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Having a Bad Hair Day?

by purplepassiony2k


Spring showers bring spring flowers -- and bad hair days! You know the feeling: Up until yesterday, your pet’s hair looked great. Well-behaved, no big surprises. Today, their formerly impressive hair is flat. Or sticking out in new directions. Or so staticky that you're afraid you'll shock yourself if you touch it.

They’re having a classic bad hair day, and your first thought is to dunk your beloved pet’s head in a bucket of water and start over! What happened?

For all of us out there who experience those occasional bad hair days, here are some things to help you in a pinch, along with a few Neopian characters that I’m sure occasionally have tress distress! Does your pet look well groomed today or are they having yet another bad hair day?


LUMP OF LIMP CURLS - (Space Faerie): Are her curls sagging? In my opinion, the Space Faerie looks like she overslept and has a case of ‘bed head’ hair. Curly hair is perhaps the most versatile yet high-maintenance hair with a mind of its own. Curly hair is best when layered, yet if the curls are wild, try applying Super Curling Gel to palms and smooth over your pet’s hair’s surface, or even consider using a Basic Dryer to make it straight. I recommend that you don’t fuss with their hair too much and avoid using a Blue Short Hair Brush; invest in a wide-toothed comb instead such as a Green Quiggle Comb or using your fingers to separate curls for a more tamed style. Su-weet!: ) HIGH MAINTENANCE: Chia, Tuskaninny, Gnorbu, Xweetok, and Yurble.

FINE OR THIN HAIR – (Nabile): Say good-bye to flat, limp hair! Fine, limp hair has its own special problems. The number one reason hair droops: It lacks layers and lies flat because of its weight. Getting layers cut into your hair takes some weight off the ends, allowing the hair to spring up more easily. But when the same disaster strikes over and over to the pets we know and love, it's better to take specific action. “There are simple fixes for every hair crisis," says purplepassiony2k, owner of three wonderfully groomed pets in Neopia. To cope with its lack of body and movement: Go light on styling products such as Super Strong Hair Gel and try teasing it with a Blue Daisy Brush for volume. Small barrettes will work well with fine hair too, such as a Blue Daisy Hair Clip and Faerie Kacheek Hair Clip! Just Purrrr-fect! HIGH MAINTENANCE: Kacheek, Quiggle, Buzz, Acara, Ixi, and Blumaroo

SPLIT ENDS – (Dr. Frank Sloth): The result is hair that is split in two, or sometimes, three strands. Exactly what the infamous Dr. Sloth has on his head! LOL. I’m pretty sure the environment--*cough*--can affect the way his hair looks, but no matter what, split ends are annoying and make hair appear dull and scraggly. Common causes can include excessive brushing, overdying, and brushing wet hair is a definite no-no; use a Golden Moon Comb when hair is wet. Better yet, to ensure you avoid the dreaded split end, make sure you shampoo your hair with a quality product such as Superstar Shampoo and one that has a moisturizing formula like Peo Conditioner or Krawk Hair Lotion. The only thing you need to remember is that unless the split ends are cut off, this is just a temporary solution. So get trimming! Need to borrow my Kyrii Hair Scissors? HIGH MAINTENANCE: Kyrii, Moehog, Pteri, Krawk, and Draik

LACK OF BODY – (Jhudora): LONG HAIR can be wonderful – but it can also look flat. You know you want it, but more than likely you just don't know how to get it. I’m talking about volume, of course, and lots of it! First of all, big, bouncy, full-of-oomph hair seems like an impossible idea to the straight haired pets. When your hair is flat and lifeless and you want to add some sass in your straight locks, consider making a quick trip to the Battledome. Not to fight, silly! Yet, let’s instead flip your hair under your Double Dryer and tousle the hair with your fingers. If your hair needs a lift, use a small dab of Disco Print Styling Gel (don't place a dollop of it directly on top of your head -- that will simply flatten it and make it look oily), then shake or comb your hair into place and be on your way. If your hair is stick-straight, then adding some height to your roots is all that you need to give you a whole new look. Don’t forget the Hairspray to hold it in place! Your imagination is your only limitation! HIGH MAINTENANCE: Uni, Aisha, Meerca, and Cybunny

