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Lost Legacies: The Amulets - Part Four

by diamond_rox


"I-swear," gasped Matt in exhaustion, "we've-passed-that tree-before." He pointed at an unmistakable tree that bent right back onto itself in a full 180 degrees.

     Trev flopped down on the grass. "We are getting NOWHERE. You see that small yellow square in the distance? That's Balthazar's house. It's less than 150 meters away and anyone can run that far in a minute," he snapped. "Some guide," he added, muttering, and flashed dark looks at Nara.

     Carrie and Nara sat down beside him. "Yeah, but we'd better get going before Balthazar opens the cupboard and realize we're gone," said Carrie, starting to get up.

     Nara pulled Carrie back down. "No point, I already told you, he shuts you in the cupboard and doe--" Trev silenced the faerie by shoving his paw over Nara's mouth.

     "Shh, there's something over there," he said, jerking his head in the direction of a bush ten paces away from them.

     All too soon, a sweeping figure in a cloak burst into the clearing on a rearing black Uni. The cloaked figure leaned back to stay balanced on the enormous Uni and the hood blew off its head. Matt, Trev and Carrie gasped as green and purple hair flew out of the hood, but Nara snarled and inched backwards.

     An evil smirk appeared on the Dark Faerie's purple tinged face as it's hand went into a small silver pouch tied to her belt and drew it out along with a handful of glittering black powder and threw it skillfully at her prey; the powder caught the wind and scattered over them all, Trev and Nara promptly covered their noses and mouths but Carrie and Matt gasped, inhaling the powder and dropping almost instantly into unconsciousness. However, the powder was so fine that it seeped through Nara's fingers and Trev's thick mane…something burnt at the back of Trev's throat and as the burning sensation worked its way up to his brain, a soft thump next to her notified Trev that Nara had just gone out…his brain burnt and throbbed and finally threw Trev into unconsciousness.


     Screams of anger sounded through the corridors. "LET ME GO! GET YOUR FILTHY PURPLE HANDS OFF ME YOU STUPID-WEAK-PATHETIC-EVIL-" juicy thuds rang between the pause of each word. The doors to the throne room burst open and six faeries came in (four dark, two space), surrounding a white Zafara draped in a long brown traveling cloak. Two of the faeries were supporting bloody noses, another one was limping and the faerie supporting her was ripping off the hem of her cloak and binding it tightly on her bleeding arm.

     "Milady, this is the girl from the village," the same messenger as before said.

     The Space Faerie on the throne grinned-but it was more like bearing her teeth. She had long navy blue hair and huge navy blue eyes, along with a glittering navy blue gown that, in space, would make the faerie invisible in her surroundings. Her wings, however, were small and weak, but they too were navy blue-though semitransparent.

     "What is your name?" the Space Faerie asked. Her voice echoed around the room eerily, it reminded the Zafara of void and emptiness.

     "What does it mean to you," the white Zafara snapped. The newly-elected queen snarled.

     "Tell me, NOW!" As the queen shouted, the last word the Zafara felt as if her head had split open and her thoughts were pouring out. A voice hissed in her head, tell me, tell me your name…tell me... the Zafara heard her own voice.

     "Ravin," but the Space Faerie hardly seemed to be listening.

     "So, you collect faerie weapons?"

     "Yes," Ravin couldn't seem to stop herself.

     "And you have all the Amulets?" Navy eyes grew eager.

     You're not nosing into that, Ravin thought. "No," she said, fighting the empty feeling in her head.

     The navy eyes narrowed. "ANSWER ME TRUTHFULLY! I SHALL KNOW WHEN YOU LIE!!!" she bellowed. It was incredible how her voice could still sound like an echo when she was shouting.

     Ravin started to fight the horrible feeling in her head again. "Shut your conk," she snapped back, and started to run to the door. Purple and navy skinned arms tried to stop her but thinking fast, Ravin seized a black pouch off the belt of the faerie closest to her. Pulling at the bag's opening, she tipped the familiar black powder into her hand. Remembering how the faeries had used it on her, she scattered the powder into the air over her shoulder, still running, and jumped out the nearest window. Unfortunately, she didn't look before she jumped.

     The Space Faerie bit her lip as she watched her useless troops fall unconscious to the ground. Turning to the table beside her throne, the Queen looked into a (brace yourself) navy crystal ball not unlike Jhudora's. Putting her hand over the crystal ball, she called, "Jhudora! Have you a moment?"

