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For the Altador Cup: Part One

by lili483


Inspired by hawtrawker64

In a field in Meridell, hidden in the heart of a quiet, peaceful forest where cheery tomatoes grew wild, a young faerie Ixi was fluttering along with her beautiful faerie polarchuck, and it's beautiful fleaf in tow. The young Ixi was a daydreamer, and as she floated along in the middle of one of her favorite dreams of visiting an incredible, marvelous, far away kingdom by the sea, she heard a strange noise. Turning to look, she had just enough time to see a faerie seti come out of the bush, and a dark paw come after it before she felt a twinge in her right leg. Before she knew it, her wings were drooping, and she was on the ground. After that, all was dark.

     * * *

     Trinna was frantic. It was almost time for her to leave to start her duty as Faerieland's Pet Magician Ambassador to Altador, or FPMAA for short. Normally, that would be a good thing, except for the fact that at that moment she couldn't find her suitcase. Naturally, this made the faerie Xweetok very jumpy, and that in turn caused her to nervously flutter just above the floor. She was just about to really lose her cool when she turned around and there was her faerie peo, gently perched upon the missing suitcase.

     "Oh, my, what would I do without you, Rita? I love my little Ri Ri, yes I do!" she crooned to the Peo. "Thank Adam above that I've got such a wonderful petpet!"

     With that, she grabbed the suitcase, and the petpet, and headed out the door.

     * * *

     A small flutter from the wings of the Ixi showed that she was awake. Using all her energy, she lifted her head to get a look at her surroundings. At first glance she knew that she wasn't in Meridell anymore.

     Ellie, for that was her name, stared around the room she was in. There was a simple Sunny Yellow Bed in the corner, and a Pine Finish Table with an Elegant Table Lamp resting upon it. Opposite the bed was a Golden Jelly Window, and beneath it a Padded Elephante Chair. Light was streaming in through the window. Ellie, who had been lying on the bed, got up. Her faerie polarchuck and its fleaf were curled up in the chair. Gathering them up in her arms, she went to the door, and opened it.

     * * *

     Fyora stared up at the sun. By its placement, and her keen inner sense of time, she could tell that Trianna was late. Just as Fyora was wondering where in Neopia Trianna could be, she saw the Xweetok fluttering over.

     "I'm sorry that I'm late, your Majesty! I just couldn't find my suitcase..." Trinna trailed off.

     "It's alright, because you're here now," replied Fyora. "Now, I've arranged it so that officials from the palace will be waiting for you on the other side of this portal. Remember that it's very easy to go back and forth through the portal. This job is not going to cut you off from the rest of Neopia. Be proud that you are one of the first pets who will be allowed to go to the marvelous palace in this fabulous kingdom by the sea! And so near to the beginning of the Altador Cup, too. Are you ready?"

     "Yes, your Highness! I'm ready."

     "Good then. Just step through the portal. Oh, and Trinna, I'll be sending a faerie Harris to get a report from you every week. Farewell, and good luck!"

     Upon that final farewell between her and the Queen, Trinna stepped through the portal.

     * * *

     On the other side of the mysterious door, Ellie found a corridor that ended in a kitchen. The entire Neohome was painted yellow, which explained all of the yellow furniture in the room that Ellie woke up in.

     In the kitchen, a young faerie Wocky was baking cookies in a Light Faerie Oven.

     "Oh, you're awake! You gave us all quite a scare, Miss Ellie!" said the Wocky.

     "Miss Ellie? Um, you probably have me confused with someone else. Everyone just calls me Ellie. Boring old Meridellian Ellie. The Ellie who had to work her wings off just to get on the Meridell Yooyuball team. The Ellie who-"

     Ellie was suddenly cut off by the Wocky, who proceeded to say, "Meridellian? Is there anything the matter with you, dear? You're Altadorian, through and through. And you're going to be on the Altador team, not the Meridell one! You're the best player, and they need you! Sammy and I certainly don't want you sick! Are you sure you're okay?"

     "What? What are you talking about? I'm from Meridell. And I was supposed to be on the Meridell team. What's going on?"

     "Dear, I'm afraid that something's very, very wrong. Have a cookie and try to clear your mind."

