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The Green-Eyed Monster

by discokitten


"I want a Petpet, Saber! Please?" cried out Mina, a small yellow Shoyru.

     Saber sighed, putting down the cake mix. "I'm sorry, Mina, but I can't. We're on funds right now, and you don't need one."

     "Even an Abominable Snowball! Anything!" pleaded Mina.

     Saber's nails clicked against the counter as she let out a sigh. "I'm sorry, Mina. Maybe when we have more money I can buy you a Petpet."

     Mina made a sad face before finally admitting defeat. It was no fair... everyone at her school had a Petpet but her! She needed one; it would only be right.

     "Now go to bed. You have school tomorrow and I don't want another note from your principal saying you were late," warned Saber. Mina scrunched up her face before stomping out of the room.

     "It's not fair..." said Mina aloud, slamming her door behind her. Her room was quaint; a wooden bed in the left side corner, a book case in the back, a table for tea, and some drawers nearby. A large toy box at the end of her bed held more than enough toys.

     "Goodnight, Mina," came Saber's voice from outside her room. Mina turned over, grumbling.


     "Hey, Mina," said Mina's best friend, a starry Uni named Raleigh.

     "Hey, Raleigh. What's up?" Mina said mournfully.

     "Still didn't convince Saber to get you a Petpet yet, huh?" said Raleigh, sad for her friend.

     "Yep. It's the same old story every day, isn't it?" Mina sighed.

     "I guess. But your birthday is coming up, maybe you'll get a Petpet!" said Raleigh.

     "I guess so. That'd be awesome," said Mina, flapping her wings.

     "What do you want?"

     Mina gushed at the question. She had always dreamed of a certain Petpet, one she knew she had to own. "You already know."

     "Still want a Miamouse, huh?" laughed her friend.

     Mina laughed with her friend. "Yep. I really want one; too bad they're so expensive."

     "You could save up?" Raleigh offered, shrugging.

     "No. I always spend my money whenever I'm close."

     "Saving isn't that hard. I could help you too! That's how I got my Alkenore," said Raleigh, referring to her own Petpet, Marbles.

     "That'd be awesome. C'mon, let's go to school; we're late enough as it is."


     It had been two weeks since Mina and Raleigh's conversation. Mina's birthday was tomorrow, and she had been hinting all week to Saber about the Miamouse. As she cuddled up to her pillow, she knew everything was going to be right...

     "Good night, Mina. You'll be happy with your gifts, I promise," said Saber, opening the door with a start.

     "G'night, Saber. I hope I am, too," yawned Mina.

     "Don't worry. I promise it's just what you wanted. It's a big surprise, too, so be ready," winked Saber, before she left the room.

     As soon as Mina heard Saber's foot steps descent the stairs, she leapt from her bed, and gently pulled out a worn out shoe box. Opening it up, she picked up a list which was behind a plushie. "So many name choices... I can't decide," said Mina, reviewing the list, before stopping. "I guess I'll know what his or her name is when she comes," said Mina, putting the box back and getting into her bed. She hugged the list tightly as she drifted off.


     "Happy Birthday, Mina!" came Saber's voice.

     Mina groggily opened her eyes to see her happy owner. "Ugh. What time is it?"

     "Ten o'clock in the morning, silly," said Saber with a large smile on her face. "C'mon and open your gifts, Raleigh is already here."

     Mina brushed her teeth and put on her birthday jewelry before going downstairs. She looked very prim, like a queen descending down the royal steps.

     "Hey Mina," said Raleigh, hugging her friend.

     Mina leaned closer to her friend. "Did Saber drop any hints about a Petpet?" she whispered.

     "I don't know. She keeps on going about a big surprise, though," Raleigh whispered back.

     "C'mon, Mina, open some gifts," said Saber.

     After a tornado of wrapping paper and tinsel, the presents were all unwrapped. Some new jewelry, a box of makeup, a new plushie, a purple negg, and some Petpet supplies from Raleigh.

     "Thanks, you guys!" said Mina happily.

     "Now for the biggest present," said Saber, disappearing from sight.

     Mina almost fainted when she saw the 'big surprise'.

     A sad looking Lenny was holding hands with Saber, who had a large smile on her face.

     "Meet Roy," said Saber, as the dreary looking Lenny approached Mina, looking scared.

     "Uh..." was all Mina could say. A Lenny? What about her Miamouse?

     "He's your new brother," said Saber to equally stunned Mina and Raleigh.

     "Nice to meet you," said Roy, holding out a dirty red wing.

     Mina grimaced. "No, thank you."

     Saber grew cross, stepping in front of Roy. "That was rude, Mina. How could you say that?"

     "What about my Miamouse? WHY DID YOU GET ME SOME STUPID LENNY?" screamed Mina. Raleigh looked astonished.

     "Raleigh, maybe you should go home. Mina and I need to talk..." said Saber.

     Raleigh nodded before leaving, still stunned.

     "YOU'RE A HORRIBLE OWNER. I HATE YOU," screamed Mina, running up the stairs and slamming her door shut, leaving a cross Saber and stunned looking Roy behind.


     "I can't believe this," muttered Mina under her breath as the family of three sat at the table.

     "Stop it, Mina. You need to be nicer," said Saber before going to go cook some eggs.

     "You won't be staying here, you know," said Mina, glaring at Roy.

     "B-but, S-Saber a-adopted m-me," stuttered Roy.

     "And she can disown you too," smirked Mina.