OILY HAIR – (Soup Faerie): - Everyone, including the Soup Faerie -- yes, it's possible -- has had a bad hair day. Oily hair needs thorough cleansing and clarifying to remove excess oil, dust and dirt which can make hair look dull, limp and lifeless. The Soup Faerie looks after a very large cauldron of soup which isn’t helping her hair, so that is why she tends to wear a bandana to hide the oily hair! I suggest a see-through shampoo such as Rain Water Shampoo. Clear, see-through shampoos tend to have less goo in them. Try going without Conditioner, and don't over brush. I wish TNT would invent that magic product to help with our pet’s hair, but this will help until they do. HIGH MAINTENANCE: Ogrin, Bori, Eyrie, Bruce, Jetsam, Koi, Chomby, and Hissi.

FRIZZY HAIR – (Mad Scientist): If your pet’s hairs are not right… it’s the cut! Maybe they just stick their finger into an electrical outlet? Is their hair a foot taller than what it was yesterday? Is the humidity of the Lab Ray giving you and your pets a bad case of the frizzies? Hair that is too goofy and has a tendency to get frizzy can be the most frustrating type of hair to deal with and the usual response is to glob on Hair-Gel or even Grarrl Hair Goo and hope for the best. The hair style is also important; if your hair is very frizzy, then don't have too many layers. Instead have some longish ones that will allow the hair to flow. You could try using a Green Cobrall Headband to help tame the hair! Add to this the fact that most of us want what nature didn't give us and the result is a whole lot of fussing, twisting and tugging. Already then! HIGH MAINTENANCE: JubJub, Kau, Tonu, and Lutari

OVER-DYED HAIR – (Illusen): Ever wonder why some pets always look like they just walked out of the Grooming Parlour when you often feel like wearing a Lenny Paper Mask over your head? Why does hair color hold such fascination? Hair color can be that amazing magic wand that instantly transforms boring mousy locks into glorious lights that shimmer and shine. Hair is great for expressing oneself. It's a great non-permanent form of self-expression that can change with you. Dyeing is one of the most fun aspects of hair style, and it's one of the things people notice about others, but remember, hair dyes may dry out the best of hair. Illusen is always careful about maintaining her hair; if not, she would really have a bad hair day if it turned out purple and owners confused her with Jhudora! *giggles* So, remember hair colouring is always best handled by experts. Trust me on this… HIGH MAINTENANCE: Peophin, Lenny, Usul, Lupe, and Poogle

HAIR LOSS – (Pant Devil): Yes, I know it sounds corny, but I really believe that when life gives you lemons, you can have fun making lemonade. Being positive really helps in anybody’s hair situation. Not only does positive thinking and actions make you feel better, it gives you the opportunity to learn new ways to appreciate your hair, or even lack of it. These are helpful tips to help regenerate hair follicles, but they do not cure any underlying conditions, or stress-related hair loss. Take dietary supplements such as Vitamin A Tablets, and get plenty of sleep and invert your head while you shampoo your scalp promoting blood circulation to the head, and the most important… eliminate stress or else it can be disastrous to your precious hair! Now we know why that little mischievous Pant Devil thief has not one hair on his head! *chuckles* HIGH MAINTENANCE: Scorchio, Grarrl, Elephante, Korbat, Techo, Shoyru, Kiko, Nimmo, and Grundo

GREY HAIR – (Grey Faerie): EEEK! Friend or Foe? We’ll all go gray sooner or later—whether you want to embrace your new color is a completely personal choice. Should you flaunt your gray or hide it with a hot new shade? Gray hair is naturally coarser than the rest of your hair, that’s why they tend to poke out and are usually uncooperative. Avoid the temptation to let your hair prevent you from enjoying your life, as I hope the Grey Faerie learns to embrace her silver strands! If you live your life believing that the old days were the best or that today is fabulous, color your hair. If you look forward to what is ahead in curiosity or take on the day as a special challenge, go gray. HIGH MAINTENANCE: Cybunny, Gelert, Zafara, Wocky, and Mynci

To get back on track, vow to banish bad hair days forever.

Happy Hair Days to you all!

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