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Wystella and the Novas

by hotchick859


"Alright, class, settle down." The prim blue Usul adjusted her glasses as she called her class to attention. The long day of neoschool was coming to a close, and the students were getting restless. Clearing her throat, she continued.

     "Before I dismiss you for the day, I'm assigning you a writing project." She scowled as a paper airplane whizzed past her head.

     Wystella lifted her head off of her desk. Perking up at the word 'writing', the blue Shoyru turned her full attention to Ms. Callhom. The neoschool day had stretched on forever with mercilessly dull lectures from their history teacher, pointless musings about evolution in science, and algebra that made her eyes water. After suffering through an unforgiving P.E. class last period, she and her classmates couldn't care less about what their language arts teacher had to say. The fact that there were ten minutes left on the last day of school before the weekend wasn't helping, either. In fact, a generous percentage of the class had dozed off already. Wystella, being the studious Neopet that she was, struggled to stay awake through Ms. Callhom's reading of Robin Lupe. As soon as the blue Usul mentioned writing, Wystella roused herself from her half asleep state and listened attentively.

     "Over the weekend I want you to write a two page story about an exciting experience that you've, well, experienced. It will be due when I see you on Monday, no later. And if you-" The dismissal bell rang as Ms. Callhom tried to finish her instructions of the project. Unfortunately, the students were in no mood to listen and made a mad dash for the exit at the first sound of the bell. Wystella chuckled to herself as she gathered her notebooks into her air faerie back pack. Slinging it over her shoulder, she trotted after her classmates.


     "Hey Wysty! We're going to the Chocolate Factory for a while, wanna come with?" Ginny yelled over the excited murmur of the just-released students. The blue Gnorbu was one of Wystella's dearest friends. Wystella looked over at her and the group of four pets gathered around her, ready to spend their weekends doing absolutely nothing.

     "Actually, I was gonna get started on that writing assignment for Language Arts," she explained, blushing sheepishly. No one does their homework on a Friday. It's so much more convenient to put it off until Sunday, so maximum relaxation time can be achieved over the woefully brief weekend. Ginny gave Wystella an odd look, and then shrugged.

     "Whatever. Your loss. C'mon guys." She signaled to her group of friends and they merrily set off for the Chocolate Factory, Wystella sighed. Well, time to go home and get to work, she thought. Her mind began working to recall an adventure worthy of her assignment as she started off towards home.


     Wystella chewed thoughtfully on the back of her pencil as she stared at the blank page in front of her. The greatest adventure of her life; that shouldn't be so hard! She had plenty of adventures. Then why was this story so hard?

     The blue Shoyru groaned pitifully, letting her head hit the desk. Her mind was drawing a blank when it came to a time she truly had an exciting, memorable adventure. Resting her head against the desk, she gazed longingly out the window. The sun had set, and the deep royal blue of night had overtaken the clear, light blue of daytime. Stars sat nestled in the rich blanket of the deep set blue, their soft luminescent glows shedding light unto the darkness of the night.

     Wystella sighed. What she wouldn't give to be out there, floating with all the stars. But no. She'd chosen to lock herself in her room and write her essay. Biting her lip, she turned her attention back to her essay.

     There were plenty of times she could write about. After all, she had such an amazing life. Great family, great petpet, great friends - If they're so great, why are they all letting you suffer? Why can't you think of an adventure if your life is just so great? The disturbing thought popped into her mind, making her jump. Where had that come from? Was her life really so great, if she couldn't even recall a single memorable moment in her life? Wystella shook her head furiously. That wasn't true at all. As if to prove her unwanted thoughts wrong, she began to scrawl various events down on her paper. She could write about the time she was at Ginny's birthday party, and someone had said - wait, what did they say? And who said it? Furrowing her brow, Wystella wrote down another event. She could write about the time Nylairr had filled a water balloon with dung, or was it salmon mousse tea? She couldn't recall...

     Realizing what was going on, Wystella cried out in frustration. Sure, she had had good times, but she couldn't remember them! Apparently, none of them were special enough to hold a permanent place in her mind. Her deep blue orbs widened. Was her life that dull? Tears began rolling down her cheeks against her will. Wiping her eyes, she willed herself to stop. She was so pathetic, crying over a stupid essay. So what if her life wasn't exciting? She was still a good writer, and could just make something up, right? Writers need to have experiences to write about, the nagging voice in her head came back. You'll never be great. You're just so pathetic, weeping over a school essay! If anyone saw you now -

     "STOP IT!!!" Wystella's shriek pierced the silence, ripping through it like wet tissue. She flopped onto her starry bed sheets, pulled her knees to her chest, and wept pitifully.

