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The Teams Who Couldn't Be There

by rookina


Also by hello5346

The Altador Cup caught everyone's attention, with its talented players, dedicated fans, closely-fought matches, and teams from every part of Neopia... or should that be almost every part of Neopia?

You see, although most Neopian worlds did play in the tournament, there were three teams who didn't quite make it. Here we introduce you to the teams who couldn't be there.

Lost City of Geraptiku

If you discount their ghostly Goalkeeper, the Lost City's team have an almost impenetrable defence. The Island Mystic is especially adept at blocking any attempts to get past him, and Tikkami is a match for most defenders. Even the team's forwards play an impressive defensive game - some would say better than their offensive game... However, if any team can get past their defenders, putting the Yooyu in the back of the net isn't a problem.

The organisers of the Altador Cup maintain that an invitation was sent to Geraptiku, but the team insists it didn't receive one. Various theories have bee put forward as to the whereabouts of the invitation and the courier sent to deliver it; the current favourite seems to be that while delivering it to the Deserted Tomb he lost his way and is still wandering the corridors inside somewhere.

Player Name: 'Spectre'

Stats: Ghost Hissi

Player Position: Goalkeeper

Nothing much is known about Geraptiku's Goalkeeper. Unfortunately for the team, the one thing that everyone knows is that even when he's having a good day, opposing teams have no difficulty in putting the Yooyu right through him... literally! Still, his talent for appearing out of nowhere and scaring attacking forwards has been useful to the team on more than one occasion.

Player Name: Island Mystic

Stats: Island Kyrii

Player Position: Right Defender

The Island Mystic is famous for his incredible foresight during a match, almost magically being able to predict where the Yooyu will go during a game. Sadly for the Geraptiku team, he foresaw that he would be needed to tell fortunes to Neopians throughout the Altador Cup and so was unavailable to play.

Player Name: Tikkami Karrow

Stats: Shadow Kougra

Player Position: Left Defender

The team's Captain is possibly their best and most reliable player, Karrow has a talent for blending into the background and appearing in the way of attacking forwards. However, she is prone to losing her temper when things don't go the team's way and has earned warnings from countless referees.

Player Name: Rei Loor

Stats: Invisible Xweetok

Player Position: Left Forward

One of the best scorers and passers in the league owing to her ability to run past opponents without being seen. Invisibility has its downsides, though, and she has often been run into when carrying the Yooyuball. She is also rarely passed to as none of her teammates can see her, and is often blamed for a foul if a player trips for no apparent reason... even when she didn't do it.

Player Name: Gubby

Stats: Coconut JubJub

Player Position: Right Forward

The team rookie is slower than slow, a horrible passer and shooter, and won't even touch a mutant Yooyuball. However, he is a permanent fixture on the roster due to his unique playing style - Gubby shoves the Yooyu into his small little mouth and no one can get it until he spits it out... or maybe they just don't want to...

Update - Gubby is currently being investigated by the Petpet Protection League for cruelty to Yooyus...

Neopia Central

The NC team is known for its great offence, and Mjukai has a reputation for being one of the game's great Goalkeepers due to her high number of shutouts. However, many criticise the team for their lack of team work, and insist that Mjukai has done nothing to earn her reputation and does nothing during matches except scare Yooyus.

Although team Captain Lex insists they weren't invited to the Colosseum because they were too good and would have walked over the competition, the Cup Committee has constantly denied these claims, along with the persistent allegations that they weren't invited in case the other players all caught Sneezles from Mjukai...

Player Name: Wenton Flourish

Stats: Fire Quiggle

Player Position: Right Forward

Master of the fire Yooyu, Wenton can hold it forever without being burned. He's also pretty nifty with the faerie and mutant Yooyus, but his inability to handle the snow Yooyu brings down his whole game. In a local tournament at the start of last season, Wenton received a snow Yooyu and it the poor thing received serious melting injuries in his hands. Since then, the team has banned him from handling any more snow Yooyus.

