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The Vegetation Revolution: Smugglers' Cove

by mazoku_kuiin


KRAWK ISLAND - Swords, axes and shields: three obvious weapons of choice for your battling Neopets. However, the Battledome does not always work this way. May it be exploding clockwork items, flying meatballs or the average snowball, fighting can lead to many surprises.

In the past weeks, we have been talking about the multiple uses of fruits, vegetables and other vegetation in the Battledome, and talked about the Hidden Tower’s weapons. Today, we’ll take a short look at the vegetation-based weapons sold in Smugglers Cove.

Smugglers Cove is on Krawk Island. As in every Krawk Island shop (Golden Dubloons, Little Nippers…), you have to buy the items with the local currency: dubloons. However, be aware that the Cove restocks rarely, unless a new item is offered by the pirates. But, do not worry; most of the items can still be bought at Mystery Island’s Trading Post.

- First, we have the Artichoke Bomb. As discussed in a former article, I cannot understand how a vegetable such as an artichoke might explode. If ANYTHING edible could explode like this, we should not be eating that anyway. Plus, how come is it called Artichoke Bomb, when it’s obviously a grenade?

- Next weapon is the really prized Attack Pea. Yes, you heard me. Attack PEA. I thought peas were a soft vegetable. Unless they are frozen, peas are unable to damage anyone or anything, no matter how fast they are thrown. I suppose than it would just be squished or something. The Attack Pea (And its younger brothers, the Seasonal Attack Pea and the Super Attack Pea) is the most sought-after vegetable based weapon on Neopets; therefore, do not get fooled by its softness and its cuteness.

- Our next subject of study is the really vicious looking Aubergine Mace. Aubergines are usually big and somehow heavier than most vegetables, so they might be useful to whack someone on the head. However, if someone comes near you with an aubergine with overgrown yellow thorns, it would be a good idea to simply run away. This weapon is anything but subtle. At least, with an Attack Pea, you might surprise your opponent. Not with this.

- Even though I tried to focus on vegetable weapons, fruits also have their place in the Battledome. The twisty and bendy Banana Sword can be useful to whack someone. Sadly, you cannot remove the peel. Pity, that could have been a REAL dual-duty weapon.

- Our next weapon is the Mega Cabbage. Yes, cabbage. I do not know how big “Mega” should be. What do you do with cabbage, anyway? Do you throw it? Do you have to shove it down your opponent’s throat? Can you whack someone with that or is it too heavy?

- Another weapon with an adjective used to make it sound more powerful is the Mighty Asparagus Sword, Asparagus Dagger’s bigger brother. It is tough, it is strong but, still, as mentioned in my previous article, how can you cut, injure or stab someone with a stick of asparagus? These vegetables suffer from the same problem as peas: They are not hard (Although not as soft as the previously-mentioned little green balls of happiness), nor are they sharp. I suppose you could always use it as a distraction until you pull out the REAL weapons, but still…

- Another fruit based battle item is the Pear of Disintegration. I am unsure if this fruit disintegrates itself or if it does disintegrate everything else, with its acids (Which taste like fruit juice). Imagine buying one of these and leave it in the fridge. The day after, you decide to get your pear, for some unknown reason, and you cannot find it. Either

A) It disintegrated itself within the refrigerator

B) Its internal acids made the fridge dissolve. Wait, the kitchen was destroyed as well. In fact, the entire neohome was dissolved, so how could you not notice what happened?

- Well, I must say I am unsure if a negg is a vegetable or not. Still, throwing things is fun, especially if they are stinky and rotting, like the Rotten Negg. I suppose the smell is a major disadvantage there. I mean…your opponent can SMELL your weapon. A big zero for surprise there…

- Earlier in this text, we talked about the Attack Pea. Its tougher brothers, the Super Attack Pea and the Seasonal Attack Pea suffer from the same issues as the little green ball of pain. However, the Seasonal Attack Pea might be the frozen kind of pea therefore, it cannot be squished or step on as easily as the Attack Pea. If you throw it at someone, it might actually hurt the opponent. When thrown at its optimum potential (Speed * Strength), it can be as dangerous as a small rock when thrown at someone’s eye. Do not be fooled by its seasonal happiness, and run for the hills.

- Finally, last but not least, the Super Attack pea. First, I want to know who is making those fancy little capes and hats for the peas, they’re really cute. *ahem* The cape of the SuAP can act like a parachute if dropped from a really high place; it does protect the pea from being squished against the opponent. But, the true power of the SuAP is the fact than this item gives an avatar. When you are harassed by a mob of angry Acers “plz can u lend me ur Suap for the avetor?”(Sic), just throw the pea at them and get its true power unleashed.

In conclusion, never underestimate the true power of anything nutritional. Even though some vegetables and fruits are tiny, soft and smelly, they hide a lot of secret powers within their green bodies. However, it is not a wise idea to try to bite some of these weapons. (That would explain the shortage on some of these weapons, though.)

As mentioned earlier, all of these weapons come from the Smugglers Cove, so only 120 of them can exist. After that, they are “retired,” even though they are not labelled as such. You can still buy these items from the Trading Post or Auction House, though.

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