     Wystella quickly wiped her eyes as she heard a knock.

     "Who's there?" she said through her sniffles. When no one answered, she got up and walked to the door, swinging it open. No one was there. Irked, she flopped back onto her bed.

     After a few minutes, the knocking came back. Louder now, it went on continuously until Wystella got up from her bed. Looking around, she began hunting for the source of the annoying noise. Realizing it wasn't the door, she turned to her window. What she saw after she looked out into the blackish-blue of the night would burn in her memory forever.

     Outside her window, a nova no bigger than her hand was hovering, as a group of others darted happily around the sky. Streaks of golden light were left in their wake, coloring the late night sky with their brilliance. Wystella was in a trance as the nova fidgeted around, trying to tell her something. Understanding almost immediately, she opened the window. The nova flew in, its golden trail leaving sprinklings of powder to float down to the ground.

     "Mwee!" It made a strange tinkling noise as it buzzed around Wystella's awestruck form. It used its petite limbs to tug at her hand, signaling that she should get up. It led her out the window, and into the beautifully nova-filled night. After it released her hand from its grip, the nova charged at Wystella's mouth with full force. Her mouth was agape, which gave the nova the perfect opportunity to fly into it. Coughing and sputtering, she spit the nova out. The glowing mote had left its pixie-dust like residue on her tongue, and a foul taste along with it. Extremely irritated, Wystella shot a glare at the nova that was so icy that it could've made Taelia shiver.

     "What was that for?!?" she spat angrily. The nova flinched, and Wystella felt a pang of remorse.

     "Nova-dust," it tinkled softly, and Wystella actually understood it. As if she knew its language. And then it hit her like a Gormball to the head.

     "Oh! I guess that stuff makes me understand you," Wystella said sheepishly. The nova nodded.

     "Now come on. We're going to give you a memorable night." The nova grinned as the two flew off to join the other novas.


     They had been flying for what seemed like forever, but were getting nowhere. Turning to the nova beside her, Wystella asked it where they were going.

     "It's not about the destination. It's about the journey. Don't worry so much about where we're going; just enjoy the ride. Look." The nova signaled out at the breathtaking landscape that Wystella hadn't even noticed before. Forests of green trees, lakes sparkling with starlight, and darkened homes filled with sleeping families flew by, all of their raw beauty enhanced by the rush of happiness flowing in her veins. She gasped in sheer awe, and her nova friend smirked. She was learning...

     Wystella giggled in delight as she darted through minefields of tinkling novas, working her way to the front of the lineup. Her nova-friend flew along side her, tittering happily as they flew. Wystella, almost subconsciously, began to talk about her dilemma.

     "It's weird, you know? I have all of these exciting times, but I can't remember them! I mean, I vaguely remember what happened, but no details. If I want to become a writer, I should at least be able to remember things that happened in my life!" Wystella rambled to the nova, who nodded.

     "Well, maybe you're too focused on the destination again." It tinkled thoughtfully. Wystella looked at the nova confusedly, waiting for it to elaborate.

     "I mean, if you keep focusing on your goal in life, how are you going to remember what happened before that? If you think the highlight of your life is going to be accomplishing that goal, then you aren't going to remember the special moments that happened before. It's like what I said before; it's not about the destination; it's about the journey. You can't remember those good times because you didn't view them as that at the time. You just wanted to move on so you can get to your goal." The nova's wise words hit Wystella so hard, it stopped her right in her tracks. Her sky blue body hung suspended in midair, her azure eyes wide in realization.

     "Wow," Wystella commented bluntly. She was at a loss for words. What could be said of her naivety, anyway? She had wasted her whole life up to this point. It hurt, and she didn't know how to ease the pain. Except, that is, through tears of shame.

     Her tears flowed freely, the silvery droplets caressing her cheeks. Her small frame shook as silent sobs overtook her. Her nova friend tried to calm her, but its attempts were in vain. Wystella let herself cry until her tears stopped. Facing the nova with her shame evident on her features, she began to speak.

     "I'm sickened by the way I've wasted my life. If I could just do it all again, I know I would do it right this time. But of course, this is impossible, and so I must live with my mistakes." Wystella's head hung as she finished speaking. He nova friend gave her a small smile, the best it could do without a mouth.

     "You may not be able to start your life over, but I can help you remember those times that have passed you by." The nova told Wystella. It began tinkling softly, in a tongue that Wystella couldn't understand. The other novas joined in, and the chanting became almost unbearably loud. Wystella went to cover her ears, but the tinkling stopped abruptly. She looked around. She was surrounded by a tunnel of swirling rainbow light, flecked with every color imaginable. The effect was dizzying, so Wystella tried to fly out of it. Her nova friend led her out, and what she found on the other end was mind boggling.

