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Neopian Cookies, Can Your Pet Resist Them?

by angelic_kittykat


KITCHEN - When someone says the word 'cookie' what does your pet do? Jump up & down and look around excitedly? Whether it's a Chocolate Chip Cookie, Kiko Lake Cookie, White Chocolate Cookie, you always have your pet's uttermost attention when you mention the 'C' word. I mean, seriously, which Neopet’s mouth doesn’t water when someone mentions the word ‘cookie?’ No Neopet can resist the delicious tempting sweet goodness of a cookie, especially when it’s covered with gooey chocolate or icing. So, since every pet around Neopia has an obsession with cookies, why not get an introduction to the delightfully yummy cookies master bread makers around Neopia has made to satisfy any pet? Yes? I’ll go on then…

The Chocolate Chip Cookie

With cookie dough as soft as candyfloss and its perfectly smooth surface dotted with chocolate, who can resist it? It’ll stop any pet throwing a tantrum because it can’t get the newest Usuki Doll and only 68 NP a cookie, it’s a great bargain.

The Scarab Cookie

Doesn’t it just look cute? Originated all the way from the Lost Desert, it may have no flavour, but it sure fills you up! Next time you take your pet to visit the Lost Desert, your pet can boast to its friends about eating a cookie all the way from the city of Sakhmet!

Pumpkin Cookies

The perfect prank cookie! It looks delicious and safe, but once you give the unsuspecting victim a Pumpkin Cookie, watch them choke and splutter, as they try to cough up the frog mush hidden in the center. Guaranteed to send your pet into a fit of laughter, just make sure its fast enough to run away from the unfortunate but by now boiling mad person you pet gave the cookie to.

The Fortune Cookie

It’s so tasty; your pet will gobble up 10 in the space of 5 seconds. It’s around 146 NP, isn’t that great? Just make sure your pet doesn’t swallow the little piece of paper in the center or your pet will be visiting the NeoHospital with a very sore tummy.

A Kiko Lake Cookie

Just look at all the icing on it! It looks mouth-watering and it’s the perfect replica of Kiko Lake. Only 246 NP, no wait 247 NP, wait a minute, 248 NP…going…going…gone! Better luck next time…

White Chocolate Cookies

If you want to buy one, buy at least 50. Trust me, once your pet has taken a bite, they’ll be extremely violent if you’re in the way of them and their next White Chocolate Cookie. But if you can afford it, 550 NP per cookie will make your pet’s mood extra delighted. Hm…I’m hungry now…

Valentines Cookies

Its shape is adorable and its taste is 20x better than the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Also, if you’re pet has fallen in love and can’t think of a gift to give, this cookie will have the love of your pet’s life head over heels. Just make sure you wrap it, otherwise you’ll find out just how many ants there are around Neopia…

Magic Cookie

Not only is it cheap and tasty, it’s also the fastest and only way to cure your pet of Sneezles. Now, who said junk food was bad for you? Certainly not the doctors! Besides it’s only 352 NP. Warning: overdose of this cookie will cause extreme bowl problems, keep out of reach of young pets.

Cookie Jar

Make sure you hide this, because once your pet knows there’s one lying around their Neohome, you can bet that it’ll be empty once you locate it, even if you just filled it with 50kgs of the very expensive Kreludan Rocket Cookies. Careful though, the jar is semi-breakable, but since its only 285 NP, you can afford to buy another one. Or can you?

The Chocolate Dipped Peophin Cookie

One word: Mmmmmmmm. Another word: Chocolate. Last word:*gobble* Hey? Where’s my cookie?!

The Aisha Angel Cookie

How cute is this? Aisha owners, if you get this for your Aisha, it’ll clean its room faster than you can say,” Cookie.” Or let’s just keep on believing that shall we?

The Strawberry Techo Cookie

If your pet is getting sick of all the chocolate in the cookies, then try this amazing cookie. It tastes like strawberry *gasp* and it looks like a Techo *gasp* and its only 106 NP. Also available is a Strawberry Aisha Cookie or a Strawberry Kougra Cookie. 400 NP or 426 NP per cookie, it’s a great buy so come and get it...I DIDN’T MEAN YOU CAN STEAL IT!!!

