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Treasure Hunt Madness

by krysym


Finding your treasure

Treasure! Even just hearing the word makes some of us drool. But just what is treasure? To some it's neopoints, to some it's pricey or precious items, to some it's just random junk that someone else threw away. No matter what it is, treasure is hard to find (except for junk, but that doesn't count). But don't give up yet! Most of you have probably never made contact with treasure. However, I'm here to tell you where and how to find your very own treasure! Yes, you heard it. So best get out your shovels and flashlights from the depths of your SDB (check for batteries) and let's get going!

First of all, treasure may be in many different places. It could be buried somewhere, underwater, underwater AND buried, or just in a box in your grandmother's attic. That's the fun with treasure hunting; you never know where you'll find it! Since there are so many possibilities, I've decided to aid you a little by listing up the most common places treasure can be found in here in this article. They just might help you launch your new career! However, don't forget to always check any extra locked doors or hidden passageways for treasure as well. Just... bring pepper spray.

Anyhow, your first destination should be...

Krawk Island!

Why of course, what did you expect?! Even when you type the word 'treasure' in the search box, you find a Pirate Grundo greeting you with a piratey dialect. I should warn you, you'll also see pirates on Krawk Island. Again, bring pepper spray. Now, to the actual point. There are two ways you could do this. One, you could go and try your hand at Buried Treasure and hope you get lucky. Two, you could go looking for treasure yourself! I personally prefer the second one, but if you're hoping to get rich quick, then the first one is for you. The second option is more for the adventurous type. You could either borrow the rowing boat from Dorak from Dubloon Disaster, go lurking around the Fungus Cave or Smuggler's Cove or just dig around on the island! I hear if you go South from the Dubloon-o-Matic, turn and head west, turn left at the palm tree with five green leaves and two yellow, turn right at the backyard of Armada and then take 27 rooster steps, you'll find a nice digging spot. But it's completely up to you where you dig! Kreludor is the limit. Moving on...


Maraqua is an excellent place to hunt and/or dig, for beginners and for experts! For starters, it's been hidden and in ruins for years. Just what was the person who destroyed it and then hid it trying to hide? TREASURE? It's possible! And also, what is that giant slug doing under there? Guarding something? Maybe TREASURE? Could be! So what are you waiting for? Just ignore the minor issue of the giant slug and get going! I'm sure the problem will just go away by itself. B)

Next we have...

Mystery Island!

"Why Mystery Island?" you ask? Well, why not? The word "mystery" clearly shows that there's something to be found there. Why, it was just a while back that the Lost City of Geraptiku was discovered, why can't there be other cities and, more importantly, treasures to be discovered there? Just bring a few offerings for the leaders of the local tribes and you'll be set! Now, Mystery Island has many exciting places to excavate at. A word of advice though: the Cooking Pot and the Mystery Island Volcano are NOT one of those. However, a good place to start at would be...

The Beach!

Yes, that's right! And not only the beach on Mystery Island, any beach is good as a matter of fact. Remember where King Coltzan III's crown was found in the "Hunt for the Crown" plot? At the beach! Nice, eh? I'd recommend using goggles though since it can get windy by the sea and you don't want to get sand in your eyes. Also bring a bucket and spade set. You can find one at a local toy shop near you; a nice one is at the Bazaar.

Treasure Island!

"What?” some of you might ask. Well, I'm not sure myself. But certain signs suggest that such a place really does exist! It's true! Have you read the book "Gelert on Treasure Island"? You have? You think it's made up? Well if it's made up then how come two other books called "Kiko Treasure Island" and "The Secret of Treasure Island" also exist and that all of them describe the exact same place? Eh? Got your attention now, didn't I? Now, I have reason to believe it's an island. Don't ask how, it's complicated. The only thing you have to do now is find that island! Borrow a boat from Kiko Lake if you have to and go sailing! The name IS Treasure Island after all, so it has to be worth something... If not, then you can claim it yours and sell pieces of land from it to fellow unsuspecting Neopians.

Terror Mountain!

With three big areas to dig in, this is a must for any treasure hunter. And the best part is, you don't even have to use any shovels or spades! The snow hides many wonders and the best way to find them is by using your very own paws! You can even pretend that you're building a snowman by piling up all the dug-up snow so no one gets suspicious of what you're doing. A 15-foot snowman, that is.

That concludes the part of this article telling you where to go treasure hunting. Now to tell you where NOT to go. When I said treasure could be anywhere in the beginning, I didn't really mean anywhere. You'll see what I mean.

Haunted Woods - As if you didn't get enough trouble from the giant slug at Maraqua, now you want to go here??? Tsk, tsk, bad idea. Hunting for treasure takes time and you won't have time while you're running from the Swamp Ghoul or hiding from Meuka.

Virtupets Space Station - As much fun as it might be, digging into metal, I'd rather you don't. Those Grundos there aren't too keen on you ruining what it took them so much time to build. I wonder why.

Faerieland - Not much explaining to be done here. Unless you enjoy falling down from the clouds into the Neopian seas, avoid digging up the clouds.

Lost Desert - And lastly, the Lost Desert. Though at first sight one might think that the Lost Desert is a good place to dig, it really isn't. Remember who discovered it? It was Brucey B. And considering what that fellow's like, the desert was probably dug up and all its artifacts removed and sold within an hour of the discovery. Tough luck.

Now, before I end this article, there is one other thing I think I should let you in on.

Fake treasure :K

Yes, there are certain fiends out there who will try to sell or trade you fake treasure. *cough* Deserted Fairground *cough* They'll tell you it's treasure but it'll actually just be dung or a Bucket of Slops. The second type of cheaters will try to sell you a fake treasure map. Don't believe them. It'll probably lead right back to your backyard. It's hard to recognize a fake treasure seller, but it's possible. Some of the distinctive marks are greasy hair, long toenails, evil laughter every time you turn your back, big usage of the letter "s" in the way they talk and golden earrings. Avoid!

Well, this article has finally come to a close. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Though you probably just read it so you could get more NP. But that's okay, games are getting a tad bit old anyway and it's only fair that new options are revealed! Have fun hunting for treasure and let me now if you find anything! It always makes me happy to hear I have helped a fellow Neopian. :) Best of luck!

Author's comment: This article was not under any circumstances true. Almost every single word of it was a lie. There is no treasure in Neopia. And you should go back to playing games too. The sole purpose of this article was amusement. Do not believe any of it. Pirates are actually nice and Treasure Island is just a myth as well. (Or is it?)

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