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Spring Cleaning!

by 444lullsan444


Finally it's spring! That means sun, flowers and a lot of happy neopets, but also something else:


Don't be scared, you know you have to do it, so why not start now? You might know a bit about the basics, but it takes a lot more than that. You need to know what to keep, throw away, donate. So here's a step-by-step guide for a clean and lovely inventory!

Step 1: Throwing away, the basics

There are a few things that are easy to throw away, such as junk that you've caught fishing or from the Money Tree, broken stuff and of course - old and disgusting food. (If you're feeling generous, why not donate it your old stuff to the Money Tree?) But I'm guessing that you have a lot more than that in your inventory, so the things you absolutely have to keep are the following items: bottled faeries, dubloons, paintbrushes, treasure maps and codestones.

* Observe! All of the junk you either have to throw away or donate. Do NOT put them in your shop! First of all, no-one will buy it. And second of all, it's not so nice to see a shop with buckets of sludge and an old rotten shoe in it. Remember this! *

Step 2: Safety deposit box

Now that you have thrown away all the junk, it is time to see what is valuable. The obvious things to put in your safety deposit box are bottled faeries, dubloons, paintbrushes, treasure maps and codestones. But also put items from the Altador plot in your SDB. You don't want them stolen by the Pant Devil! Oh, and if you have a special item that means a lot to you, put it in the safety deposit box, or maybe even your gallery!

Step 3: The Shop, what to do and not to do!

I've said it before, and I'm saying it again: No rotten stuff or sludge or broken stuff or... well you get the idea, no junk! No-one will buy it anyway.

There are so many things that you can put in your shop, so I recommend that you choose one kind of item, like books or food. You can even have different areas in your shop! If you are a beginner I recommend you to read some of the restocking guides that can be found all over Neopia. They are very helpful!

Step 4: Take a break

Yes, you have earned it! Sit back and relax, eat a omelette, play games or do what you like the most. It's break time!

Step 5: The Gallery

If you have a gallery it might have a theme, like Illusen or Jhudora. Then you probably won't have to add items.

If you have a gallery of any kind, you will probably already have all of your favourite things there. So you really don't have to worry about your gallery during the spring cleaning!

Step 6: Your Neohome

Have you bought some furniture, but didn't put them in your neohome? Well, it's time to do that now! In with the bed, sofa, rug, window... I could go on forever, but you get the picture! Now don't forget anything!

Step 7: Wardrobe

If you have a lot of clothes for your neopet, pay attention! It's time to face it, you have to get rid of some clothes.

*If you haven't used it in one year - throw away!

*Got stains on it? - throw away!

*Too big or too small? - throw away!

These rules aren't made to be broken, so have no mercy when you're cleaning the closet!

And think style and comfort! Does my pet like this shirt? What's in this year? (A little style tip: DOTS!) Is this my pet's style?

Step 8: Books, get smarter!

You probably have some unread books in your inventory. Well, don't hesitate to read them! Now! Your neopet will absolutely love it, who doesn't like to read? And if your pet already have read the book, put it in your shop. It will definitely be bought in no time!

Step 9: What's left?

Now you won't have a lot of items left, and here's what should be in your inventory: good toys, fresh (and yummy) food, grooming stuff, clothes (not too many, though!), and maybe some other stuff that you just had to keep! Good job, but you can still get rid of more! It is only spring cleaning once a year!

Step 10: Neomail and gifts

I know that you have kept a few stuff that's not allowed. You just had to, I know! But now you have to neomail your friends and see if they want to buy the items. Or why not give them away as a gift? Show your friends that you like them! We all like to get a few gifts once in a while! Be nice now.

If you follow this step-by-step guide you'll have a clean (or at least cleaner) inventory in no time! But first, a few things to think of along the way:

- Breaks. You might have to take them more often than in the guide!

- Clothes. Be comfortably dressed while you're cleaning, okay?

- Quick stock. When you're putting old (and new) stuff in your shop, use the 'quick stock'-button. But you might already know that!

- Reward. You might need a bigger reward than a clean inventory, so why not buy yourself a slushie to enjoy after the cleaning?

- Remember. Your inventory can be clean for a while, if you just put a little effort in it! You don't have to have 50 items in your inventory all the time, you know.

- Make this a habit. Spring clean your inventory every year!

When you are done cleaning, take that slushie and go sit in among all of the flowers, and enjoy the sunny spring weather! You know you've earned it, so go celebrate your clean inventory and - of course - lovely spring!

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