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Whack-A-Kass Game Guide

by fallenxfaithz


MERIDELL - Have you ever really wanted to get the Whack-A-Kass trophy, but can't seem to score 1,000 points or higher? How about in Better Than You, and you just can't seem to score the correct score for the trophy and neopoints? Well, my friend, that's why I am here to help you!

Okay. Let's start out with some basic hints. The best time to whack Kass is when the meter/second is at seven, eight, or nine. Six may possibly work, too. It'll then blow Kass out really far when you hit him. Let's say you are on the Bread (Easy) level. Kass will go down nice and slow for you. Good for beginners. As I said before, I recommend hitting him when the meter/second bar is at seven, eight, or nine. Let's say you were to hit him at a seven. He will go up to the sky then fall back down. You're thinking it's pretty easy. Not necessarily. For some people, it is pretty easy, though for others, it may be a bit harder. To make Kass go even farther, while he is heading up for the sky, hold down the spacebar, or the left mouse button. Whichever one you feel most comfortable using. It'll make Kass go up higher, then when he starts to head down, let go of the spacebar or left mouse button. Getting the hang of it? You need to score 175m or higher to move on to the next level, which is the stick. Level one should be a piece of cake with those tips.

Ready for level two? I hope so! Ok, same as before. Whack Kass when the second/meter bar is at seven, eight, or nine. This time, six MAY work, but it would be very rare. Ok, Kass will come down a bit quicker this time. It'll get a bit harder. Ok, let's say this time you hit him at a nine. You hold down space bar or the left mouse button, and he goes up higher. He may touch the clouds. Let go of the spacebar or left mouse button as he heads down. Now, here is a new tip. Each time you hear a 'Boing!' noise when he lands, hit the spacebar or left mouse button, and he will go EVEN farther. If you keep doing that, you may reach the 450m hit. This level was pretty hard for me. It definitely took me a few hours of practicing. Now, are you ready for level 3? The last level?

Here we are. The level you will get the trophy at, and the level you will most likely get the Better Than You trophy and neopoints at. Ok, here we go. Our good old buddy Kass here will fall from the tree, again. This time, he goes pretty fast. If you hit him at the correct angle at the right time, he will go WAY up in to the clouds. Once again, you will have to hold spacebar or the left mouse button as he is going up, so he will go higher. As he starts dropping down, let go. An eight or a nine is a MUST for the trophies. Ok, if you hit him at a nine, you are sure to get the trophy, or somewhere in the 800m range, if you play your cards right. I whacked him at 8 meter/seconds, and I got 907m. Pretty nice. Though I said eight or a nine is a must have for the trophy, some people have also said that they have gotten the Whack a Kass trophy at 7 meter/seconds. Remember, it will take some practice. It may be easier for others than it is for some. Never give up!

Whack a Kass is also a World Challenge game. That means that you can play Whack a Kass against other Neopets players around the world. Playing Whack a Kass on a world challenge is very hard. You are playing against the experts of Whack a Kass right there. If you are lucky and finish in one of the top three places, you will win a World Challenge map piece. If you feel lucky, and want to try your luck, then go ahead! If you use the tips I told you about in the above paragraphs, you are sure to win the original Whack a Kass trophy, a world challenge map piece, and maybe even a Better than You trophy that will shine and sparkle on your userlookup!

Also, I have yet a few more tips for Whack-a-Kass. The guide is not quite over yet. *grins* Ok, ready? Whenever Kass starts to come down, try to hit him at the VERY tip of the bad, stick, or loaf of bread. It will make Kass go higher and farther. It is pretty hard to do. At least I think it is. Yes another tip I have is to play at the screen size set to full screen. It makes it a bit easier for some people because you can see right when Kass is about to hit the ground, making it easier for him to go farther when you use the spacebar or the left mouse button. If you would like more of a challenge, play it on low quality. I found it surprisingly hard.

This game isn't a very good game to earn neopoints in. I only recommend playing this game for the trophies or World Challenges. However, if you practice and practice, you can grow to love this game, and work towards the trophy every day! Last but not least, the final tip for the game I have to give you is about how many times a day you play. Let's say that you are working for the trophy. You need to score at least 1000m or higher. You might hit it about 679m. I wouldn't send the score. It is very low, and you want to get the trophy by today. (Right?) Now on the other hand, if you score around 900m, I would send the score, since it is so close to your needed score. Now if you don't get the 1000m or higher that is needed for the trophy, and you already sent 2 scores, DO NOT SEND ANY MORE SCORES!!! At least don't send it until you get the 1000+m needed. Thank you for reading my game guide, and I hope that it really helps you! Good luck.

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