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The Many Dialects of the Neopian World

by lostanddomlover911


“What?!? Dialects? Did you just say many dialects? Ha! Ha! Ha! You must be off your rocker, buddy!” Yes, yes, I know that on the inside that is exactly what you were saying, or something similar to that, or, well, I know you were thinking something but that’s not the point! The point is that I have only one time to teach you all the many, many dialects of the Neopian world, so listen closely, and heed my words. Many times you can use these select dialects and get yourself out of trouble by promoting a well known tribal friendliness.


The dialects of the Neopian languages are like the dialects of the big round thing they call the “real world.” You will find many different ways to talk and act in just one same language speaking region. There are many different regions in Neopia and not only will I be teaching you those but the proper way to act to.

Let’s begin:

Haunted Woods

Speaking: Just stay silent, for goodness sake! If you must speak, say something that doesn’t give anything away. “Good Afternoon,” for example, is a good way to say it if a greeting at all is necessary. But when you say it keep your voice thick, cold and misty; don’t let your face show any emotion. If someone asks you what you are doing, you either stare them down coldly, looking as if you're giving no consideration to the thought, and walk away, or you can say, “I have business in these woods,” and then walk away. This should get you out of a scrape as they will respect you for your evilness. Bwa Ha Ha!

Acting: You must be filled with mystery and stay in the shadows; you are not in a happy place, so don’t go around laughing and talking. The natives won’t like that. Not at all…

Underwater Fishing Cavern

Ahh yes, a tiny little place with its own dialect!

Speaking: When you walk in, a proper greeting to all the fishermen would be something along the lines of this: “Hey y’all, just passing through.” Except you must pronounce it like this: “Heeey (say it real slow) y’all, jus piessin’ (pie-sin) thu-rew.” If you would like to ask, “Isn’t it a nice day,” you would say, “Reckon it’s a nice day,” and if you want to know if the weather for fishing is good you might say, “Reckon the fish is bitin’ taday.” The proper answers to these questions are, “Yep, reckon it is,” and “Reckon they are.” It’s up to you to add “Yep” or not. In keeping with the Reckon rule, state all questions as a statement, just add reckon to it, same with the answers.

Manner: DO NOT BE FANCY AND UPTIGHT! Just keep it casual; if you come in with such fancy clothing and deluxe fishing equipment and dignified language you will make the natives do one of two things: laugh at you, talk about you, and make fun of you all together, OR they will just be very uncomfortable around you and try to make their habits more presentable. It is not good to change them in such a way; their brains will not be able to handle it and then they will get health problems; then they will be very, very sad 'cause they won’t be able to fish. *silence* Yep, it’s true. *Silence* Oh no, it is, I promise. *silence* I’m leaving!

Krawk Island

Pirate Language is needed on this island. And I won't make this long because come on? Who doesn’t know pirate? I’ll just say some uncommon ones.

Speaking: “Avast matey!” is the proper way to say “hello.” Or if you’re feeling in a hurry or you’re feeling particularly mean you can just say “Yarr!” for a greeting.

If you see someone you haven’t seen in a long while, or if you’re going to a high school reunion on Krawk Island you would say, “Aye! Did ye not go to the gallows?” meaning “I haven’t seen you in a long time.” For a goodbye you simply say, “We sail together soon, mate.”

Manner: Be… loose. Act swanky and piratey. Like perhaps you’ve spent an hour too long in a tavern… Be tough though and real “ooo… I’m so much richer and stronger than you, HA HA, in your face.” That kind of act.

Virtupets Space Station

This language shouldn’t be hard; who doesn’t love Sloth?

Speaking: Now on the space station, they have pretty much the same dialect as Neopia Central… Just one difference. You MUST always add “Sloth is my leader” before EVERY sentence! This is where learning dialects comes in handy; many a foreign neopet to Space Station was mutated for not adding that extra little bit on Sloth. An example on how to say it would be like, “Sloth is my leader, hello,” “Sloth is my leader, goodbye.” This means Hello and Goodbye (for all the under-average pets out there). Now of course no one truly means this, but you still must say it.

Manner: Act uptight; you never know when Sloth could appear. Also BEWARE THE PICKPOCKETS! Pickpocketing crimes have increased an appalling 98% ever since they released the “Lever of Doom” avatar. Pets and owners alike are stealing NP so they may try their hand at getting that avatar. So you might want to carry around a robot petpet to protect you.


Ahhh… This is a hard one here, though very fun. It is my favorite dialect as a matter of fact. Still, you will have to look to your friends in Tyrannia with help on this one, but I will tell you a few basic words.

Speaking: Uggh = Hello Pronounced ug-juh

Gal-aka-aka-bo! = How are you doing?

Nah-de! = Goodbye Pronounced: naw-d

Ahh-aka-aka-gal! = I’m doing great!

Gal-aka-fyaaaar! = I’m feeling miserable (or angry)

Plesio = Happy (or swim)

Grrarg = Angry (or fighter)

Myncha = Wise (or musician)

Tekel = Mischievous (or sly)

Sabre-X = Powerful (or leader)

Kyruggi = Old (or loyal)

But of course these prehistoric neopets do not form whole sentences; the sentence would be: Uggh gal-aka-aka-bo! Plesio, which means “Hello! How are you? Would you like to swim?” They basically just don’t do whole sentences.

Manner: Go back into the stone ages, literally! A wooden or stone club is a must have to go along with that animal skin dress you made! Swing your arms back and forth and walk hunched over; you’ll have a friend in no time!


This is a short easy one to learn; it is, though, a wee bit hard to get just right.

Speaking: Breathable air is roughly 89% of normal quality on this planet and the way they talk reflects it. They talk slowly and evenly spaced out, drawing breath after each word. Practice makes perfect with this dialect!

Manner: Gravity is currently 29% that of Neopia. Boing! Well, that pretty much sums it up! Be… boingy.

Jelly World

Now this, of course, is just a little dialect I made up just for fun because of course there is absolutely NO Jelly World. Nope. Not at all. Yep, that’s it just a made up world and a made up dialogue.

Speaking: Now this is a bit difficult to get right; it takes a lot of practice! You see Jelly Worldians are used to bouncing up and down all the time because since they live in Jelly they’re always going up and down, up and down, up and down… So naturally their voices are always shaking in that up and down way kind of like “H-e-l-l-o,” except their voices go up and down in time with the jelly. Even when they’re not in their made up world of jelly their voices still go that way because that’s what they’re used to.

Manner: Just be normal but move up and down all the time like you're on jelly and it's moving back and forth.


Now, I know this is not all of the dialects of the Neopian world, just a few out of many, many more. Still, I have informed you on the ones I thought to be the most important and useful. So next time you visit one of these 7 places (well really 6, since you’ll never visit Jelly World), remember this guide to dialects and manner, and I’m most certain that you really will have a friend in no time at all! Good luck, or as they say in Tyrannia, Gedd lakka!

Mail Appreciated. And is Boingy a word?

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