     She was looking at an image of herself, back in her owner's arms as Emma carried her new Shoyru home from the Create-a-Pet building. She was giggling happily as Emma hugged her, and a curious maroon Ixi looked curiously at her new sibling. Emma stroked her sky blue fur; her soft brown eyes alight as she laughed joyfully. Her long brunette hair flowed down her back as her slender frame walked off towards home. Wow, I forgot how pretty Mom could be...

     The image soon vanished, a new one taking its place. A sky blue Bruce was holding her owner's hand as it walked timidly into its new home. Its cerulean eyes were filled with trepidation as he was led into his new home. Wystella stood next to her sister Nylairr as they both stared at their new brother. Wystella, only a few days old, greeted her new sibling with a huge hug, while Nylairr offered only a small wave.

     A flash of light brought a new image up. Emma had brought home a small, hyper blue Usul, Mystery, to serve as a lab pet. Nylairr's fierce purple eyes narrowed as she scrutinized the pet. Nylairr immediately decided that she disliked the newcomer that had caused their brother to get a new home. Nylairr stormed upstairs to get away from the 'little brat,' as she put it. Wystella saw herself hug the frightened pet, welcoming it to her new home. She then proceeded to lead her to her new room, as Emma chased after Nylairr.

     Loud cheers announced the arrival of a new scene, where her friend Ginny was leaning over a birthday cake. The Gnorbu had just blown out the candles, and the guests were cheering happily. Nylairr stood off to the side, depressed as always, while Wystella and Mystery hugged their friend. When Mystery had asked why Nylairr was always in a bad mood, Ginny had laughed and told her that Nylairr wanted a grey paint brush, but since Emma couldn't afford one, having a grey demeanor was the next best thing. This had sent the threesome into a fit of hysterical laughter, but only worsened the Ixi's mood.

     Oh yeah, that's what happened! Wystella thought as a new image replaced the birthday party. It was a hot summer day, and Wystella proposed that they play some Gormball. Nylairr quickly challenged Wystella to a match, but scowled when Mystery joined the game. Grinning evilly, Nylairr filled a blue water balloon with one of her latest concoctions, a vile liquid that turned you into a mortog on contact, if only for a few minutes. After filling the balloon until it looked like a Gormball, Nylairr told Mystery they were going to play now. With the faintest trace of a smirk, the devious Ixi tossed the full balloon to her sibling. Mystery stretched her arms skyward to catch it, but the balloon hit her sharp nails (she was a faerie Kiko, at the time) and burst. The potent brown potion immediately morphed Mystery into an unsightly Mortog. Nylairr had burst out in a fit of laughter, and Mystery shrieked until the spell wore off.

     Nylairr got in so much trouble for that. Mom grounded her for a week! Wystella smirked. Nylairr could be so cunning when she wanted to.

     Several other memories flashed before Wystella's eyes before the rainbow light tunnel appeared before them. The novas and she glided through it, bringing them back outside Wystella's window. Wystella turned to her nova friend.

     "Thank you so much. You have taught me one of the most valuable lessons I will ever learn, and there is no way I can ever thank you enough." Wystella glided over to the nova and embraced it tightly. It hugged her back, its warm yellow glow lighting up her face.

     "There is no need to thank me. Just remember one thing; always take time to enjoy the journey." The nova smiled at her, and turned to fly off into the night. Wystella halted it.

     "Wait! What if I never see you again?"

     "Don't worry, I'll come visit. Just wish upon a star, and I'll be there." The nova touched her cheek, and Wystella felt a tingling feeling run through her veins. Winking, the nova proceeded to fly off into the night, until it was just another star in the sky.


     "Mmmmm..." Wystella stretched lazily as she woke up. She was sprawled out on her bed, her starry quilt rumpled from her slumber. Getting up from her bed, she smiled at the wonderful dream she had had last night. All of these pretty novas... wait. Something felt strange about her face. Rushing over to a mirror, she carefully scrutinized her appearance. It was an obvious change, and so she spotted it easily. On her left cheek, there was a golden star tattooed onto her light blue fur. It had a trail of golden light following behind it, much like the novas of her dream. Touching her hand to her cheek, she knew that last night's dream was no ordinary dream; it was real. Smiling to herself, she sat down at her desk. This essay wasn't going to write itself, and there were just so many things to write about...

The End

Thanks to nuranna020 for letting me use Cottin_Gin (Ginny) in my story!

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