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*BAM!* Player One Wins!

by detoxxify


*BAM!* Player one wins! In the game Meepit vs. Feepit, you are a little blue feepit. Your goal in this game is to go through all the levels battling with your enemies- the evil Meepits. Now, you are probably here because you just can’t seem to improve your score in Meepit vs. Feepit. I am here to help you achieve your dream. ;)

The Basics:

This game is basically you, a feepit, bashing about on the meepits, advancing on to 5 different levels each with a more difficult meepit to battle. There are 5 stages in each level, and 5 levels in the game. The first one to reach 3 wins will win. You may be thinking- How do I play? How do I win? Read on to find out.

Game setup:

Now every game needs a set of controls, right?

Z: is to punch.

X: is to kick.

C: is to defend.

You can access these controls from your keyboard.

To move use these arrow keys, which can also be accessed from your keyboard.

Up: is to jump.

Down: is to crouch.

Left: is to move left.

Right: is to move right.

If these controls are not comfortable for you to use you can change them using the options menu in the start window; however, I recommend you use these controls.

Game Strategy:

This is the strategy that many gamers use. In Meepit vs. Feepit in each level you should win three times and lose two times. You can do this in any order you like. (Ex: Win, Lose, Win, Lose, WIN! – Lose, Lose, Win, Win, WIN! – Win, Win, Lose, Lose, WIN!) Notice what all these orders have in common. They all win in the last stage of the level. You must win on the last stage in order to get one hundred bonus points. (More information in the game scoring section). One important thing about this is that when you choose to lose YOU MUST, I mean MUST, hit the meepit until it’s almost beaten. After it’s almost beaten let the meepit win by not doing anything. If you don’t weaken him you won’t get your points.

Another substantial thing you need to remember while playing is to always use combos! Combos are worth more points than regular kicking and punching.

A combo is when you use two moves in one play. There are two combo moves in this game. They are a rolling attack, and a lunge attack. These are the controls you have to hit to receive these combos.

Rolling attack: punch, kick, punch kick. (Z, X, Z, X)

Lunge attack: kick, punch, kick, punch. (X, Z, X, Z)

Why should you always use combos? I’ll answer this question in the scoring section.

A tip while using combos; do not press the keys fast! For instance if your getting ready to shoot a rolling attack they speed of Z, X, Z, X should be Z one, X two, Z three, X four. Type out the letters slowly so the combos actually work! But not so slow that your opponent will get the better of you! Another tip is that when your opponent is on the ground type in the first three combo keys. For example if you’re doing a rolling attack again type in Z, X, Z. Then you wait until your opponent gets up and then you type in the last key, X. This will insure that you won’t miss your opponent and that you won’t waste time.


Punching or Kicking: 6 points

Punching or Kicking in the air: 6 points + 6 points for the meepit falling

Combos: 13 points + 6 points for the meepit falling

Win at end of the level: 100+ points

You see why you should use combos? Punching and kicking only give you six points unless the meepit falls. While a combo you get thirteen points + six points for the meepit falling.

In case you are bad at math; 13 + 6 = 19! That’s nineteen points just for one combo hit. Pretty good compared to 12 points, eh?

If you still don’t see why you should use combos, well this is why. 19 points for each hit compared to 12 points is 7 points difference. That means your final score will be 7 points higher! Now that’s just for ONE measly hit. If you keep on firing combos at the meepits not only will they be at your mercy you will have lots of extra points added on to your final score.

Tips: (game tips and physical tips)

- Take breaks in between rounds. You don’t want your fingers hurting from viciously attacking your keyboard. Don’t you think it deserves that? But don’t take too long of a break; you want to be all pumped up and ready for your next opponent.

- Don’t bow down to the cuteness of the meepits; remember you’re on side feepit this time. ;)

- ALWAYS USE COMBOS!!!! That was just in case you didn’t get the idea already. ;)

However, you can always try other techniques of getting more points. Just use the scoring table as a guide on how you can get more points. However, I started the game using combos and I’m loving it. (Hehehe.)

- Don’t forget, if you’re using combos make sure you aren’t punching the keys too fast and ending up not getting the combo!

- Keep on practicing if you just can’t seem to get the trophy! Practice always makes perfect. (I should really follow my own tip, ha-ha.)

- Enjoy the game! When you’re having fun, time flies by and you get better more naturally.


Did you also know that there is an avatar for this game? I’m not telling you anything, though. It is for you to figure out. ;) Also keep on practicing; if you really get good at this game that could guarantee you a nice gold, silver, or bronze meepit vs. feepit trophy! What more? You can go show off your trophy or avatar on the neoboards. (Woohoo!)

One last thing I can say is that this game is fun, exciting, and a game that anyone can grow to love. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy beating up a meepit? Good luck in this game, hope you get the avatar or a trophy!

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