Player Name: Thorton 'Thorny' Reel

Stats: Thornberry Chia

Player Position: Left Defender

Thorton is sneaky player with a mean streak and a great defence game. He plays rough despite being smaller than everyone else on the field, as many forwards who try to run past him have discovered when they find themselves skewered by one of his many thorns. Too bad so many people pick him and try to throw him into the net, having mistaken him for a strangely-coloured mutant Yooyu.

Player Name: Lex Thone

Stats: Electric Ogrin

Player Position: Left Forward

The team's leading scorer is also one of the fastest Neopets on the field; fast as lightning to be precise. If defenders manage to get close to him they are likely to get a nasty shock - literally - instead of the Yooyuball they were after. The only problem is, Lex has no team spirit - it's either give the ball to him or leave the team.

Player Name: Flep Fjornssen

Stats: Grey Shoyru

Player Position: Right Defender

Since joining the team last season Flep has lowered team morale to previously unknown depths. It's not his fault - he just can't seem to help picking up on the worst things that happened during a previous match and reminding his teammates about them just before the start of a game. There are rumours that the team are looking for a replacement for next season.

Player Name: Mjukai Morveux

Stats: Snot Poogle

Player Position: Goalkeeper

Mjukai is an exceptionally good Goalkeeper, mainly because no one ever wants to go near her! When Yooyuballs are shot at the goal, they will almost always take fright and change direction mid-air to avoid her. The only exception is the Mutant Yooyu which is known to like the taste of snot, leading to more than one unfortunate incident where Mjukai has been bitten by the Yooyu.

Lutari Island

Perhaps 'team' is too strong a word to describe this collection of Yooyuball players. Although each player is highly skilled, the lack of team play, especially between the two defenders, and the inter-team arguments - most noticeably between the forwards - has led to many headaches for their captain and their fans.

Owing to the unique position of Lutari Island - recently discovered and with no reliable means of transport to Altador - the team's invitation was delayed and only arrived the day before first-round matches were due to start. The team decided that sadly, they would not be able to find a way of reaching the Colosseum in time to take part in this year's tournament. They have also requested that next year's invitation should be sent out six months in advance to enable them to make the necessary arrangements for getting there!

Player Name: Telloh Negh

Stats: Island Eyrie

Player Position: Left Defender

Once tipped as a potential All Star, this Eyrie has never quite fulfilled his potential. He remains one of the best defenders in the game, but doesn't inspire the fear in attacking players that some of his contemporaries do. After some unflattering comments were published about him last year he has become even more withdrawn, and some fear his career may be almost over.

Player Name: Rinelda Tanlin

Stats: Rainbow Acara

Player Position: Right Defender

This flashy defender is a star-in-the-making. After bursting onto the Yooyuball scene last year she has already earned many fans for her enthusiastic playing style. However, she has also made an enemy of Telloh Negh with some ungracious and unflattering remarks about his play and locker room antics.

Player Name: Yen Everett

Stats: Blue Lutari

Player Position: Right Forward

The team's leading assister shares a special bond with his twin, Yen, and they are one of the best attacking teams Neopia... on the field, that is. Off the field, however, Wen constantly takes credit for their efforts, which makes their relationship somewhat strained. Fans of the team will hope this doesn't get out of hand and come onto the field.

Player Name: Wen Everett

Stats: Blue Lutari

Player Position: Left Forward

Wen is the team's main scorer taking advantage of his brother's amazing passes, which make his job almost too easy. Since he's the one making the shots, he gets all the fame, which makes Yen go crazy. The rest of the team are starting to worry about the situation, and are urging Wen to start appreciating his brother soon or their game - and their careers - may be over.

Player Name: Regho Kythe

Stats: Green Lutari

Player Position: Goalkeeper

One of the most experienced players in the game is also one of the oldest players. Although his agility and coordination are starting to go, his brain is still full of winning strategies and he provides strong tactical leadership to the team.

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