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Something Fishy...

by aeriel7


MARAQUA - Have you ever seen this strange creature in the sea depths and started running for your life in fear? There is no reason to be afraid since it’s only the Ghoti – a joyful, kind and friendly Petpet, often mistaken for the underwater monster who lives in the ruins of Maraqua. Be sure – Ghotis are harmless, but unfortunately they are very lonely and often homeless because many pets fear them (oh, this is not due to some true information but mere rumours stating that Ghotis are scary and dangerous – no such thing, believe me!). After reading this article you are sure to browse in the local Petpet shops, looking for this mysterious, delicate creature. Or maybe you will find one while searching the depths of the ocean (if you do not fear the monster, that is)?

Perhaps the first thing you should do is to look at the Petpet’s name, as I'm absolutely sure that you do not know how to pronounce it. Just concentrate and take:

- 'gh' from 'enough'

- 'o' from 'women'

- 'ti' from 'information' and...

Yes! 'Ghoti' has the same pronunciation as 'fish', because as a matter of fact Ghoti is a kind of fish. It lives in the depths of Maraqua and flies in the water almost like a bird in the air - with its body imitating the wings, it moves quickly and with grace. The most interesting fact about its appearance is perhaps the beautiful navy-blue eyes that shine during the night. Many times young inhabitants of Maraqua have mistaken the Petpet's eyes for falling stars and indeed, when a shoal of Ghoti appears above your head in the night, you will sure think you have a sky of stars above you.

How to take care of this amazing Petpet? Well, there are certainly a few things you need to know. The most important one is that Ghotis are like Kadoaties - they need a lot of freedom and like to disappear for a few days to wander through the unknown depths of the ocean. Nevertheless, you should not worry as you can be sure that your Ghoti will be back – they are one of the most loving, caring and sensitive Petpets in whole Neopia! If your Pet is lonely and needs a real friend, Ghoti is the best answer to the problem.

What do Ghotis eat? Well, they feed on underwater plants that your Pet is most likely to find during fishing at the Underwater Tavern. The most desired ‘snacks’ are: the Giant Brown Kelp, Magic Crystalline Kelp, Darigan Seaweed, Prismatic Sea Fern, Shimmery Seagrass and Void Plant which contains Vitamin C and may also help with weight loss and controlling cholesterol, as it does not have any cholesterol at all. Also quite popular are Spongy Algaes which are consumed fresh, canned, as juice, and occasionally dried. The juice can also be used in jellies and jams, usually in combination with some underwater fruit or berries. Have you ever seen the inhabitants of Maraqua looking for Spongy Algaes and underwater berries, you can be sure that they were going to prepare a delicious jam for their Ghoti.

Ghoti is a very playful creature; therefore it is thoroughly sad that there are no Ghoti-themed Petpet supplies to meet its needs. However, if you happen to find a sandcastle set (currently the most popular are the Green Sandcastle Set, Purple JubJub Sandcastle Set and Yellow Sandcastle Set), your Ghoti will be overjoyed! It is also rumoured that Ghotis like Mystery Island themed toys such as the Island Slorg Usuki Set or Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy, the latter being quite expensive, though. If you’re looking for something cheaper the Hula Girl Usuki, Fun in the Sun Usuki or Tombola Keyring will be sufficient as well. You should know however that Ghotis are very good at games (and are often the winners of Petpet gaming competitions!). They can easily teach you how to play Bilge Dice if only you get them a Bilge Dice Game Table. Monty, Grimtooth and Deadeye will never beat you again in their game if you play it with your little fishy helper!

When buying a Ghoti, don’t forget about a Petpet food bowl. The most fashionable one is currently the Disco Petpet Bowl available for you at the Petpet Supplies for only 1158 NP- you can really brighten up feeding time with this fun little bowl. If you do not like it, however, or find it too eccentric, try the Green Starry Food Bowl. It looks very nice in a Neohome with green or yellow wallpaper and a blue carpet.

As for grooming, Ghotis are not very demanding. You don’t even have to buy them a hair brush as they have no hair at all. They will be very grateful, however, if you buy them a soap and one thing you should know is that the Bubbly Goldy Soap is their favourite. If you cannot afford this one, try the Pea Soap – after using it, your Ghoti will be super clean and a little green and pea scented – or the Peophin Fragrant Soap made from the finest fragrances Neopia has to offer.

Ghotis are very tolerant, easy-going and sociable so if you have other Petpets at home, a Ghoti will make a perfect company for them, so do not worry. They especially demonstrate friendly behaviour towards Leebles, Primellas and Bowlas (yes, you are correct: all of them are Maraquan Petpets) with whom they swim in the sea, playing with the Yellow Kiko Flying Disc. It is rumoured that Ghotis like to sing, so if you're lucky enough you may sometimes see a choir of Leeble, Primella, Bowla and Ghoti singing together the famous songs of Neopia (which you may of course find in ‘Basic Spelling Songs’ or ‘Shoyru Songs’ – you will get them in the Magical Bookshop in Neopia Central).

So what are you waiting for? Take your Pets to the nearest Petpet shop and get them a Ghoti – this friendly and outgoing creature will make them see the world in brighter colours!

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