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Destiny of Seamstress Cybunny: Part Two

by anime_cybunny


Shai smiled at me as Colleen and Colette ran to the other side of the Rock Caves. The Wocky grabbed both of the twins. Colleen was freaking out, while Colette just snickered for some peculiar reason. Both of the Cybunnies were tossed out of the Rock Caves. I heard the two screaming as they hopped away.

     Meanwhile, Shai released me from the ropes. I was about to hug Shai when I remembered that Shai could no longer be hugged. Shai only smiled sweetly at me, as if she wanted me to hug her. I shrugged before hopping over to hug the Wocky.

     "It's been a long time, hasn't it?" Shai asked.

     "Yes," I replied, quivering.

     "Why are you shaking like that, dear?"

     "I thought that I was about to be finished off by my sisters."

     "There's no need to worry about that anymore," Shai whispered quietly as the hugging stopped. "You're fine and safe now, Sakura." I nodded my head slowly as I suddenly remembered about Miss Kougra.

     "What happened to Miss Kougra?" I asked loudly. Shai hesitated for a moment as she came up with a reply.

     "I shall tell you after I tell you this," Shai replied.

     "What is it, then?"

     "There is another Cybunny attacking villages. It lives not too far from here. Gossip has been said about this Cybunny. Your mission, Sakura, is to defeat this Cybunny."

     "Why do I need to defeat it?"

     "Good question. It is because this Cybunny is able to wreck havoc on all of Terror Mountain. The Cybunny may finish everything off on Terror Mountain if it is not stopped. Also, the Cybunny is known as Cybunny Night."

     "Cybunny Night?"

     "Yes. The Cybunny Night is a mysterious shadow Cybunny with a very powerful sword. Sakura, you will have to find a Mega Carrot Blaster in order to defeat the Cybunny Night."

     "But I got rid of mine after graduation!"

     "Don't worry, dear. There are Mega Carrot Blasters around." Shai finished explaining. I felt exhausted after the explanation, so I suddenly fell asleep in the Rock Caves.

     It was morning when I finally woke. Shai brought up tea and sat next to my bed. The Wocky smiled, but quickly found out about the question that I asked last night. However, I did not ask for that answer yet. I was too tired to even think about that.

     "Are you feeling better, dear?" Shai asked after I finished my tea.

     "Yes," I replied. "However, I still have a question to ask you." Shai more than likely already knew what that very question was. The Wocky got up from where she was sitting. I wondered if she was going to answer that question.

     "Sakura, it is somewhat complicated to explain. However, if you wish, I shall answer that question for you," Shai explained as she took the cups back to the kitchen. The Wocky returned a few minutes later, prepared with a simple answer to my question.

     "You see, Sakura, Miss Kougra is gone."

     "What?" I suddenly got up from bed and dashed out of Shai's Outfitters. Shai was calling my name a few times, but I did not hear her at all. The weather outside was quite snowy. It did not matter to me whether a blizzard was about to commence or not. What I had feared the most last night, I assumed, happened. Eventually, tears were streaming down my face. I did not have a clue to why I was hopping after a while.

     After I stopped hopping, Shai caught up to me. She waited until I had calmed down a little to explain things further.

     "Sakura, it's not that kind of gone. Miss Kougra is actually at the hospital," Shai explained.

     "You mean Miss Kougra is living?" I asked.

     "For now, she is," Shai replied and nodded. I knew what I had to do, so I excused myself as I hopped toward my destination. The hospital was not too far away from where I was located.

     At first, I was nervous and shaky. I knew that I did visit a hospital before because of Shai, but it was a different kind of nervous. The room was far away, however, so I had to hop quickly and carefully to avoid collisions. When I arrived, I noticed that a yellow Moehog was talking with Miss Kougra.

     "It's the boss!" I thought. A Cybunny such as myself knew that the Moehog was the head of the district of schools in Neopia Central. The Moehog noticed me approaching. He smiled with a kind smile. I felt like a shy little pet.

