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10 Ways to Strain your Brain

by maryxchoo


No one can resist a good game of Cheat here and there or any of the other brain-busting games in the ‘Puzzles’ room. For all of you people who love to give your cranium a workout, hold on to your hats for 10 Brain-Straining Neopian Games...

10) Cliffhanger: You choose your skill level, hand over 15 Neopoints, and you're ready to play this classic. The object of the game is to figure out the word phrase before you fall off of the edge of the cliff. This game is very similar to the game Hangman. If this is a new game for you, it is wise to start off by choosing the easiest level of play. The easier the level, the more letters you have to assist you in guessing the correct phrase. The harder the level, the more Neopoints you will be awarded. Each day you can win up to 1500 Neopoints. Playing Cliffhanger is also a great way to increase your pet’s intelligence level!

Note: Make sure that when you are guessing the phrase, everything is typed correctly. You will automatically lose the game if something is misspelled.

9) Cellblock: It is you against five prisoners, two guards and a warden of the Darigan Citadel in this mind-challenger. What you are trying to do is get five of your board pieces in a row without allowing your opponent to do so first. This game is not a one-time-play-and-win game; you have to win the most out of so many games to advance to the next player/level. The cost to play each level is a quarter of the amount of Neopoints that you can win. In this game, once you win so many levels, you can get a medal or a trophy.

Note: You only can get Neopoints when you advance a level.

8) Cheat: There isn’t a rule-bending game quite like this, thus its name is Cheat! To start a new game, it costs 50 Neopoints. There are seven rounds in this game, and you can earn a trophy if you complete 3rd, 5th or 7th rounds. There are nine opponents that you can play each getting harder as you move ahead in the rounds. The object of this game is to get rid of all the cards that you hold in your hand. Now the fun of cheating starts! You can play anywhere from one to four cards on a turn. You can either play all of the same cards or you can cheat by saying that you have those cards (if you really don’t.) This game can be long at times, but it is a lot of fun playing, and knowing that you don’t have to play fair!

Note: If you are caught cheating, you have to pick up the pile, and if you accuse someone of cheating (and they aren’t) you also have to pick up the pile!

7) Word Pyramid: Gather up your word building skills and go play Word Pyramid! This Lost Desert game tests your quickness when it comes to building words to rack up points.

You are given a certain amount of time to start creating words. For each word you make, you get points and receive more time. If you begin to get stuck, you can buy vowels.

Note: The larger the word you make, the more points and time you will receive.

6) Math’s Nightmare: This is the perfect game for all of you math whizzes out there. Okay, now the object of this game is to answer as many math problems listed on Babaas as you can before they come down and wake up Imiya the Aisha. You can choose from different levels. Level one is addition, level two is subtraction, level three is multiplication, level four is division, and level five is random math problems. After you choose your level, the game begins. Type in your answers to the math problems by using the keypad and then pressing ‘Enter’ to complete the equation. As the game progresses, the problems will get more difficult.

Note: The higher the level you choose before you start your game, the more points you will get for each equation you complete. Also beware of the Mutant Babaas, their problems are hard to solve.

5) Destruct-O-Match II: Ah yes, this game is rated easy but there is more to it than you think. The whole point of this game is to get rid of a large stack of boulders by clicking on 2 or more touching boulders that are the same color. When beginning this game, choose the mode that you want to play. You can pick from the Normal, Extreme or Zen modes. When you actually start to play, try to get rid of as many boulders as you can before you can’t get rid of anymore. Also watch out for special types of boulders such as the Morph Boulder. If you do not get rid of it within the time given, it will turn into a boulder that cannot be destroyed without the Fire Boulder. In order to move on to the next level, you will have to get rid of the minimum amount of boulders listed for the level you are currently on. (In each level the minimum will increase.)

Note: If you complete a level and there are no or only a few boulders remaining, you will receive a bonus.

4) Kacheekers: This game is just like checkers but with a Tyrannian edge! Although this isn’t a game that you can sit down and play by yourself, you can sign up for a multiplayer competition and see if you have what it takes to win it all!

3) Faerie Crossword: A regular crossword with a Neopian twist. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more Neopoints you’ll be awarded! You can guess a word by clicking on the clue, filling in the word that you wish to guess, and then by clicking go.

Note: If you start a puzzle too late, a new one may start before you finish the old one.

2) Mystery Picture Competition: What is that? Well, that is what you have to try to figure out! Each week, a close-up picture is given, and your job is to figure out where on the site this picture is shown.

Note: Everyone that guesses the picture correctly will split a 2,000,000 Neopoint jackpot! Also, the first 250 people to guess correctly will receive an exclusive item!

1) Lenny Conundrum: One of the most brain-frying games out there! This game is perfect for people that love a challenge. Every week a puzzle is released and people all over the world see if they have the wits to figure it out. Not only can you get good prizes out of it, but also it is completely free to enter! Everyone that enters the correct answer will get a dividend of a 2,000,000 Neopoint prize! Along with that, if you are one of the first 250 people that get the answer right, you will get a cool prize and you’ll get a shiny trophy for your cabinet!

So there you go, folks! Why don’t you go and grab a sheet of paper and a pencil and see if you are cunning enough to play these games!

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