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Kois and Peophins: Long Lost Siblings?

by lassie_nikki


Neopia is a world of wonders and mystery. One wonder of Neopia is the similarity (yet with fierce differences) between two of the most popular Neopets species: Koi and Peophins. There are rumors that the two are distant relatives. Many try to determine this but it is very difficult to find the true answer when their family trees are as huge as a giant Meepit and go back incredibly far! Thus, I’ve researched both species and compiled data comparing the likeness and differences between each. Let’s begin with the similarities.

• Of course the most basic resemblance is the fact that both species are Maraquan-based and can swim incredibly well! Peophins and Koi are known for their lovely vacations on the beach or very instructive swim lessons given to Baby Neopets. Just think about it- the two species could be responsible for the very evil Pirates known to sail Neopia’s seas simply because they told them how to swim when they were younger.

• Both species have the ability to be painted numerous different colors. Neither species is boring in the least! All Neopet owners are happy with a pet that is open to being several different colors, and Koi/Peophins have no objection to being made a new color when their owner desires it.

• Both species have a great sense of adventure. This much is known from their books titled Koi Tales and Scary Peophin Tales. These books describe wild and crazy stories of famous Koi and Peophins. Some stories concern love, others discuss adventure and, best of all, certain tales inform Neopians about the incredibly weird or demented Peophins that inhabit Neopia.

• One rather depressing similarity between the two species is their lack of mention in the Neopedia! There are articles concerning the Cybunny Carnival, an Attack Pea and even a Bendy Light Desk! However, the writer of the famous Neopedia somehow left out two of the most popular species on Neopia. When one inquires about Koi and Peophins to the Neopedia, all the information they will receive is an annoyingly cheery Red Lenny telling them their search returned no articles. It is quite disappointing to find that there is no recorded history of the mysterious species.

Now that we’re aware of some of their similarities, take a look at several of the things that differentiate the two from each other.

• It’s obvious that the Peophin cares more about its appearance than any Koi. There are several products for Peophins that enhance their beauty such as Peophin Mane Brush, Peophin Shampoo, Peophin Fragrant Soap, and Pretty Peophins. The Peophin Mane Brush could never be used on a Koi seeing as Koi have no mane to brush! Having no fur also prevents Koi from using Peophin Shampoo. Of course, the owner could use the Shampoo on a Koi, but I’m not quite sure what good it would accomplish. Apparently, some neat-freak Peophin came along and believed the species wasn’t concerned enough already about its appearance and decided to release Peophin Bubble Bath and Nail Polish too! Needless to say, Peophins are very orderly.

• Some might wonder why the rare, magical species of Peophin wasn’t made Limited Edition rather than the common Koi. Those who brought up this disagreement were simply given Asparagus from Adam to stay quiet about the issue. This brings me to the second difference: Koi are Limited Edition and only released on certain special days to the public whereas Peophins are plentiful and created daily among Neopians.

• While we’re on the subject, I might as well mention that the two species have very different personalities. Despite the Peophin’s picky ways, Peophins are typically shy and don’t mix with other Neopets very often. Of course, Koi are outgoing, friendly and quite popular among the Maraqua inhabitants. Stick them together and perhaps the Koi could bring out the Peophin’s bright and loving character!

• Peophins’ main characteristic that many Neopians find amazing is their ability to bring good fortune and happiness to their owners. Once beyond their shy ways, the Peophins will truly open up and be a great pet. They are mysterious and magical, yet very generous and loving towards those who love them back. Quite the opposite, a Koi’s major characteristic is their creativity. Koi are incredibly inventive and have been known to create many useful items. One of their best inventions was Utility Fish. Utility Fish are Petpets and household helpers all in one! What would we do without Neopia’s advanced technology? Let’s not find out!

• Another key distinction between the two is their interest in books. There are at least 14 Koi-based stories and books in Neopia, while there are only 7 books concerning Peophins! This should be evidence enough that Koi enjoy reading and take it much more seriously than Peophins do. I think a Koi’s interest in books balances out with a Peophin’s concern for its appearance.

• Peophins are often so wrapped up in fixing their mane or getting a manicure that they forget to have fun! Koi, however, are masters at playing. Koi play with their friends, owners or by themselves and are entertained easily by simple Koi-based toys. Examples of their interesting playthings include Koi Bath Buddy and the several colored Koi keyrings.

• Along with their majestic, mature and loving nature, Peophins naturally are most compatible with other pets and Petpets. Thus, the Peo was made and surely resembles a Peophin. A Petpet named after and very similar to the Peophin is something the Koi envies greatly.

It sure is amazing the comparisons you can come up with when you put your head to it! As you can see, there are many characteristics of Koi and Peophins that separate them from each other. Rumors still remain that the two are closely or perhaps distantly related but I believe each of the species is different and special in their own way. Neopians should most definitely learn to appreciate both of the species separately and be thankful for their unique differences! If all the species of Neopia were the same, it would just be plain and boring. Have a great Koi Day, everyone!

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