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The Neopian's Perfect Gallery Guide

by sea__dates


Sometimes it is very hard to make up your own gallery. Sometimes you are just not very creative and don’t know what to put in it. Other times you get something similar to writer’s block. No one likes it, so here I am to help you choose the best gallery for you

First check your items/safety deposit box. What do you find there? Food? Toys? Petpets? Lab Maps? Paintbrushes? Or random junk? If you are the type of person who only likes to make galleries of one thing then this could be a tough one, but read carefully for some tips.

If you find mostly food then you might want to start up a food gallery. Food galleries are for those people who like to cook, eat at restaurants, or go to cafes often. If you had a food gallery you could be inspired from all of this. You can create coffee shops, tea shops, chocolate shops, bakery shops and more.

Example: You could create your very own pizza shop, add drinks you would find in a pizza shop, and other stuff to do with pizza shops. If you want to open up a coffee shop, include coffee, deserts, teas, and snacks.

If you find mostly toys you might want to start a toy gallery. Toy galleries can be separated into more galleries. Example: Plushie galleries, Usuki galleries, Quiggle galleries, etc. Or can be one big gallery. Toy galleries are for those who love to play a lot in their own time and with their neopets. They are ones who always shop at the toy store and know exactly how to make a toy shop and some who wish to be a plushie tycoon.

If you mostly find petpets you must really like petpets. Therefore you can open up some kind of ‘Petpet Shop’ gallery. This would consist of petpets (of course), petpet toys, petpet accessories, and if you wish some petpet facts included in your gallery description. Example: If you had an angelpuss you would get everything that might start with angelpuss, plus some toys for it and some other petpets. You could also include petpet paint brushes. You may find this one a bit expensive, though, so it might not be your cup if tea. You might just do petpet furniture, just petpet toys, or just petpets for a cheaper gallery.

If you mostly find lab maps you might wanna make some kind of secret science lab in your gallery and decorate it with odd things scientists might use. If you love that kind of stuff and love the game Chemistry for Beginners, you may just want to do something similar to being a scientist. You can put all lab maps there, plus any other map you might find, like Haunted Woods maps and such. If you find something else that goes with labs or scientists, you might want to put that in to. Or just keep it maps/ lab maps. It’s up to you at this point.

If you mostly find paintbrushes you can start a colour shop. It can include art supplies, paintings, posters or anything colourful you can dream of, like beauty products. Colour is your style. You love to collect paint brushes, or you have just found them on the ground where the paint brush phantom lurks around. You can have rainbow things and have stuff related to the Rainbow Pool. This is a pretty hard and expensive gallery to make, so you might just wanna do an art gallery.

If you want to do an art gallery, try getting maybe 1 or 2 paint brushes; petpet paint brushes are usually cheaper. Get some posters from your home and maybe some coloured sand would look nice. Spice it up however you want it.

If you mostly find furniture items, like stuff in your neohome, you can:

A. Open up a ‘Home’ gallery

B. Open up a Furniture Gallery

C. Open up a Furniture Theme Gallery*

D. Open up a Garden Gallery

*A gallery where it’s all one type of furniture. Example: Cow Furniture. Nothing else but cow furniture is in the gallery.

A. Home Gallery. How would I do this? you might ask. Get all your furniture (this includes your garden items). The different categories can be different rooms. Example: Lounge. In this room you could have rugs, some bean bag chairs, and maybe a couch and table. But you wouldn’t want to add a gnome to it. In a kitchen you’d add all the appliances, dining room, a table and some chairs, plus decorate all your rooms nicely. It’s just like a neohome only you just have to pay for a bigger gallery rather than for rooms, security systems, etc. etc. so it’s a lot cheaper.

B. Furniture Gallery. What could you add to this? Basically all your furniture. Doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Even when you add some pizzazz to it, it’s not a very creative or original gallery. So how do you make it even better so people will come to see it? This is basically up to you so you can show your own creative side. If you need some ideas, start looking around some furniture shops at your local mall/Neopia’s bestest furniture shops.

C. Furniture Theme Gallery. What does this mean? Isn’t this the same as the Furniture Gallery? No, it’s slightly different. Furniture items are a whole gallery, but that one big gallery can be divided into smaller galleries. A Furniture Themed gallery means a gallery with furniture, but only a certain kind of furniture. For example you have a gallery with just Feepit furniture. Everyone has to do with Feepits. If you have lots each of different variety you can separate each theme into categories. This way you can use all your furniture. If you’d prefer, you can sell some so you can have just one category and you can buy more for that category, but I’ll leave that up to you.

D. Garden Gallery. I think you can pretty much guess what this means. Have any gnomes in your inventory left over from getting that avatar? Shop at the garden shop a lot? Or just love flowers? Why not pick this type of gallery? Embellish your shop with roses, daisies, gnomes and pretty flower backgrounds and blogs Everything you need for a perfect garden should be in here. Look in your back/front yard for ideas and inspiration.

Do you have random junk left from your Safety Deposit box? I have 2 ideas for you:

1. You wanted to get the Pack Rat avatar so now your deposit box is full of useless junk, right? Wrong. If you have 1,000 useless junk items, you can add them up to 1 NP each, which in the end totals 1k.**

**=1,000 NP

Sometimes you can find very neat items! You can sell these for a lot more! The best part about having a SDB sale is that you can find a lot of expensive stuff! Now use those extra neopoints toward your new gallery!

2. Of course over the years you must’ve collected a lot of stuff you wanted to keep safe from the pant devil! You can make your own junk collection, or maybe a beach collection with rotting driftwood and fish that you can really decorate with some seaweed and a gorgeous background! Galleries are basically up to you to design and create! I’m just giving you some tips and ideas!

Now you should have enough to start making your own awesome gallery which just may win you the Gallery Spotlight! Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

While writing this article it made ME want to make some of these galleries! Enjoy! Hope this article helped you!!

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