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A Fighting Friend

by szy7


'Hi Mum!' yelled my four overexcited pets as they came home from Neoschool like a flock of startled birds.

     Or three overexcited pets, actually.

     I have four pets, whose names are Yvetnika, warrior_of_violence, Felitha_14, and Princess_Honey18.

     They're all pretty well-behaved but strong pets, which is why I was surprised when a sulky Warrior_of_violence (Warrior for short), my blue Zafara, came in dragging his feet and with his three back spikes hanging limply. My three other female pets were all happy- it was their first day at Neoschool and they'd seemed to enjoy it.

     'Mum,' mumbled Warrior, 'can I have a Petpet?'

     'Why, what's the matter?'

     Ignoring the question, he replied, 'Why not? Princess (my Peophin) has Miniei, Yvetnika (my Ixi) has Echo, and Felitha (my Xweetok) has Alfie. So why can't I have one? You're just being unfair because I'm a boy...'

     'Okay, okay,' I soothed him. 'I never said you couldn't have a Petpet.'

     Because he's the only boy in our family, and also because he's adopted, Warrior has a tendency to get a little upset at times over trivial matters, but the rest of us just ignore him.

     'So, what sort of Petpet do you want?' I asked.

     'One that will fight alongside me in the Battledome.' This didn't come as a surprise. Warrior is the Battledomer of our family, and he's already at Level 7.

     'No, I meant, what species?'

     'I'm not sure yet,' he replied, staring at the ground and shifting his paws. 'It's half-term in three days- can we go and search for one?'

     'Sure,' I replied.

     So this morning we all set out for search of a suitable Petpet. As we live in Maraqua, our first and closest stop was Mystery Island.

     The weather was lovely, as it always is there. We passed the Training School on the way to the Petpet shop, but for once Warrior didn't stop to discuss the latest moves with his old friend, the Techo Master. He wouldn't pause till we reached the Rock Pool.

     'Hello, Princess!' greeted the yellow Kougra who ran the store. 'Have you still got that Peo I sold you?'

     'Yep. She's painted Christmas now.'

     'Wonderful. Now,' he said, 'what can I interest you in? Perhaps this Primella here?' he asked, pushing a large water-filled jar across to us.

     Seeing as Warrior was lost for words, I quickly replied, 'Er, we're looking for a fighting Petpet...'


     'One that will help me fight in the Battledome,' mumbled Warrior.

     'Er, I don't think we have anything quite like that. The closest I can give you is a Crabula.'

     'What sort of a Petpet is that?'

     'Here he is,' said the shopkeeper, carefully removing the top from a large glass tank that was partly filled with sand, partly with water. The Kougra whistled, and the Crabula crawled out of the water, smiling and waving his pincers eagerly.

     'Does he fight with those pincers?' asked Warrior.

     'Well, he sneaks up behind people and pinches them. Then he runs away giggling...'

     'Er, I don't think I'd like that one,' said the Zafara quickly. I was immensely relieved.

     'Well, good day to you, then!' replied the Kougra merrily.

     Our next stop was at the Trading post, where Warrior and I had to wait in a long queue whilst my other pets went off to see the Tombola and the Island Mystic. But it all came to nothing- no one had any suitable Petpets they wanted to trade.

     'There must be at least one Petpet out there who I'd like,' grumbled Warrior as we got ready to leave, laden with some Jellied Eggs and a Mau Codestone that Yvetnika had won from the Tombola, and an Eitchtwoo Melon that Princess and Felitha had bought from the Tropical Foods Shop for us all to share.

     'Where do we go next?' everyone demanded between bites.

     I tried to think. 'Uhhh... how about Tyrannia?'

     'Okay!' said Warrior, despite the water that was running down his chin.

     'Did you have to get that melon, Felitha?' I sighed.

     'Of course we did!' replied the mischief-making Xweetok. 'It was fun, right?'

