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How Do I Keep My Snow Petpet From Melting?

by shell_girl50006


Are your Snow Petpets constantly melting? Are you just tired of spending Neopoints just for another one? This guide will give you tips on how to keep your Snow Petpets alive and well!

Tips at the Beach!

Say you're at the beach and your Petpet, Suri, is parched from being in the sun all day long, while you are lying there getting a tan. But before you know it, Suri has dissolved and you miss her quite dearly. Here are some great tips on how to avoid this tragedy and avoid spending more Neopoints for another.

• To be safe, just bring a cooler with you along the way. Fill it with loads of ice cubes! Your Petpet will thank you, and the best thing is, he or she can go in any time they want!

• As soon as you get to the beach, put up the umbrella immediately. Put ice packs on top of where your Petpet is lying to keep the hot sand underneath, colder. This will keep them cool for a decent amount of time. When the ice packs start to get warm, grab more ice packs in your small, but handy, cooler. (You DID bring it with you, right?)

• Try to stay as close as you can to the water. The cool tide will bring a slight chill to you and your Petpet.

• If possible, stay away from any hot foods or beverages. This will reduce the chances of your Petpet melting.

• Try as best as you can to stay at the beach for less than 2 hours. The extra time you spend means your Petpet is more likely to melt. Plus, you might get a sunburn!

Tips in the Lost Desert!

Great! You got a vacation to the Lost Desert for 1 week! You look forward to it until you stubble across your Snow Petpet. He looks at you with sad eyes. First you think, “I should get a Petpet Sitter.” Then you rethink, “No way! Not again after how bad my other sitter did! He did SOOOO bad they made it into a game!” Here are some cool tips on how you can survive without one of those babysitters and go on your dream vacation in the Lost Desert without melting!

• Bring TONS of ice packs. If possible, bring as many coolers as you can! It can get up to 51 degrees C (125 degrees F) maybe even more!

• This is a tip that all Petpets need: bring lots, and I mean lots, of water!

• Try to stay indoors as much as you can; don’t take any unnecessary risks!

• If you feel it’s just too dangerous, try to switch the vacation area to a cooler area for your Petpet. Some ideas? Terror Mountain, Happy Valley, Ice Caves: these are all great vacation spots!

Tips on a Hot Day!

Do you have to go to the store to get some Onion Shoyru Meatballs? But is it just too hot to take your Snow Petpet with you? Not anymore! Some tips for a hot day are here!

• Pretty much all of the above.

• Keep extra coolers in stock just in case! You shouldn’t take any risks, especially when the life of a loved Snow Petpet is in jeopardy!

• Overnight, freeze water bottles, towels, make extra ice, get me a slurpie, and always show your pet you care!

• If you feel that it is just too hot for your ball of sunshine, put him or her in the fridge and go to the store. Don’t forget to take him or her back out when you’re done, though!

• On a hot day, we usually like to go swimming, right? So put your little Petpet in some icy water until you're back. Remind him not to go anywhere else and never talk to strangers. (Who wants to meet the Pant Devil, the Ghost Lupe, or Meuka anyway?)

Can You Get Them Back?

If your Snow Petpet melts, can you get them back? Unfortunately, no. But always take pictures of you and your Petpet together. Boy, does that bring back memories or what? Remember to keep the precious Petpet water stored in your fridge. Since it is the remains of your loved Petpet, it will never grow fungus balls.

Are There Any Ways to Prevent This From Happening?

Yes! There are many ways to prevent even getting into the mess of a melted Snow Petpet. Here are some tips for you to maybe rethink about that Snow Kookith of yours…

• Don’t buy the Snow Petpet Paint Brush to paint your Petpet! Instead, use it for maybe collection purposes, selling, gifts, that kind of stuff.

• Do some research! What’s the point of having a snow Petpet without knowing your new responsibilities? Don’t be afraid to ask some of your neighbors for help with Petpets if they have one. They have some experience and I’m sure they’ll be glad to help! Also, go to the library once in a while. They’re up-to-date with great information on how to take care of your new Petpet!

• Finally, if you think you’re ready for a Petpet, ask your owner if you can have one. Describe why you want one and how you’re going to take care of it. The basics, really.

Our End

Well, that is pretty much all you need to know about Snow Petpets: how to take care of them, and how to keep them from melting! I hope you and your Petpet have a great, melt-less summer! Get out some ice and chill! See ya!


We warn you to take caution in these steps and read very carefully. Snow Inc. is not responsible for any cold-related injuries, sicknesses, loss of ice and ice packs, or more Neopoints spent on the water bill. Please consult your owner before you try any of the above. This article is not meant for printing out and making airplanes or any other paper related items. Keep printed sheet out of reach of small children. May cause extreme paper cuts!

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