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Recruiting Members 101

by sunny_forever


We've all been there. What does it take these days to recruit members to your guild? Between beggars, annoying pop-up ads, and monotonous posts, Neopians have just seemed to have lost interest in the run-of-the-mill advertisements.

So that's why I'm here--to tell you how you can be a better leader, get members to join your guild, AND get them to stay, just by following a few simple tips! But first off, let me tell you what DOESN'T work.

Rule #1: Don't Beg!

Stop being a beggar! I know you've all heard it, or even done it a few times yourself: "Oh, please, please, please, please, PLEASE join my guild!! I can't get any members! Oh, please, please, please help me! Help me! Heeeeellllp me!!"

You NEVER want to appear desperate. Just by posting these few simple (and very annoying) words, you've already made the impression that your guild is disorganized, inactive, and amateur. Who wants to join a guild like that?

Rule #2: Never Be Normal!!

Let's put yourself in a guildless Neopian's position. You're tired, and annoyed, and grumpy from searching all day for a guild, with nothing to show but all these recruiters bombarding you with the same old guilds, same old invitations, and same old messages over and over again. How BORING! Your guild should make a statement. It should say, "I am different. I am fun, exciting, and unique! Don't I just stand out from all those grey blobs?"

Rule #3: Why be Ordinary When You Can Be Extraordinary?!

Use vibrant colors, big text, and interesting pictures to snag the attention of a reader. And once you have their attention, make it fun and interesting to read! For example, here's the common post from a member trying to win you over to their guild: "Join so-and-so! Here is what is has. Join now!" Yuck! Bleh! Patooey! I know that you are much more creative than THAT! Try using snazzy catch phrases and slogans, and spice it up with cunning and descriptive words.

So now perhaps your recruiting skills have improved a little bit, and you've got the attention of a few potential members. Now what? Let's work on your recruiting skills and technique to reel them in to that wonderful guild of yours that deserves to be successful! And, best of all, how to make them want to stay, get involved, and make your guild the best it can be!

Rule #1: Appeal to Others

You want more members to join your guild, right? Well, stop thinking about what YOU want! That's where you get those old, boring, and desperate posts. Think about what your MEMBERS will want and make that the staple of your message you're trying to get across! Be professional and approach others with honesty and sincerity. Always be courteous, polite, and friendly. If they deny your request, respectfully thank them for their time, and move on to someone else. You are a person of integrity, and that will appeal to anyone!

Rule #2: Make Members Feel Important!!

There is one thing that members will crave the most in a guild, and that is a sense of importance. Show them that they ARE important, and they will be a vital part of the group in order for it to be successful! A personal neomail is a great way to go the extra mile, which is exactly what will build a guild of character and good morals.

Get to know the person you are trying to recruit. Read through their userlookup learn a little bit about them. Also, always remember their name! This will give your message a personalized look, and show the other person that you care about them and are willing to take the time to remember the small details!

Lastly, when they join, take the time to welcome them to the guild! If your guild already has a large amount of members, this is crucial. Every member will feel out-of-place, insignificant, and ignored when they join if no one takes the time to show them that they are important! Unless you do this, most likely your members will leave just as soon as you get them to join!

Rule #3: Be a Good Listener

Your members have a lot of great ideas they're dying to tell you! Be inquisitive, ask for their opinions, and listen to what they have to say. Being interested in other people, their ideas, and what's going on in their life is the best way to make that person feel welcome. Not only will this make them feel important (as we've already discussed), but it will also bring you closer to your members, and probably make a lot of really great, new friends! EVERYONE loves to talk, so this is one thing you can be sure they will like!

Rule #4: Think of Others

Wouldn't you love to have a leader who sends you gifts, just because? Or a neogreeting on your birthday? Or a nice "Thank You" neomail when you help out around the guild? I would! By thinking of others, you make them feel respected, appreciated, and valued. This is what makes a great leader, and in turn, a great guild! Always try to go out of your way to help one of your members, or just to do something nice for them. They will remember it forever!

Rule #5: Keep Your Promises!

False advertising will hurt your guild more than anything! Let me give you an example. For your birthday, I'm going to send you a scrumptious birthday cake, with chocolate icing, strawberry filling, ice cream, and whipped cream on top! Just think of how disappointed you would be when I came out with a Dung Cream Sandwich. That's exactly how people will feel if you're not truthful about your guild!

Well, that's about it! If I had to write another Rule, I'd tell you to never give up! Trying to get members to join your guild can be frustrating and discouraging sometimes, but I know you can do it! Guilds are so much more fun when everyone is involved, caring, and friendly. By being a great leader, you're setting a great example. In no time, you'll have a great group a friends, an active, fun guild, and lots of memories to last forever! Good luck with your guild, and thanks for reading!

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