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A Villain Emerges--Or Does It?

by green_eyed_duck132


"Gotcha!" shouted the fire Kyrii as he chased Crimson_Memory, or Crim, around Neopia Central. "Take that, Super Crim!"

      "Evil shall never win!" exclaimed Crim to Buzzsaw_Ripper, the Kyrii, as he blasted him with a water gun.

      "Nooooo!!!" cried Buzz dramatically as he tottered from the "blow."

      "Justice shall reign!" Crim shouted heroically.

      "Yaaaaugh!" Buzz yelled as he jumped on Crim's shoulders as a last effort. The two toppled over, laughing until they cried.

      "I'm so glad Mom got you from the pound," commented Crim.

      "Yeah, me too," Buzz sighed happily.

      "How did you get abandoned anyway? Especially with such a nice fire-painted coat?" questioned Crim.

      Buzz blushed. "Well, it happened like this..."

           * * *

      The boy yawned as he glanced at the Create-a-Pet Center. "Ya know, Neopia ain't all it's cut out to be; I'm bored out of my mind!" commented the newbie to his cousin.

      "Aw, come on, just choose one?" his cousin pleaded. "Try it for just one day, you can disown it tomorrow!"

      "All right, I guess I'll leave it up to the Eenie-meenie-minee-moes. I'll have... a red Kyrii!"

      "What'll you name it?" asked the cousin.

      "Umm... Buzzsaw_Ripper! He'll rip up everyone in the pound!"

      As it turned out, the newbie decided he was too "mature" for Neopets, and dragged Buzz to the pound.

      He threw him at Dr. Death and yelled, "Take him! I don't want him!" and stormed out to his cousin, waiting outside. Dr. Death shook his head and shut the red Kyrii up in a cell.

      Over the next few days, the Kyrii was miserable. He was born with an imagination, and while he was shut up in here, he couldn't use it. He brainstormed. Who would do this to him? Neopia would. Why would they do this to him? To hurt him. Why would they hurt him? For fun. Just for fun. That's why he was made and abandoned. That's why Neopia exists. That's why his tortured soul cried out every night. For fun.

      He broke out that night.

      He went to every anti-Neopian organization there was. Sloth, Darigan, Kass, the Meepits... There was no end to the list. He figured, if Neopia could torture him all his life, he could do the same. He committed many small crimes, and the Chia Police was always hot on his trail. He was a Kyrii, though, and therefore quick and nimble. Whenever he was caught, he always got away. No one could catch him. He was at the height of his life of crime. He was beginning to be recognized as a big-time criminal. The Chia Police eventually cornered him, however, and dragged him back to the pound.

      Then came Kristy.

      Kristy was the first loving soul ever introduced to Buzz. She fed him, played with him, gave him a home in Mystery Island, bought a petpet for him... and labbed him. He changed species, colors, and gender daily. Finally, he became a painted color- a Fire Kyrii. The next day, instead of going to the lab like usual, Kristy took Buzz to Neopia Central. Buzz was bubbling over with questions. Kristy just smiled and kept walking. Eventually, they got to the pound.

      "I know!" Buzz said excitedly. "We're going to adopt a sibling now, right?"

      "Nope," came the answer. "I'm disowning you!" Kristy said those horrible words as if she was stating the time of day! Buzz was horrified.

      "Why would you do that!?!"

      "So someone could adopt you, Silly!"

      "But... but... but you're my owner!"

      Kristy sighed and explained that, as she had lab access, she made a habit out of adopting pets, labbing them until they turned into a desirable color, then disowning them so they would have a much better chance of being adopted and going to a better home. Buzz whined and pleaded, but Kristy was firm. She was filing the disown slips with Dr_Death, and Buzz saw his chance. He slipped away when no one was looking. Dr_Death thought that someone might have adopted Buzz, as painted pets are usually adopted within seconds. Rose, the red Uni at the adopt desk, took charge of the adoption slips anyway. In that way, Buzz escaped once again.

      Buzz thought about going back to his old ways, but he shook them off. He had a new emotion, one that was more important than any other - love. After some debate, he stole away to his old home and watched the goings-on like a hawk. It was true, Kristy did take pets from the pound, lab them, and disown them, but there was one pet he watched enviously. After the pet was adopted and labbed (he was a purple Bori now), he did not go back to the pound. Buzz slowly began to hate this pet, and decided to try to torment his life as much as possible.

      Buzz made a plan. Every day, he would go to Neoschool and go to the Bori's class. Neoschool was free, after all, for elementary students like him and the Bori. Anyway, he would act like a bully and tease him, embarrass him, and let out terrible secrets about Kristy that only Kristy's pets should know. On the way to and from school, Buzz would tease him even more. He would push him in the mud, and maybe even beat him up. Buzz snickered. Kristy would be so angry with the Bori! Now all he needed to do was find out the Bori's name.

      That would be easy! He pulled out his portable yellow search bar, and searched Kristy's username, A_home_for_lost_pets.

      "Figures," Buzz thought in the back of his mind. He clicked on the Purple Bori's image at the bottom, and there he (or should I say she) was - Crimson_Memory the Purple Bori.

      * * *

      Buzz carried out his plan, and apparently it worked. Crim was soon very depressed. One day as Kristy walked in, she saw Crim crying into her pillow. She walked over to Crim and asked her what the matter was. Crim stopped crying (at least for the moment), and told her everything, from the teasing to the insults to the punching.

      Kristy was horrified, and asked, "Who could have done this!?!"

      Crim sniffed sadly, and answered, "His name is Buzzsaw_Ripper."

      Kristy felt like there were little bells tinkling in her ear. "What species? What color?"

      Crim answered, "A Fire Kyrii. You know, I don't know how he could he could afford a paint brush; he doesn't seem to have a good owner. I know he comes to school almost starving..."

      But Kristy couldn't hear her. She kept repeating to herself, "Buzzsaw_Ripper the Fire Kyrii; Buzzsaw_Ripper the Fire Kyrii..." Suddenly she jumped up. "Buzz! What happened to you!?!"

      Of course, Crim was confused. Wasn't Kristy supposed to be on her side? Kristy quickly explained to her about Buzz's history. The next day, no matter how much she didn't want to, she called the Chia police and informed them about Buzz. She also realized that she wasn't being fair, and decided to disown Crim - with her permission, of course - so she could hold four pets at a time. Instead of just disowning her, she went to the Neoboards in hopes of finding a person who was nice enough to take care of Crim; after all, she was one of her favorite pets. She finally found a person - Green_eyed_duck132. They arranged a time to disown, and Crim ended up safely in Green's account. Green now had three pets.

      Buzz, however, was still in the pound. Suddenly, as soon as he was checked in, there was a free-for-all! However, the one who got there first was - Green_eyed_duck132!

      Buzz apologized to Crim, and after a while they found that they both had several of the same interests - including Good Guy & Bad Guy, the game they play most of the time. Buzz, after some counseling, has regarded his terrible past over and done, and the only time he "does evil" is when pretending with Crim. We are a now a "normal" family...

      Or are we?

The End

Author's Note: 1st in the NT! Woo-hoo!

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