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Code of Yooyu Welfare

by ladyxzeus


This is the version 2.1 of the Code of Yooyu Welfare, written, disclosed and supported by the Petpet Protection League.

Since the creation of Yooyuball, the petpet protectors have been concerned for the welfare of the most important element of the game: the ball. With the recent Cup, this League has found the need of a new Welfare Code, in order to protect the rights of the yooyus. With this code we do not intend to impose new game limitations, but to maintain a healthy relationship between player and ball. The following ethical rules are approved and supported by The Altador Cup Committee.

     1 – No harmed or sick yooyus shall be used as ball.

1.1 The evaluation of the petpet health and physical shape shall be done by two official veterinarians, from different Neopian Countries, in order to avoid any cheats that could influence the game. The yooyu shall have six triangular arms of the same size, well boned and muscled, and a longer triangular tail. To be approved the yooyus must be able to jump a minimum of 4 feet and 12 inches and to curl into ball shape in the air.

1.2 Any injured yooyus shall be taken off the games.

1.3 The health of the ball shall be evaluated according to their colour: snow yooyus must have a body temperature under 2ºC and shall not have melted edges; fire yooyus must have a body temperature above 42ºC and under 87ºC; mutant yooyus must have all their spines well curved on the dry skin and their ventral colour must not be too shaded or light; faerie yooyus must have well developed wings, with silk texture, well inserted on the back and with full mobility. (Note: this evaluation is just guidance. The responsible veterinarian shall notice any problem even without the guidelines above.)

     2 – The food and drink of the ball shall be monitored.

2.1 – Yooyus will not be allowed to eat or drink any ingredient that may influence their performance on the game. The most common examples are energetic Achyfi and any kind of asparagus (well known for its health and energy qualities).

2.2 – During the games the yooyus chosen as balls shall have fresh water available, in a clean official bowl.

2.3 – Biochemical tests will be done to the yooyus two hours before each game, to be sure they have not taken any drugs or weird aliments, such as the majority of Spooky Food items, that may influence their performance.

     3 – While waiting for their entrance on the game the yooyus shall be comfortably installed.

3.1 – The petpets must not be kept in cages or crates, but on open spaces divided by walls (to avoid contact between snow yooyus and fire yooyus).

3.2 – The light of the space shall be soft and natural. Strong outside noises shall be avoided to the maximum, but it’s not recommended to have complete silence (or the petpets will scare and run when entering the game field). Temperature and ventilation will depend on the colour of the yooyu, but must be able to maintain the corporal temperature of the petpet in question.

3.3 – Floor and walls must be well cleaned and not wet.

3.4 – Yooyus shall be warned and prepared to enter the game at any time. The “entering elevator” shall be prepared to transport comfortably the yooyu from the basement where it was installed to the game field and vice versa.

     4 – About the welfare of the yooyu during the game.

4.1 – For many years some players have shown no respect for the ball as petpet and living being. Nowadays we try to invert that solution by imposing some regulations (approved and supported by The Altador Cup Committee) that not only are fair to the yooyus but also to the game itself. All the following rules must be known by players and the game judge. In order to help the judgement of the rules two team veterinarians shall assist the game.

4.1.1 – Players can’t touch the yooyu with any part of the body. Any player that kicks or punches the ball will be immediately expelled from the game and replaced. The Altador Cup Committee will not take responsibility of any injury caused by kicking a fire or a mutant yooyu.

4.1.2 – Players are only allowed to wear official slings (that are designed to carry the yooyu with charm and kindness, unlike some of the unofficial materials).

4.1.3 – Talking to or yelling at the ball is absolutely forbidden!

4.1.4 – Throwing the yooyu to the sides of the net or to the upper bar is absolutely discouraged. A player that does this on purpose must be immediately expelled from the game and replaced.

4.1.5 – Goalkeepers shall not squeeze the yooyu, since this is considered a fault. However, poking is acceptable.

4.2 - The weather shall be taken into consideration when picking the colour of the ball. Snow yooyus shall not be used at summer, while fire yooyus are absolutely forbidden to enter the field with a rainy weather. Wind and humidity shall be considered when picking a faerie yooyu. If the weather is unstable a mutant yooyu shall be used, or the game cancelled.

4.3 – When a goal is scored and the ball replaced, an official worker shall take the yooyu out of the net and bring it to the sidelines. There, the used yooyu will remain, being fed and with fresh drink at disposal. A yooyu shall NEVER enter at the same game more than one time. It is also not recommended that the same ball is used on the same day (or even week, in some cases).

4.4 – If the ball suffers any injury during the game the player responsible for that injury shall be immediately expelled, with no option of replacement. (Of course that this won’t happen if the injury was due to a game accident, with no responsibility of any player). The game shall stop and the injured ball shall be evaluated by the field veterinarians. If the injuries are not serious the game shall continue. On the other hand, if the harm was serious, the ball shall be replaced by another of the same colour. (The same applies if any snow yooyu starts to melt during the game. If this happens the players shall be encouraged to score the fastest possible.)

     This ethical code of Yooyu Welfare shall be strictly followed and respected by judges, coaches and players.

This was a Petpet Protection League publication. Much success at the Altador Cup!

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