     We took a slice of the Giant Omelette before making our way into the Tyrannian Jungle. Several Petpets roamed around it, including about half a dozen Reptilliors. We took great care not to step on them.

     'Ugga a-ugga ugga Petpet?' greeted the Elephante who ran the store.

     Yvetnika, who was good at languages, translated. 'Er, I think he said, "What Petpet would you like to purchase?"'

     'Ask him for a fighting Petpet. Go on!' said Warrior.

     'Trugga a-ugga Battledome?' asked the Ixi.

     'Ahhh!' The Elephante's face cleared. 'Tyrugga Gruslen,' he mumbled to himself before turning and running into the trees.

     Warrior looked at Yvetnika, confused. 'What's he doing?' asked the Zafara.

     'I don't know,' replied Yvetnika.

     Shortly after, there was a crashing noise as the Elephante returned. He was carrying a small Petpet resembling a Kougra on his shoulder.

     'Ugga kyrugga Gruslen?' he asked, pushing it across to Yvetnika.

     Warrior reached out to stroke the cute little Petpet, but jumped back in alarm as the Gruslen snapped out at him angrily with its two front teeth.

     'What the...?' said Warrior. 'What sort of a Petpet is that?'

     'Trugga a-ugga qugga Gruslen wrugga,' explained the Elephante. 'Ugga,' he apologised.

     'He said that Gruslens may look cute, but you must treat them well or they'll bite you. He said he's sorry,' translated Yvetnika.

     'Tell him I just want to go before some crazy Reptillior or Searex disfigures my spikes,' said Warrior.

     'Kyrugga, trugga. Ugga a-ugga Petpets?'

     'Trugga a-ugga Happy Valley!'

     So off we went to Terror Mountain to try and find a Petpet for Warrior.

     It was snowing heavily, even in Happy Valley. We first all bought some Bubble Gum Slushies before visiting Wintery Petpets. The Bruce shopkeeper smiled at us from under several thick jumpers and a long striped scarf.

     'Hello!' he said. 'What can I do for you?'

     'Do you have any Petpets who will fight for me in the Battledome?' piped up Warrior from behind his slushie.

     'Fight?' squeaked the Bruce. 'Of course not! What a horrible sport fighting is! Ice-skating is much better. I remember when I was just a young Neopet...'

     'Do you know anyone who might sell any fighting Petpets?' interrupted Warrior impatiently.

     'Really! I don't associate with that class of Neopet, young man. Now be off with you. Shoo!'

     'Next stop?' asked Princess as we ran away from a furious Bruce who was struggling to shout through a mouthful of snow.

     'How about Robot Petpets?' suggested Felitha.

     'No, I want a live petpet. No offence, Alfie,' said Warrior quickly.

     'Ye Olde Petpets, then,' suggested Yvetnika.

     'Oh, alright!'

     We made our way to Meridell. As we arrived there, we walked past some famous Neopian landmarks, such as Illusen's Glade, King Skarl's Castle, and Turmaculus.

     'Don't ask your Petpet to wake Turmaculus up, Warrior, once you have him!' I laughed.

     The blue Ixi greeted all of us, especially Yvetnika, as we walked into Ye Olde Petpets.

     'Have you any Fighting Petpets for sale?' asked Warrior.

     'I am most sorry to grieve thee, but there are none here for thou,' said the Ixi, then at the look of disappointment on my Zafara's face, she quickly said, 'Would a Whinny suit thee instead, dost thou think? 'Tis the closest we have to what thou desirest...'

     She brought out the miniature version of a Meridell steed. Warrior examined the little Petpet gently.

     'I'm not sure, Mum,' he said helplessly. 'He's lovely, but I'm just not sure whether he would be my friend or not!'

     'Can you - er- keep him for us for a tick? Then if we don't find anything we like by the end of today, we'll come back and buy him,' I said.

     'I shalt keep him for thee, then. Don't fret,' said the Ixi to Warrior, 'there shalt always be one petpet to be thy soul friend, Zafara.'

