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Popular Pet Frenzy

by mygoodguild


There are some pets in Neopia that are more popular than others, and this is a known fact! Think about the Neopian Times, for example. Some pets are written about innumerable times, while other pets are only featured in stories every now and then. Then some pets are merely owned in higher counts than the other pets. I am going to tell you the statistics and my views on this evil.

New pets are being created all the time, on newbie accounts and old. But which pets have been created the most and considered the “most popular” on Neopets? I will reveal to you the top five created pets on this website! Number one is the Shoyru. Space two is taken up by the Kougra. Third is where the Kacheek comes in. Fourth popular is the Lupe. Fifth is the Uni. Now, don’t you agree that we see more of these five pets than any other? Yes, we do. That’s why they are most popular!

Now guess which pets you see the least of, the ones that are the least popular? Those poor little things... Make your guess before you continue reading so you can see if you’re right! ... Ok! The least amount of pets on this site is the Krawks. But they don’t really count, since they are quite expensive and hard to obtain. Then comes the Draik, second to last owned. But they are also expensive and rare like the Krawk. Then other hard-to-obtain pets, like the Hissi, Tonu, and Koi. The only pet that is easy to achieve and way down there on the list is the Gnorbu, but they were just created, so more will be made soon!

Now it’s time to think about the Neopian Times! If you are addicted and read practically every story, you should know already what I’m about to talk of. If you read the stories, you should see some pets are written about and starred in articles and short stories more than the others. Why is this? Is it because the character of a certain pet is more simple or complex or better to write about? Or is it just the popularity of the species? Let’s take a look! Going into the short stories of issue 230, we can see which pets hold the glory of the words! There is an Acara, a Lupe, a Kau, a Uni, some Pteris, a Grundo... Just what I expected! Nobody ever writes about Moehogs or Ogrins or Tuskaninnies. Why is that?

Acaras are quite a popular species for the Neopian Times, along with the Lupe and Uni. I’d have to say there are many stories out there featuring these three species. But I’d like to read some more stories featuring a bubbly little Chia, wouldn’t you? Maybe people write more of Kaus than Grarrls because the character would be more interesting. But I’m getting tired of reading about all of the same species! Let’s see some more originality, folks!

What kind of pets do people take more interest in? The mean, scaly ones or the furry cute ones? Cute tops the charts! In fact, I have some pretty cute pets myself: Mynci and Acara. The Mynci originally was born as a Blumaroo, though, and let me admit, I love Blumaroos! Many prefer prissy, vain, yet darling Unis over the hard on the outside but sweet on the inside Kyrii! Hmm... I can’t understand why everyone is against some pets!

I think all pets should be treated as equals. Even if a pet looks nice on the outside, that doesn’t mean they are nice on the inside. I think some of the ugliest pets are the best ones to have because they are not vain, selfish, or full of themselves. They don’t want you to wait on them and serve their every whim, but these so called “ugly” pets like to help you out instead! Even if Acaras are cute and you all think Rukis are ugly, I’d have to say, Rukis are the sweeter ones! They are kind, thoughtful, and great at helping around the neohome! Rukis are also quite creative, while Acaras just “go with the flow” of those more popular Neopets.

So, if you are out there getting ready to make a new pet, don’t make a Shoyru or a Lupe! Make one of those pets that are lonely because there are not many of their species to play and interact with. Make a Gnorbu or an Ogrin! Make a Lenny or a Buzz! And if people tell you your pets are unattractive, don’t listen to that! Be proud of your accomplishments and helping out the unloved, less popular pets on the planet of Neopia! Tell someone who puts down your pets: “I love my pets and they love me. We are a great family, and it does not matter what they look like. They have great hearts and minds, and I think every pet is the same on the inside, no matter what they look like on the outside!” Spread the word. Tell all your friends to stop following the crowd and to be their own person, and make the pets they will grow to love.

There are so many injustices to the less popular pets out there! And it’s time to correct these mistakes. Stop pounding your pets and making ones you think you’ll like better! Once you pound your pet you had such a good time with, you will miss them so much. But upon going to adopt them once more, you will see some newbie snatched up your sweet little Hissi you grew to be so fond of. Then you will miss all of your good times with this pet, and realize you should have never pounded it because of the way it looked! All that matters is attitude, and your Hissi had a great one. And you can never get your pet back unless some miracle happens, which is not quite likely.

Go out there and make a difference! I’m not saying you can’t make a pet that appeals to you, but try not to be so indifferent to the other species out there. Before you make your “dream pet” study them all! Do research on each species and learn which pet sounds the best to you before you create. That way, you will have no need to be disappointed or pound a pet in the future, but you will have a lifelong friend here on Neopets! Thanks for reading, and spread the word!

Author’s Note: Dedicated to a very helpful friend, Vanessa (ningeli). ILU, Vanessa! Thanks for all you’ve done for me and the guild. You rock my socks! Oh, wait, never mind. I forgot... I’m not wearing any. *blush* But anyway, I know we’ve grown distant, and I want to let you know I still luff you! =)

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