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Eat At Grundos

by btcomsa12


SPACE STATION - Ahhh, Grundos. The most delicious place there is out in space. Well, maybe the only place to eat out in space! And that is probably why it is so popular with the inhabitants of Virtupets Space Station. Every day flocks of Neopets come to Grundos to get a nice meal. Sometimes, however, you are unsure if you want to risk eating it or not. Let's just say, the owner has come up with very... interesting food selections. But other than that, there are some very delicious foods that keep frequent visitors coming.

The menu at Grundos has a very wide selection. If you are in the mood for something sour, they've got it. Something sweet? Of course they have something! Feeling daring? Well, you must be daring to eat some of this stuff. But before you take a long journey out to Virtupets, why not take a look at the menu first? I'm sure you can find something you want and have something to look forward to. So here we go!

The most famous of all foods at Grundos is, of course, the Grundos House Special. Why is this such a special food you may ask? Once you sink your teeth into one bite of this mouth-watering food, you will want to order seconds. Maybe even thirds! This is one food that can appeal to any appetite.

If you are looking for appetizers, here are your selections!

The Grobleen Salad is one for more daring Neopets. Is it alive? Nobody really knows. If you feel brave enough to poke into it, maybe you might actually find it tasty! Or maybe it might find you tasty. Yikes! Be careful with this salad.

One extremely delicious appetizer is the Cosmic Cheese Stars. These can even be your meal if you feel up to it. And we are sure you will! The Cosmic Cheese Stars have the best cheese in the galaxy. This is one food you won't regret tasting. The taste is out of this world!

If you are in the mood for soup, then try the Freeze Dried Brussel Sprout Soup. We aren't quite sure what it tastes like, as we were never up to trying it. But if you enjoy brussel sprouts, well, you might enjoy this. And it's even freeze dried! How... interesting!

This next food is very strange. The Glowing Pretzel is very good, but nobody knows what that goo is on it! Hopefully it isn't something poisonous. Or something that will make you turn into a mutant. Whatever it is, it tastes very good. If you want something sweet and salty, the Glowing Pretzel is your kind of food.

So now you are probably thirsty, right? Then here are some drink choices.

The most popular drink at Grundos is the Galactic Space Punch. This is a very satisfying drink. It has layers that keep separated as you drink it! How cool! And each layer is a different flavour so if you aren't in the mood for one flavour, don't worry. There has to be one that you will enjoy!

Are you a robot? Then try the Oil and Nuts Slushie. If you aren't this will probably be one of the most horrifying tastes ever. I mean, who would want to drink oil? That's just gross. But if you are make of steel and are thirsty, this is the drink for you.

We warn you, stay away from the Mutox Syrup. It should never be drunk by anyone. And if it is, then be aware of side effects. You never know what will happen...

If you aren't in the mood for punch, then the Milkyway Shake is for you. This is the second most popular at Grundos, as it is very tasty and even sparkles! How does it sparkle? We don't know. And don't know if we want to know, either! Anyhow, this is the perfect drink to go with your meal.

Now, you must be hungry for the main course! These are some of the specialties at Grundos that you might like.

The Cheese Manicotti is extremely fatty. But it is also extremely good! If you don't care about all that fatty goodness you are consuming, then go for the Cheese Manicotti. You won't regret it! Except for maybe in your hips.

Beef Rouladen is also one of the tastier foods. It has dried potatoes and re-hydrated meat substitute... Okay, that might not sound good, but it is! We encourage you to try this meal if you are really hungry.

Vegetable Deluxe is for those veggie lovers out there. It has all the vegetables in Grundos slowly cooked to perfection on a oven plate. That sounds wonderful! Five different vegetables all in one meal. We are sure you will love this dish.

Also sticking to the vegetarian subject, the Savoury Grundo Veggieballs are perfect for someone who hates meat. They are also good for anyone, though! Each Veggieball has a different wild taste that you will love. They are even carefully sculpted in the shape of a Grundo! How cool is that?

The Chicken Cordon Bleu is a more... daring dish. It has re-hydrated chicken, condensed milk, and something else. Something special. Maybe you can try and find out what that special something is? Good luck!

Grundos Luxury Kebab is what Grundos claims as one of the best dishes on the menu. And we agree! This treat may be small, but it packs a punch! This spicy meal is perfect for someone looking for something hot to eat.

One of Grundos' latest inventions is the Cosmic Stars Sandwich. All they did is make the tasty cheese stars even better! How could they possibly do that? Put them in a sandwich of course! This sandwich is probably the most delicious in the galaxy!

If you are a robot and don't see anything that you like, don't worry. There is something for everyone! Robots will enjoy the Metal Cheese Burger or the Metal Pizza. These are some of the greatest metal items there are! They are very satisfying. If you are a robot, of course.

Mmm, the Gloof Stick. What is a Gloof Stick? We don't know either! But they are the hottest thing on sale at Grundos. They are extremely delicious. We just wonder what makes them so good! The world may never know...

So now that you know what there is to eat, travel on over to Virtupets Space Station and buy your favorite meal! As we said, there is something for everyone there. And you don't only have to pick from the meals we listed. There is much more to try.

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