     'Well then, Neopia Central?' I asked as soon as we left the shop.

     'Uh huh.'

     The Neopian capital was full of people, and we had to hold hands to avoid losing each other in the dense crowds. Finally, we squeezed our way into the Petpet store and greeted the friendly Usul at the counter.

     'Hi. Do you have any Petpets for sale who might fight in the Battledome?'

     'I'm really not too sure about that,' she giggled. 'The Petpets we sell here are sold for a variety of reasons, such as finding treats for their owners or just being eye candy, but none of ours are suited to fighting for their owners. Sorry!'

     We all felt rather despondent after that, so I bought everyone (including myself) a treat at the Chocolate Factory to cheer us all up.

     Warrior ticked off the places we hadn't visited on his fingers.

     'The Haunted Woods, the Lost Desert, Faerieland, and if there's nothing there, then I guess we'll just have to- leave it,' he said mournfully.

     'You're forgetting the Whinny we reserved back in Meridell,' I reminded him.

     'But he won't actually fight for me.'

     'Any Petpet can fight for you, if you train it well.'

     'Oh!' Warrior sucked on his candy cane and cheered up. 'Alright, then!'

     He soon sobered up again once we entered the Haunted Woods. The Brain Tree and the Esophagor yelled at us for failing their quests, we heard some quiet footsteps behind us, and a ghostly hand tapped Felitha on the back, making her jump.

     We approached the Petpet Store, and the Halloween Cybunny who ran the store greeted us with a glare and a hiss.

     'Do you have any fighting petpets for sale?' enquired Warrior.

     The shopkeeper stared at us. 'For Battledoming? No. They might scare with their looks, though.'

     'Well- to the Lost Desert, then!' I said, trying to sound cheerful.

     Peopatra greeted Princess cheerfully. 'Ah, another Peophin! How nice to see you. Are you looking for a Petpet?'

     'Have you any fighting Petpets for sale, Peopatra?' enquired Warrior.

     'None, I am afraid. They are very rare nowadays. Are you sure you would not like another type? How about this Ghoti?'

     Warrior looked keenly at the delicate creature.

     'How much is she?'

     'I'll give you a bargain. 6783Np! Fair?'

     'Er, just one thing,' said Warrior. 'We live in Maraqua, so would we need a tank?'

     Peopatra's face fell. 'Maraqua? Oh no, sir! It means that you can't have her.'

     'But why not?' muttered Warrior.

     'I am sorry. It's not my fault. Maraquan waters are too warm for Ghoti. If you kept her there, she would grow very ill.'

     'Goodbye then,' sighed my Zafara.

     Our final stop was Faerieland. I asked the kind Faerie at the counter about the Petpets, as Warrior clearly had a lump in his throat.

     'Will any of your Petpets fight in the Battledome?'

     'Sorry, no.'

     Warrior burst into tears. The Earth Faerie's face fell in horror. 'Oh, have I said something wrong?'

     'We've been searching all day and we still can't find one,' I explained.

     'Don't worry, just go and visit my Yurble friend at Legendary Petpets. She sells Petpets called Alabriss, who can fly and fight in the Battledome. But hurry if you want one, her store closes early!'

     Warrior would not speak as we rushed into Faerie City, and into the portal that led into Altador. Only when we arrived at Legendary Petpets did he talk.

     'D-do you have any Alabriss for sale?'

     'Yes, I have one left. She's 19,875NP if you want her- I've reduced her price slightly.'

     And so we bought the Alabriss, who Warrior christened Toni on the spot.

     Warrior's face was the perfect definition of happiness all the way back to Maraqua. Toni wouldn't stop flying around, too, and she understands Warrior perfectly.

     As Warrior himself put it, 'I've found my true friend because we know each other...'

The End

If you're reading this, I got into the NT. :) So yay for me, Warrior_of_violence, and Toni!

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