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Faerie Secrets: Rise of Faerieland

by kaidoh42


10,000 feet above the surface of Neopia rises the city of faeries - Faerieland. It is the place where the faeries reside together with Poogles. The Faerieland tourism is powered by the Poogle Race for gamblers, Job Employment Agency for job seekers and the Faerie Kitchen for food tourists. This city is also the home of the Faerie Queen which is the leader of the all the faeries of Neopia. But even with its majesty and splendor, Faerieland still hides within its clouds the mystery of how it rose up from Neopian surface and has remained afloat for ages.

Scientists of today are searching for answers and explanations on how the city went up to the sky. An interview with Darigan’s historian minion gives us the first explanation. According to him, Faerieland may have reached the skies when the Faerie Queen came to Neopia. “She wanted to create a place where only faeries reside with their favorite pets, the Poogles…” Darigan’s minion said. “… so he summoned all the elemental faeries to form the city. These elements are the earth for foundation, water for irrigation and beauty, fire for warmth and wind to keep the city afloat…” continued Darigan’s minion.

The villagers of the Tyrannia have a legend about the rising of Faerieland. Tyrannians believe that the Faerieland was sent to the clouds by accident. They believe that there was only one big mass of land in the entire Neopia. The legend states that there was a big fight between the great Grarrls millions of years ago. The Grarrls threw land masses all over the place, thus creating the current face Neopia has. One of the land masses was thrown so high that it reached the clouds and never fell back to the surface. This city is now called Faerieland. “With their wings faeries came to the floating city and started to build a major civilization with their magic in the clouds,” says one of the Tyrannian elders.

But the most disturbing theory was the one formulated by the Mystery Island Mystic. He theorized that Faerieland came to the sky through the surge of a strong uphill water current. He says that Faerieland must have risen upon the fall of Maraqua. According to his book, “Breaking the Secrets of Faerieland,” the mystic said that Neopia was divided by three land masses. These are Desert Oasis, Island of Mysteries and the Great Bulk. Desert Oasis was said to be comprised of the Lost Desert, Haunted Woods and Neopia City now. The Island of mysteries was once made up of the islands of Maraqua, Faerieland, Krawk Island and Mystery Island. And lastly The Great Bulk is currently comprised by Tyrannia and Happy Valley.

Faerieland was part of the Island of Mysteries which was connected to Maraqua. According to the theory, about 2 million BN ago a major quake occurred. The civilization of Maraqua collapsed and on the fall towards the bottom of the water created a big whirlpool which released highly pressurized water at the bottom of Faerieland. This force pushed Faerieland 10,000 feet above the ground.

There is a lot of evidence that proves this theory. “Maraqua alone provides numerous evidence to support this claim,” said the Island Mystic. “For example, there is a big similarity between the Koi in Maraqua and the faeries in Faerieland. They both have tiny wings at their backs which evolve to keep up with their environments. The Koi used them for swimming so now they are called fins while the faeries use them for flying so we call them wings. Both look very much the same...” he continued.

“Evidence to this claim is the Maraquan ruins. You see there are bubbles that burst out of the ruins. This is a proof that there exists a hole below that ruin which created the whirlpool millions of years ago…” the mystic bellowed. “Maraqua and Faerieland are destined to join one day.”

According to his book, his inner eyes could foresee that Maraqua will once more rise from the depths of the sea through the same force that pushed Faerieland up. The city of faeries will also be brought back to the surface of Neopia because of the air pressure caused by the surge of Maraqua. Faerieland and Maraqua will return back to normal at the same time.

But the citizens of Neopia are not very optimistic about this theory. Mr. Tombola said that the Island Mystic have made lots of false prophesies. “That man up there near Geraptiku Mountain inhaled too much volcano ash that made him dream lots of mysterious things…” Mr. Tombola said.

The great Brain Tree also claimed that he never learned such information before and that he needs to study and buy more books about Faerieland to be able to keep grasp with the way the Mystic thinks. Jazan on the other hand believes in the theory given by the Island Mystic. “I believe in him because I’ve learned magic first hand. Qasala was an ancient city before, destroyed, but it has risen again from ruins. What makes Maraqua and Faerieland different?” Turmaculus said that he wish he could stay in Faerieland and ask for food from the faeries for eternity.

There are lots of views and theories about Faerieland rising to the sky but one thing is sure. Faerieland exists through the years providing us a piece of magic and a little bit of excitement. Maraqua on the other hand is a great underwater scenery. If one day they both get back to their “normal” places (if there is such thing as normal place for the two) then we would see great views on the surface of Neopia. This time without the underwater goggles for Maraqua and nauseating ride through the rainbow pool.

For now, we just need to accept the current position the world of Neopia is in. Enjoy the things it can offer and love the things it gives us. Let’s also respect the views of other citizens inhabiting this world. But of course, the search is not over. After all, these are all theories from respected people in Neopia. These theories will either be proven or destroyed through the passing of the years.

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