them that way. Just pop them.

Level 10: If you get water combos set up, get them and then shoot the fire bubbles where you can to make a fire combo. With luck, this level can be done in three shots. If you get different bubbles than water, earth, and fire, then either use dark combo to get fire bubbles to make a fire combo, or if fire bubbles are already available, then just use the ones the Faerie shooter gives you.

Level 11: If you are lucky, you will get fire combos to destroy all bad combos. If you aren't, use dark bubbles to get light or fire bubbles on the screen, then use those to get rid of the air, dark, or earth combos.

Level 12: If there are water bubbles ANYWHERE, get a water combo to get those off the screen. If you are lucky, the water bubbles will be at the top. This is one of the only levels I suggest getting any combo (except earth).

Level 13: Same as level 12.

Level 14: Ouch! All I can really say is get a fire or light combo to get rid of some bubbles. You might hope for a nova bubble. Good luck!

Level 15: Actually, this is a bit easier than the first one, since fire bubbles are already on the bottom row. Get a few fire combos, and finish the rest of the level without combos.

Level 16: These are getting easier. Just do the level. No need for combos.

Level 17: This is another easy level.. Kinda like the bubbles are just set up for you. =P Just do the level.

Level 18: Okay, shoot for the three bubbles on the second row to knock off the rest of the bubbles. If they are dark bubbles (which rarely happens), then just go to the third row. DO NOT GO FOR THE TOP BUBBLES! I have only managed to snag them once. They just waste your number of shots.

Level 19: Shoot for the second bubble in the corner that you can reach by shooting with the right aim. Then go for the bottom bubbles in the middle. This should knock loads of bubbles off the screen. Then just pop the rest of the bubbles.

Level 20: Erm... yeah... This level is a bit tricky. Get the bubble pops at the bottom. Then use fire or light combos to make working your way up easier. With some skill and luck, you'll have the game wrapped up! There is a nice little bonus at the end, and should boost you up there!

Congrats! You now have the knowledge to finish the game!

Yay! You now know the basics of Faerie Bubbles! Now, GET TO PRACTICING, so you can get the skill to get the avatar and maybe even a trophy!

Good luck, and happy gaming! ~Littlej001

P.S : This guide was GRATEFULLY proofread by my friend bubblessilverjojo ^^ Thanks so much!

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