     The smoke in the crystal ball swirled and cleared to show Jhudora with her hand over her own crystal ball. "You called, Milady?"

     "Yes, I'll need the antidote to that drought powder, and could you call someone to head that Zafara off before she hits the Meridell Sea? And Send 10 Riders back to the village to search for the Amulets, they must not return without them. Oh, by the way, she fell off the East Tower, you might want to look under there," she added.

     "Of course, Milady. Is there anything else?" asked Jhudora, her voice dripping with oil.

     "Take your time, she still has twenty minutes before she'll hit the sea."


     Trev groaned and awakened from unconsciousness for the third time that day. Carrie Nara and Matt were already awake, seeing as they blacked out before Trev did.

     "W-where are we?" the Yurble asked, yawning slightly.

     "Already in Faerieland," answered Carrie. "So much for training to Rohane standard,"

     Trev looked at their surroundings. Seeing as Fyora never believed in prisoners, her castle didn't have any cells. They were locked in a normal bedroom. Trev went over to the door and put his weight against it. It didn't budge.

     "Someone probably put something heavy against the door," said Nara, who was looking less grey now that she was back in Faerieland.

     Trev hopped over to the window. No one would be stupid enough to escape that way, he thought, out of the frying pan and into the fire. It would be either hordes of evil Space Faeries or a huge drop from the Faerieland Cloud. Trev sighed. Neither looked too good for them. Suddenly, a thought clicked in Trev's mind.

     "Hey Nara? Do you think that you could…you know, enchant us to make us fly?" asked Trev.

     Oh my god, Trev's probably seen too much Peter Pan, thought Carrie, rolling her eyes. But to her surprise, Nara creased her brow and concentrated on something in her hand. A white flame burst from her palm, illuminating Nara's smile.

     "Why, yes, I should think so."


     "Oh no…oh no I don't like this! I don't like this at all!" said Matt to himself, who was flying through mid-air and frequently losing concentration and plummeting down several feet.

     "Hey, what's that?" Carrie asked, pointing at a dot around 50 feet under them. Matt recognized the brown cloak, even from so far away.

     "Ravin!" Matt cried.

     "A raven? Hmm, it could be, but I thought ravens were black?" enquired Trev, whilst flying through the air with expertise.

     "No, my sister, Ravin! Come on, we have to save her before she hits the sea! Nara, we'll need you to help us enchant her, she can't fly!" and with that, Matt plummeted down to help his sister. The rest shrugged at each other and followed.


     Ravin was trying in vain to make a parachute with her billowing cloak. Finally, she managed to get a grip on the corners of her cloak and floated slowly downwards. She was still so high up that she couldn't make out the landmass properly due to a few low clouds in her way.

     "Ravin! Ravin!" The white Zafara turned her head up and saw a baby Zafara falling through the air at her. Matt caught himself in time and managed to hover next to his sister.

     "Matt!" Ravin gasped. "What are you doing here? And who are they?" she asked as she saw Trev, Carrie and Nara flying towards them.

     Nara hovered in front of Ravin and made the white flame appear in her hand again. "Hold still," she said, and drove the flame into the top of Ravin's head. She felt like someone had dumped a bucket of lukewarm water on her head. The warmness gathered in her back and she felt as if she had wings. She tried flapping them and she shot up, her parachute forgotten.

     "You must concentrate, when you don't then you will fall. It will wear off after a while, so we must hurry." And with that, Nara flew back up to Faerieland, her orange wings fluttering gracefully.


     "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ALL GOT AWAY?!" hollered the Space Faerie Queen. She was talking to Jhudora in her crystal ball again, and Jhudora didn't seem ecstatic to be.

     "I don't know how they did it, we checked the whole room but the windows were sealed tight, the door was guarded since they arrived, and all the floor stones were in place. A Dragon Rider searched the sky for Ravin, but she was nowhere to be seen," Jhudora added rather meekly.

     "FIVE ESCAPED PRISONERS IN ONE DAY! IT MUST BE A RECORD!" Jhudora longed to plug her pointy ears but the Queen would see. "Listen up, Jhudora, your skin depends on it. You will stand guard at the entrance to Faerie City on your cloud. Anyone entering or leaving must pass your examination. If you find them-" Her lips curled into a smirk. "Send them to me."

To be continued...     

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