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RELAX: Ten Ways to Reduce Stress

by jennuine_1


Are we overworking our precious little Neopets? Recent research by the Lenny Institute of Pet Stress, (LIPS), concludes that in many cases, yes... we are. According to the two year study, over 60 percent of Neopets living in Neopia Central spend the majority of their days "laboring" for their owners. Most of these Pets spend more time working than they do sleeping, eating, and playing combined! Ouch!

Too many pets are working overtime at the Employment Agency, beating up Balthazar in the Battledome, and running all over Neopia on quests for their owners. With all of this work going on, there is little or no time for our furry little friends to relax! "When 'downtime' decreases, stress increases," said Flora Moonsong, respected health guru, "and we all know just how much stress can negatively affect our lives."

With stress on the rise among the Neopet population it is important that we, as owners, invest as much energy as we can into helping our little bundles unwind. Providing a tranquil and restful home environment should become a priority so that we can keep our Pets happy and healthy!

Not sure where to start? Not a problem! This article is here to help you out. Who knows peace, relaxation, and tranquility better than the staff at AstroVilla, Neopia's most exclusive spa and health resort? We spoke with AstroVilla's trained massage therapists, nutritionists, fitness instructors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and herbalists and together we compiled a list of the ten most relaxing items in Neopia. Take this list and turn your Neohome into a palace of peace for your Neopet to enjoy!

Let's take a look at our list and get started on our path to harmony and tranquility!

1. Nimmo Yoga: Help your Neopet to relax with this quintessential yoga manual. Learn from the master himself as he guides you and your Pet, from beginner postures like The Techo Mountain Pose, all the way through to the more advanced poses, such as Downward Gelert. As a bonus, order now and the book will come with a free Fresh Bamboo Mat!

2. Incense Burner: Aromatherapy is a great way to de-stress after a long day on the go! Hang one of these incense burners in your Pet's room and watch as they are soothed by the gentle aromas. There is a wide array of scents available to choose from; we recommend starting with Mystery Island Breeze, Borovan, and the Faerie Essences. Ahhhhhh. *Caution: Never leave burning incense unattended!

3. Cucumber Eye Cream: Soothe your Neopet's weary eyes with this special cream formulated by Illusen using only the finest natural ingredients. Experience the healing powers of cucumbers grown organically by Farmer Joe himself! Apply before bed and wake up to your eyes feeling refreshed and renewed. Makes an excellent toast spread as well!

4. Relaxing Eye Mask: To give your Pet the royal treatment, follow the Cucumber Eye Cream with this cooling mask. Store it in the freezer when not in use and apply for fifteen minutes before bed. Any puffiness or discomfort around the eyes will simply vanish and your little furball will look and feel as good as new! Sigh!

5. Breathe: Breathing... sure, we all do it, but did you know that focused breathing can be the key to a stress-free life? It's true! In this book the Air Faeries will teach you and your Pet a variety of breathing techniques to help you stay calm, focused, and serene no matter what you're up against! Exhale your way to a stressless future!

6. Chamomile Tea: Ah, tea! No other beverage can ease an overworked mind, and no other herb calms and relaxes as well as chamomile. As your Neopet takes her first sip, all of the day's worries will simply melt away. Sweeten it with a bit of Buzz Honey if desired. Try Steaming Green Tea in the morning, and Chamomile before bed. *yawn*

7. Nimmo Meditation: There is no better path to well-being and peace of mind than through meditation. Teach your pet to simply "be" with this invaluable guide to the art of meditation. Help him to achieve conscious relaxation and stress reduction. Learn guided, sitting, and walking meditations from Zen Master Ryshu himself!

8. Purplum Tonic: Proper nutrition is essential to a well-balanced and low stress life. Treat your Pet's body like a temple with vitamin packed Purplum Tonic. It's jam-packed with most of your Pet's daily essential nutrients. Give one to your Pet each morning with breakfast for a fresh and healthy start. Tastes great too!

9. Speckled Bath Tub & Superstar Bubble Bath: Nothing says "relax" like a long hot bubble bath! After a tough day on the go, let your little bundle of joy soak away her worries. Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy combine to produce some serious enjoyment! Don't forget the rubber duckie!

10. Vial Of Pure Water: Last, but certainly not least, hydration is the key to well-being. To make sure that your Pet drinks plenty of water throughout the day, provide him with a bottle that he can keep with him while he's on the move! None of that filthy tap water for your Pet! Get your water straight from the source... try Terror Mountain Springs or Maraqua Natural Artesian Water.

There you have it! Ten great and easy ways to help de-stress and enrich the lives of your Neopets! With just a little effort, you can turn your own home into a first class relaxation retreat! I hope that this article has helped both you and your Pet!

*Special Note: If you send your Neopet to the Kadoatery to feed for you, he or she may benefit from daily sessions with a "professional" such as a licensed massage therapist or yoga instructor... possibly even a psychiatrist. The incessant mewing that your pet is subjected to daily is enough to drive anyone completely and totally insane. Send them at your own risk.


~Jen (Thanks for reading my article! Feel free to send me your comments, criticisms, and love notes!)

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