     Handing Ellie a cookie, and guiding her into a chair, the Wocky also grabbed a seat at the Kauvara Table in the center of the room. As Ellie bit into the cookie, she pondered the strange situation she found herself in. While she stared at the kitchen around her, the sleeping potion hidden in the cookie began to take effect, and soon Ellie was again fast asleep.

     * * *

     It was so exciting, studying under Fyora! I mean, not actually under her, because only real faeries got to do that. But still, studying under her head magician! All the travel, and the fun, not to mention having the best magic education this side of Neopia. And now, the little village Xweetok from Mystery Island named Trinna was going to Altador, to be a pet ambassador and to study under Jerdana! What could be better?

     These were the thoughts that raced through Trinna's head as she went through the portal. Going through the portal is a very odd thing. First, you feel as if you're cartwheeling. Then, you feel as if you're stretching. Finally, you feel like you're being squeezed in to a ball. After that, you stretch out again, and look around to see that you're in Altador.

     Altador is a beautiful place. It is almost always sunny, and the water sparkles like so many little gems. The sky is adorned with soft puffy clouds that don't usually bring rain. The grass is green, the streets are clean, and the buildings all look like mini palaces. In the center of the city there is a great, tall building with a tower topped with a dome. This houses the Hall of Heroes, and the Council Chambers. Above these lies the observatory, where constellations can be found. Since the Hall of Heroes is also where all the governing takes place, it is referred to as the palace, and this was the place that Trinna was going to stay.

     Upon her arrival, an entourage of Lupes, Kougras, Wockies, and Aishas were waiting for her.

     "Welcome, welcome, Miss Trinna of Faerieland! I am Criston, and this is my assistant Sambergeo, though everyone calls him Sam," said one royal Aisha, pointing to a shadow Kougra.

     "Welcome, Miss Trinna," said Sam, bowing.

     "Oh, thank you, thank you! I'm a little flustered, you know. I almost couldn't find my suitcase this morning! Well, ah, how far from here is it to the palace? Or whatever you call the large building I'll be staying in. I can probably just fly there, but not with my suitcase!" gabbed Trinna, talking a mile a minute.

     "Don't worry about that, my dear! Mira, Kira, come here please!" called Criston.

     At Criston's call, the crowd parted to reveal two stunning white Eyries. Each took one side of her suitcase, and flew off.

     "Feel free to fly with them," continued Criston. "We'll meet you at the palace."

     "Well, then, wait, wait up!" Trinna called to the Eyries, springing into the air. "I'm flying with you!"

     * * *

     Being in the open air once again felt so marvelous to Trinna. Those Eyries were good flyers, too, which made it all the more fun. If only every day could be as marvelous as flying, thought Trinna wistfully.

     "Hey, you're not a bad flier at all!" exclaimed one of the Eyries.

     "Yeah, I bet the only reason she's got us is 'cause a those little faerie wings. Only enough to support one you know," replied the other.

     "So, Kira, whoddaya think's gonna win the Altador cup? I have to say, I'm rooting for Mystery Island," said the first Eyrie.

     "I think they have a pretty good shot, Mira. Their goalie is way better than the Faerieland one. Usually, I like to root for Faerieland, but that Uni just doesn't cut it," answered Kira.

     "Well, I think that Mystery Island is going to win!" Trinna suddenly piped up. "I may now live in Faerieland, and work for Faerieland, but I'll always be an Island girl at heart. Are you two from the Island? I really do wish I were painted island sometimes, to show my spirit. But in Faerieland, it's just easier to have wings! Plus, flying is so much fun."

     "Now, what a lovely surprise! We're both from there, too. We're sisters, actually. Twins. We were supposed to be painted silver, but that's for those gaudy people who live in the Haunted Woods. Our Missa is very rich, but she likes to be understated, just like we are. For example, she only has 3 secret avatars, but those are Super Attack Pea!, MSPP, and Grarrl Worrier! Maybe when the matches start we can all root for the Island together," stated Mira.

     "That would be nice," concurred Kira.

     "Yeah, it would," added Trinna.

     So began Trinna's stay in Altador.

To be continued...

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