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Inexpensive Neohomes Made Easier

by ursaring454


Okay, when someone says, "Can I see your neohome?" and you don't have a nice one, what do you do? Freak out, tell the awful truth or lie? Well, that shouldn't be what you're doing. Don't fret, because having a nice neohome is just going to get easier for everyone too embarrassed to show all of Neopia your soon-to-be-lovely neohome.

Neohomes are expensive, too much hassle, not worth it and boring. Wrong answer, fellow Neopian, because neohomes aren't always expensive, too much hassle, worthless and boring. Why do you ask? Well, a few tips should change your mind!

Too much NP this, too much NP that. Stop complaining because owning a neohome might only cost you 1000 to 2000 NP a day. Yes, 1000 to 2000 NP a day. When building a neohome, maybe you want to make a floor plan on paper. When that's done, build your room and choose the material that's the cheapest, unless you really want to spoil your pets or go for the neohome spotlight. When waiting for your room to be built, take that opportunity to get more NP. The trick is to play games that give you more NP per 100 points like Ultimate Bullseye, which gives you 800 NP per 100 points.

Oh no! Another neopoints problem, UPDATES! Never fear, tips are here! Every time you you make an update, more NP is added to each room built in the future. The trick is to do one update at a time if you are really impatient. If you are okay with waiting, build all of your rooms (that's why floor plans are handy) then pay for your updates. Simple as that! The update problem has been defeated!

That should solve most of your problems, but now you're probably saying, "My neohome is empty! BOO HOO!" or "It just doesn't look good." That's all, eh? Furniture shop isn't cooperating with you? Why not type a specific type of furniture (oak, zen, mirror, etc.) in the yellow toolbar to the left of the screen? Click on an object that you think will be okay and read its description. It will say about how much it will cost and if it is just what you wanted, click on the Shop Wizard button and enjoy!

Wait a second, the item is... OVER PRICED! Just settle down and I'll explain some more. When shopping, click on a random store and look at the other objects they sell. Once you find something nice and cheap, write the name of the item and go back to the Shop Wizard to type it in. Remember to choose '"identical to my phrase" or you could end up with something else. If you don't plan on aiming for the neohome spotlight, head down to the Tyrannian furniture shop! They aren't always the most flattering but it's worth it!

Are you getting the Shop Wizard blues or the price isn't right? Well, here's some furniture to focus on that is inexpensive. At the yellow toolbar, type in dung, straw, stone or hewn to get some awesome Tyrannian furniture! Why not type in your favorite color? Red, pink, blue and so on. Begging on your knees for posters and windows? Go to Mr. You-know-who and type any band like Yes Boy Ice Cream and poster (Yes Boy Ice Cream Poster). Try typing poster in your new best pal, the yellow toolbar. For windows, the least expensive one is probably the boarded up window. Also try pots, lamps, statues and petpet toys which make very nice extras!

The house is complete but now you want a garden? That's okay because the Neopian Garden Center has objects that aren't too expensive! With the yellow toolbar, type things like flower, daisy, bud, plant ect. Also, if you haven't noticed, you can change the color of your garden's lawn! Put your cursor at the bottom of your garden and a toolbar will appear. Fool around with the tools until you find your perfect color. Also, put the kelp and blocks you get from the Under Water Fishing in your garden!

You're just sitting there, in front of the computer wondering how in Neopia are you going to arrange your furniture? You need some ideas, don't you? Why not go walk around your house? When I mean house, I mean the REAL world. If you don't know your own home too well, grab a pen or pencil and paper and sketch your favorite rooms. Also, specific objects look like other objects. Some look like pans while others look like food. Use your imagination as much as possible! Some of Lady Osiri's pottery and other pots look like pans and bowls, which is totally awesome! Just buy a simple table and some pots, place the pots on the table (it might not work all the time :( ), and ta-dah! You have a countertop with pots and pans!

Maybe this isn't spiffy enough for you? Maybe your room is missing that extra spunk? Maybe it's disorganized? In that case, maybe you should read the following little tips. Are you the kind of person that needs everything to match, be organized and clean? Why not set a theme? Possible (inexpensive) themes are dung, straw and stone! If you think 3000 NP is inexpensive, go ahead for a color theme. Also, buy a Mop and Bucket (one item) to make your neohome look like it gets cleaned a lot. If you need some more spunk in your neohome, try putting in some Techo clocks, blue clockwork Wockies, and a wind up zytch or two! When you buy Techo clocks, they move but they don't move in your neohome. On the other hand, clock work Wockies and wind up zytches move around in a circle! They're perfect if you can't afford a robot. Also, petpet toys are great, even if you don't have a petpet!

After a few minutes of reading, you might be saying, "That was easy! Duh!" Well in that case, I hope that I've finally made my point: neohomes aren't super expensive. Just keep on playing games, take the process of perfecting your neohome slowly, check your SDB, put some or all of my tips to use and next thing you know, you're the next neohome spotlight! One more tip: Save your room after you arrange your furniture or else it will go back in to the corner of the room again! My job here is done!

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