     "Why, it's Sakura the Cybunny!" the Moehog chuckled. "The perfect Cybunny to do the job! Don't worry, Miss Kougra, I found your substitute for tomorrow!"

     "Classes commence tomorrow?" I asked dumbfounded.

     "Indeed they do, my dear!" the boss continued chuckling. He handed me a teacher uniform, which consisted of a red T-shirt, a navy blue jacket, a same coloured long skirt, and matching dress shoes. The Moehog bowed to Miss Kougra, winked at me, and left the room to return to Neopia Central.

     Miss Kougra was not very happy with the situation. She began growling as if she was going to become a really fierce Neopet, ready to attack anyone and anything. I hesitated for a moment.

     "You're an absolute idiot!" the teacher yelled. "The timing was not even close to impeccable! I despise and hate you so much!"

     That did it. I noticed a small piece of machinery fall from Miss Kougra's ear, but I did not know what it was at the time. No matter how much I knew it was completely and utterly false, tears came down like a waterfall. I ran out of the room with my uniform in paw and sobbing.

     I ran so fast that within a few minutes I was back at Shai's Outfitters. The skies were quite dark, so I turned on the lights as I slammed the door to my room. My uniform was placed sloppily near me as I lain on my bed, crying for a while. Shai appeared as she noticed me sobbing.

     "My dear child, why are you sad like this? You know that Miss Kougra would never act that way to you," Shai said while patting me. The Wocky disappeared after that for some reason or another. I stopped crying after Shai left.

     "She's right," I explained to myself. "Miss Kougra would not act like that in front of me. It seemed that my siblings decided to have a plan in which to make someone stress out." After calming myself down, I knew what I had to do. Instead of being an immature graduate, I was going to do what's right - substituting for Miss Kougra.

     The next morning, I got up and dressed as if I was a student again. However, instead of putting on ordinary clothes, I pulled on the teacher uniform that the boss gave me the other day. I hurried out of Shai's Outfitters with a business-like briefcase with papers in it.

     The blue Techo who took me to Neopia Central in the past was more than glad to help me out once again. I arrived at Neopia Central about the regular time. Students were around the building gossiping about nothing, just like when I was a student. A teacher that I knew as a student greeted me. Many other staff members greeted me as well. It seemed that they all knew about what happened to Miss Kougra.

     About a half hour later, classes commenced. The group of students were finally silent as I began to introduce myself.

     "Welcome to Neopian Teaching School." I started the speech which I rehearsed earlier. "I am Miss Cybunny, your substitute for the time being. Just because I'm a substitute does not mean that you all shouldn't pay attention. Now, please introduce yourselves."

     I started from the left side. The students were pretty nice to me, despite the fact that I was a substitute. Class ended in no time at all. All of the students mentioned their farewells for the day as they left for home. I left the school a few minutes later.

     The next few days were pretty much like the first day of school. All of the students were paying attention and doing their work like they should. I usually spent my evenings grading papers and tests. Some of the students even talked to me after school, whether it was about assignments or other things.

     I was quite happy and proud of the students. The days went by fast without fighting or anything negative. While grading papers one night, however, I heard a knock on the door.

     "Coming!" I called as I opened the door. Miss Kougra walked in as she noticed my pile of papers. I hesitated a little because I remembered about what happened when the Moehog was around.

     "How were the classes?" she asked me.

     "A miracle," I replied. "The students were actually behaving and not gossiping or fighting. I thought it was a dream of some sort."

     "That's how students should behave." Miss Kougra nodded. "Grades?"

     "Very good grades, actually. No one's flunking."

     "Good. I'll be returning to class the day after tomorrow."

     "Would you like the papers and grade book, then?"

     "That would be lovely." I gave the items to Miss Kougra after finishing the grading. She left a few minutes later to return to Neopia Central. It seemed that the teacher was feeling better. All that was left to do, substituting wise, was to say farewell to the students.

To be continued...

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