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Why You Should Never Feed a Meepit

by tetra_star213


"Hurry up, Zelda, we're going to be late for neoschool!" I called behind me.

      "Wait up, Vaeola. I'm coming," Zelda replied.

      Sigh. My Poogle sister was always slow. She could never be on time. Not even for neoschool. We ran out of Soup Alley to the school by the Rainbow Pool. As we dashed down past the Kadoatery I took a glance at the beautiful trees surrounding the sidewalk. Then I heard a meep.

      "Stop, Vaeola!" I skidded to a halt and around to see Zelda jump up into the lower branches of a tree. On the top there was a meepit stuck in the branches.

      "Zelda, we have to go."

      "Hold on. Almost... got... it... there! Tada!" Zelda leapt out of the tree unharmed. In her paw was a little meepit. It smiled when she looked at it and made funny noises. Now a meepit in Neopia Central was a little bit strange. They only lived in the Haunted Woods unless someone owned it and it had no petpet collar or identification tag.

      I came out of my thoughts to see Zelda feeding some of our lunch; a radish hot dog. Oh, how I loved them so much. I was nearly drooling at the mere smell of it. How divine!

      "I don't think you'll mind if I give it your share of the hot dog." Zelda smiled at it.

      Then I exploded. "WHAT! I LOVE RADISH HOT DOGS!" The meepit gave me a stare, almost like an evil look, and giggled. Fuming, I dragged Zelda down the block to neoschool. Something was wrong about that meepit. I decided to push those thoughts out of my mind. I turned around to Zelda. She was waving at it and saying goodbye. I ran down the hallways until we popped into Miss Salyur's class.

      Gasping for breath, I apologized. "I'm so sorry, Miss Salyur."

      "Take a seat, Zelda and Vaeola." The kind light faerie floated up and continued her lesson. Miss Salyur was really wonderful. Nothing really did happen until we went to the courtyard for lunch. I searched for food in my lunchbox that Zelda hadn't fed to the meepit. I had just pulled out a tetraberry slushie and was about to take a sip when a meepit waddled up to us. No, it wasn't just a meepit, it was that meepit Zelda helped earlier.

      "Meep." It pointed to my lunch box.

      "I think it wants more food." Zelda took the slushie from my hands and fed it to the meepit. Then she rummaged into my lunch box and fed it my Pteri sundae, the leek, and my ultra delicious, ultra awesome mint trifle (food of kings!).

      "Hey!" I complained. "Don't you have ANY of your own food to feed it?"

     "I ate it all. Doesn't running class make you hungry?" She continued to feed it with MY food until it got bloated. The meepit smirked at me and did its eyes just glow red? No, it was just a meepit. A freaky little meepit with a pinkish body, a fluffy short tail, and eyes that never stopped staring at you no matter where you went. It was just like every other meepit. I shook my head.

      "Vaeola, do you think Bob Esquin Julo the III is a cute name for it or Meepy?" Zelda asked as she fed the meepit some more juppie juice that I packed THIS morning.

      "You're KEEPING it?" I nearly fell off the bench. Zelda nodded.

      "Mom's going to flip when she hears about this." I shook my head and ran off to the playground, leaving Zelda alone with the meepit.

      * * *

     When the bell rang she took it into the classroom and asked Miss Salyur to keep it in the class pet cage until home time. I was writing about notes on the rule of King Coltzan in history when there was an earsplitting CRUNCH. The class turned around to see the meepit eat out of the cage; shredding the wire to a mere bit of dust. It jumped onto Aurora Tonu's desk and started chewing her Kiko notebook.

      "No!" Aurora screamed. She tugged it out of the meepit's mouth. It jumped off and ran around taking huge chunks out of desks and chairs. Everyone was screaming and yelling. Papers flew everywhere as we ducked under something the crazy meepit wouldn't eat. Oh it was chaotic! By the end of the day the entire class all had bumps and bruises.

      "I'm sorry, Miss Salyur. I guess it was very hungry." Zelda scratched her head. "That entire bloated tummy might have been gas." Miss Salyur only grunted and started cleaning up the mess.

      * * *

      As we walked home I said, "That meepit is totally evil! It keeps on giving me this evil look. Don't blame me if the meepit goes crazy again and blows up the house or something." The meepit started crying in Zelda's ear but behind her back it gave me the evil look again.

      "Vaeola! Are you jealous just because I have a meepit?"

      I was shocked. "Me, jealous? I have my own petpet!"

      "Then you're jealous because you know my meepit is superior to your mazzew!"

      I shook my head and walked on.

      * * *

     When we got home mom did the opposite of what I thought she was going to do. She loved it! The meepit was the center of attention with everyone in the family except me. I knew it was evil. I felt it. I've heard about having a sixth sense for things like this. But nobody would probably listen. Sheesh!

      That night Zelda put the little meepit in a petpet bed. She kissed it goodnight, tucked the covers, and everything!

      * * *

     Yawn. I woke up the next morning and started walking drowsily to the bathroom when I stepped on something hard and splintery instead of soft and lumpy mazzew carpet. I snapped awake and guess what I saw? My room was in RUINS! And my Usuki ultra rare dolls were GONE!!!

      "ZELDA!" I screamed.

     I ran to her room and saw her room also in ruins. In the petpet bed the meepit's eyes glowed red. Then it darted to our basement. Being a frequent participator in Poogle racing, I was quickest to go to the basement. Arriving on the scene I saw the meepit chewing the support beams that balanced out our house!

      "RUN!" I screeched. Everyone made it safely out just as the house trembled and collapsed. In the center of the pile of wood which was just our house the meepit stood there. It made more funny noises. A buzzing sound surrounded all of us as a meepit army began to form. The meepit that destroyed our house squeaked meepit language to them and they all flew off into the sky searching for more houses to eat.

      Standing in my Poogle pajamas out on the lawn, I turned towards Zelda and yelled, "I TOLD YOU IT WAS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!! SHEEESSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

      "Whoops... my bad," said Zelda quietly as I glared daggers at her.

      So never, ever, not even in a million year, feed an ownerless meepit. It'll get attached to you and eat everything you have (and possibly more).

The End

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