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Lab Ray vs. Paint Brush

by _peach_tiger_


So we have the lab ray, and we have the paint brush. Both expensive and useful items, but which one is the one to use? Both have rather interesting consequences, others not as harmful, but they can both make you go crazy! You can be stuck on whether or not to you should buy the secret laboratory maps, or just buy the paint brush! So, I wrote an article that explains the pros and the cons of buying either item(s). You should read this before you go out and buy your paint brush or your secret laboratory maps, because this may or may not change your mind.

Well, let me start off by describing the two items. The lab ray, is not quite an item, but is developed from one. What I mean is, you need to buy nine of the secret laboratory maps. The usually cost around 55 thousand each, but you can buy a full set for around 530 thousand. If you know how to haggle well, you can get them for 520 thousand. You can get them at trades or auctions, and sometimes even people’s shops. I recommend trading because you can haggle the price and it is much easier. After you get all the secret laboratory maps, you to unlock the lab ray. To get there, go to games, then puzzles, and then treasure maps. Once you get there, click on the link that says “laboratory.” If you have all the map pieces, they should be laid out to form a picture. You can take it from there. Basically, in simpler terms, you buy the maps, put them together, and then you enter the lab. You can zap your pets (once a day) and you must accept the consequences. What I mean by that it, anything can happen. Your pet can change color, gender, and species! It can have some great effects like raising your pet’s strength, and it can have some horrible effects, like lowering your pet’s level down to zero, or lowering its stats. The good thing is you can do every day until you find something you actually like. I suggest to not start training your pet yet! Wait until you found the right color/species you want, and then train it, so that way you don’t lose any stats you gained. The part I like about the lab ray is that you can now zap your petpets too! You can’t zap them in the same place of course. First, you need to buy the petpet secret laboratory map and then you do the same process, except you don’t click on “laboratory;” you click on “petpets.” The petpet laboratory maps are much less expensive, so it's not a huge waste of neopoints. The same things can happen to your petpet, like losing and gaining stats, and it can also explode! So be very careful! I suggest getting a very cheap petpet and zapping it, so that way if it explodes, it won’t be a huge waste of neopoints!

A paint brush is a pretty simple item. You can find them in user stores (only the cheaper ones are sold in stores) and the rest are found in auctions and trades. Once again, I recommend trades. You buy whichever one you like, and then you go to the rainbow pool and paint your pet. The paint brushes all have different prices. The baby paint brush for example is worth around 600 thousand, and other paint brushes are worth less, and others worth more. Once you have your paintbrush, go to shops, then the rainbow pool in the map that opens up. Warning: Before buying the paint brush, make sure that your pet can actually be painted that color; otherwise it will be a waste of neopoints. To check, there should be a link at the rainbow pool that allows you to view all the painted pets. The thing is, you can paint your pet colors that are not possible to get with the lab ray. For instance, you can only get your pet to be Royal by painting it. Zapping it will not work.

In my opinion, I would rather zap my pet, because it is a surprise each time! Yes, you can change your species, and get something you don’t like, but what is the fun of having a paintbrush, painting your pet, and staying the same way until you buy another paintbrush. Unless you are tremendously rich (which I doubt ALL of you are), wasting your neopoints like that is quite pointless. The best part is; you may get a pet you don’t like, but get a certain color that makes him/her look fabulous! Not only that, but you can get a petpet to match your pet! It’s really awesome and I love surprises, so of course I went out and bought myself a full set of secret laboratory maps! I just started using it, and nothing much happened yet. The first time I used it, I gained two strength points, and then the second time I used it, I lost two defense points. I heard it takes a while before your pet changes colors, so you must be patient. In the end, it will all be worth it! I am hoping to get a faerie Xweetok, so I must keep on zapping my pet for a long time! But, if I get another color that looks good, I am going to stay with it. The cool thing is the color doesn’t wear off! You can stay that way forever until you want to change again.

So, who do you think won the war? Paint Brush or Lab Ray. It’s your choice to decide! Just remember that the lab ray has very scary consequences, yet it can be very rewarding, and the paint brush can be very pretty at first, but may get boring later on.

It all depends in the way you see it, so I hope I helped you in your decision to buy a paint brush or the secret laboratory maps.

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