The Orange Scorchio Cookie

Scorchios are picky about their cookie, so your pet Scorchio has been throwing tantrums all day long and is driving you nuts, why not buy it an Orange Scorchio Cookie? Its only 321 NP and with a little bit of an orange flavour, your pet will shut up immediately. Immediately. IMMEDIATELY! I SAID immediately! That’s better.

The Raspberry Scorchio Cookie

Hmmm, I wonder what your pet will choose. Orange or Raspberry? Hmm….

The White Chocolate Techo Cookie

*giggle* this cookie contains *giggle* lots of sugar *giggle*. If your pet urges you to *giggle giggle* try some, DON’T!!!*giggle* trust me, *giggle* you’ll be *giggle* giggling for the whole *giggle* day *giggle*.

The Cream Covered Acara Cookie

If your pet isn’t a big fan of chocolate *cough* weirdo *cough* then try this adorable cookie in the shape of an Acara! The cream is made from the finest Kau’s milk and strangely, it doesn’t take like cream at all! I think it’s actually vanilla, so I’m going to demand my NP back…

The Crunchie Korbat Cookie

A cookie would be ruined if it was soggy now, wouldn’t it? 500 NP ensures you a cookie that has that extra bit of crunch. Make sure your pet has strong teeth though.

The Strawberry Chip Quiggle Cookie

Chunks of strawberry and chocolate thrown into a cookie and only 222 NP, no wonder Neopets everywhere are so chubby. *quivers under many glares* did I say chubby? *nervous laugh* I think I hear mommy calling me…

The Chocolate Chip Cybunny Cookie

It tastes exactly like a normal Chocolate Chop Cookie, except its been shaped into a Cybunny’s head! Wait, that sounds wrong…

The Chocolate Tuskaninny Cookie

CHOCOLATE! Your pet’s sweet tooth will be satisfied for hours with this cookie, just don’t tell the Tooth Faerie its only 490 NP, she still thinks its 4900 NP. Hasn’t she noticed her tooth collection is growing larger everyday?

The Vanilla Tuskaninny Cookie

The ultimate cookie, just sweet enough to keep your pet happy, yet not sweet enough to damage your pet’s teeth…much.

The Caramel Techo Cookie

YUM! Whose clever idea was it to make a caramel cookie? Smooth, creamy caramel swirled into a cookie in a shape of a… TECHO? Oh well *bites head off cookie* Tashtes nishe and *munch* itsh only 420 NP. *199 cookies later* I think I owe the bank a LOT of NP *nervous laugh*

The Koi Cookie

This lovely cookie *restrains one’s pets from eating it* has *drool* tempting bits of caramel blended into its secret cookie mixture. It’s the most expensive cookie I’ve seen yet (752 NP) but if you value your pet’s happiness, then this cookie will have your pet floating on Cloud Nine. No wait, GET OFF MY CLOUD!!!

The Peanut Butter Elephante Cookie

Probably the most bizarre yet oddly tasty cookie in the whole of Neopia. This cookie is actually a white cookie, but how can you tell under a thick coat of peanut butter? A little bit of melted chocolate on the top finishes it off and since it’s only 402 NP, thousands of owners have already bought one for their pets to eat.

The Kreludan Rocket Cookie

This cookie has the most amazing icing on it, but eat it quickly, it’s extremely crumbly. I just hope you’re not going to spend hours picking up crumbs off your carpet. But do I really?

Now that you’ve been introduced and informed about all the amazing cookies around Neopia, I’m sure you pets are all absolutely delighted. But if you ever get bored, try this handy Kreludan Cookie Book for that are full of ‘wild’ and ‘wacky’ recipes. It has over eighty of them, so it’ll keep you occupied. Oh and before I go, please make sure you’ve bought your pet some mouthwash, a toothbrush and toothpaste. The Tooth Faerie will be after my blood once she read this article.

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