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The Many Accomplishments of Fyora

by lassie_nikki


One of the most well-known celebrities of Neopia is the Faerie Queen herself. Her loved traits include her regal gowns, glowing aura and striking yet gentle personality. It is incredibly obvious that Fyora is the most respected and admired figure living today. It seems far past impossible to find a citizen of Neopia that hasn’t heard of Fyora, and much harder to find a Neopian that despises her. Many believe Jhudora has held a fierce hate for Fyora since the beginning of time. However, several interviews with Jhudora prove that there is a simple, childhood conflict between the two. Jhudora actually holds high regard and admiration for Fyora but is too proud to admit this to her.

Let’s just face it: It is extremely difficult to find faults in the Faerie Queen. When someone reaches this point of popularity, one begins to wonder how they did it. Numerous Neopians believe that the idea of Fyora’s perfection is nothing more than propaganda that has lead to nearly every Neopian citizen thinking that they SHOULD and NEED to love her. This theory means that Neopians just love Fyora because it is Neopian culture and they think that they’d be outlawed or shunned if they turned against her. However, more sensible inhabitants of Neopia say that Fyora has earned her way to fame from her hard work and dedication. Naturally, being a Fyora-supporter, I agree with the latter opinion. This brings me to the point of this expose: to point out and explain several of Fyora’s highly respected accomplishments.

• Firstly, Fyora created the Faerie Festival. This festival’s purpose was to create unity between all types of Faeries. Of course, no one could forget the amazing food. Fyora gave Faeries something extra special to look forward to and a superb chance to get to know other Faeries. Without Fyora, numerous Faeries might still be evil and conflict might still be popular among the now gentle kind.

• Thanks to Fyora, your easily distracted pets now have something shiny and beautiful to play with! The Faerie Queen generously created a line of Fyora-themed toys that entertain millions of loving pets each day! Word has it that she even went far enough as to donate the proceeds of her Toy Sales to the “Handicapped Floating Petpets Association.” Her lovely toys include the Fyora Yoyo and Fyora Kite.

• Many Neopians complained bitterly about coming home to tedious silence and loneliness. However, Fyora managed to fix this problem by releasing her very own type of music that is incredibly sweet to the ears. After she made the Fyora Music Box, the intricate tunes that it issued became loved by all far and wide. Nowadays, Neopians can no longer complain about their boring, lonely afternoons!

• No one can deny the stunning looks of Fyora’s many artifacts. Fyora has achieved the reputation as owner of the most lovely and amazingly beautiful relics in Neopia. Among Fyora’s group of gorgeous works of art are her attractive, glowing Staff and picturesque Faerie Queen Doll. Everyone agrees that her best artifacts are the items that aren’t sold in her tower.

• Among the Faerie Queen’s many statuses is the very envied reputation of Richest Neopian Celebrity Alive. Her name is constantly mentioned in popular lists naming off the wealthy Neopians. One trait that differentiates Fyora from the other rich and famous residents is her generosity. Never has any loaded civilian been as selfless and loving as Fyora.

• Nearly every world of Neopia has a powerful leader and respected head of council that controls the land. However, many lands have been controlled by numerous different kings or queens. For example, before Princess Amira ruled the Lost Desert, King Coltzan III was one of the most famous rulers to ever lead the Desert. Fyora, however, has been queen of Faerieland for as long as any Neopian can remember. No one has seemed to request a better, more wonderful leader than Fyora.

• One of Fyora’s lesser, yet still very admired, accomplishments is her success of being the only Neopian resident to have her face printed on a sticker! Sure, there’s the sheet of Uni Stickers and the single Chomby Sticker, but Fyora’s Sticker is the only to have the face of a famous Neopian printed on it. I wonder how much work that required!

• One of Fyora’s more delicious triumphs is the release of a Fyora-themed line of gourmet food. Eaten by all of Neopia, Fyora’s treats are very loved by citizens. These appetizing snacks or meals include the pretty Fyora Day Muffin, Deluxe Fyora Day Cake and Glorious Fyora Sundae. Fyora’s cuisine is sugary and delightful to Neopians all over!

• No monarch would be the same without a proper castle! Fyora and her staff achieved not only a spectacular Hidden Tower to stow her artifacts in but went over the top with the Faerie Queen’s amazing palace. Made up of several towers, overlooks and a protective gate, Fyora’s huge stronghold easily covers over half of Faerie City itself. Naturally, Fyora’s staff was ordered to paint her lovely palace the trademark color of a rosy pink.

• Sure Fyora got her face on a sticky sheet of paper, but this accomplishment is much more respected in modern-day Neopia. Fyora triumphed over the Neopian Calendar by having her very own special day named after her. On the 2nd of the Month of Relaxing, each Neopian takes the day off to celebrate and honor Fyora and show how much they truly appreciate her deeds for Neopia.

Hopefully, this article has showed you readers Fyora’s true majesty, generosity, and hard work. Even better, I hope I have convinced you each how her traits and persistence have paid off for Fyora and contributed to her ultimate fame, fortune and love. May you all rejoice in Fyora’s name using her Fyora-themed toys, foods and perhaps even furniture to make your lovely Fyora Day complete! Happy Fyora Day to all Neopian Times Readers and contributors!

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