     "Here we go. Fresh scrambled eggs," said Saber in a jolly voice, placing the eggs in front of both pets. "Now go and get your school stuff together."

     "Roy doesn't have any school stuff," snorted Mina.

     "Yes, he does," Saber shot back, placing a gift wrapped bag in front of Roy, who opened it with excitement.

     Brand new, expensive, school supplies littered the place where Roy sat. Mina couldn't believe it.

     "That's nicer than MY stuff," she gasped.

     "It's one of the gifts for Roy," said Saber.

     Mina just grumbled and stuffed a forkful of eggs into her mouth.


     Roy had to go. It was the only way. Even for his first day here, he had already become popular with everyone. The popular group even invited him to sit with them at lunch.

     "Look at him, laughing with those brats," snorted Mina.

     "He seems nice," said Raleigh.

     "Now you're turning on me?" growled Mina.

     "No, Mina. I just talked to him during math class and he seems really nice. He's very funny," said Raleigh, taking a sip of juice.

     "Great. The stupid Lenny is already taking my friend..."

     "He's not, Mina. Just give him a chance, ok?"

     "No way," Mina shot back.

     "Hey Mina," came the snobby voice of Vanessa, a yellow Usul who controlled the popular group.

     "What do you want?" she sighed.

     "I heard Roy is your brother. It's weird how someone so cool is related to you," she laughed.

     "He is not cool!" said Mina, slamming her hands on the table.

    "Whatever," said Vanessa, snapping her fingers and leading the group away.


     "Roy, I have a gift for you," said Saber when the two came home. Mina had flown home and left Roy behind, so Saber was being very edgy about it.

     "Ooh! What is it?" said Roy, dropping his bag and running towards the girl.

     "Open it up," said Saber happily.

     Roy ripped at the wrapping before squealing in delight. "A Pirate Paint Brush! Oh wow!"

     "WHAT?" roared Mina, stomping in. "Why did you get him a Paint Brush?"

     "I won it at the Alien Vending Machine today, and since you said you didn't want to be pirate, I decided I'd paint Roy with it."

     "You could've sold it and bought me a Paint Brush!" frowned Mina.

     "Oh, Mina..." said Saber, walking over to hug her Neopet, but Mina already flew off.


      "Wow, you look awesome, Roy!" said Bernie, a green Lupe who was part of the popular pets.

     "Thanks," said Roy, showing off his new paint job.

     Mina had flown back at dinner the night before, and Roy had already been painted. Mina was disgusted whenever she looked at him, or her owner.

     "I know you're mad, Mina, but don't take it out on him, 'k?" said Raleigh while they walked to history class.

     "He ruined everything. I hate him," Mina cried.

     "He didn't do-"

     Mina cut off her friend's sentence. "He did everything, ok? He ruined my life! If you keep babbling on about how it's not his fault, then I don't want to hang around you anymore," screeched Mina.

     "W-what?" said Raleigh, astonished. "I was only trying to be nice, Mina. But if that's how you want to act, fine! Stop being so mean; I miss the old, nice, you. You're nothing but an envious green-eyed monster now."

     Raleigh's words hit Mina hard. "I'd be better off without you," she said, crying now. She dashed off to the bathrooms without another word.

     Opening the bathroom door, she flew towards a nearby window. Even if it was dirty, she could still see her reflection. Had she truly become nothing but a jealous monster?

     But it was Roy's fault! He was popular, and nice, and everyone loved him. He was spoiled by Saber and Mina meant nothing to her owner now. Absolutely nothing.

     Flying to a nearby corner, Mina scrunched up and cried.


    Mina shoved her favorite things into her school bag, crying. She was going to run away; she was not needed here. Some Neopoints she had been saving for a Miamouse, her favorite plushie, some candy and an extra sweater was what she had packed.

     "Roy can go and be spoiled. I don't need to live here..." cried Mina, zipping up her bag.

     "Mina?" came Roy's voice, as he opened the door. The Lenny walked slowly into the room, even if Mina shot daggers at him with her eyes.

     "What could you possibly want?" scowled Mina.

     "Raleigh talked to me today. She said that you were mad at me..." Roy said. "I don't know what I did, but I want to fix it." His eyes flew towards the bag. "You weren't planning to run away, were you?"

     "I can do whatever I want! Saber loves you the best and hates me. You can go and be a popular, best friend stealing, spoiled Lenny for all I care," Mina growled.

     "Mina, don't do this. Saber and Raleigh really care about you."

     "As if. Now leave me alone, I need to finish packing..."

     Roy stepped in front of her, so she couldn't reach her bag. "No."

     "Get out of the way!" she said, trying to get to her bag.

     "Raleigh also told me something else. I found some Neopoints, sooo..." he said, stuffing his hand in his pocket. He covered up his wing before opening it up before her. In his palm sat a sleepy looking Miamouse.

     "Oh my gosh..." said Mina, covered her mouth in delight. "This... I... Oh..." she said, trying to find words.

     "Just take her. I think she likes the name Noodles, though," said Roy happily, as Mina scooped up the Miamouse and hugged her tightly.

     "Oh my gosh, thank you!" squealed Mina, hugging Roy.

     "Just stay, ok?" said Roy, smiling. With that smile, Mina's cold heart melted. Roy wasn't bad at all. He was a very nice Lenny, and he wasn't really spoiled. Raleigh had been right about him, and about her as well. Mina really had been a green-eyed monster. But hopefully now that monster was locked away forever.

The End

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