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Which PetPetPet Are You Most Like?

by makelifesimple


Spring is here! And with Spring comes a swarm of newly hatched Petpetpets, just waiting to infest your Petpets (or, rather, your Pet’s Petpets). There are at least thirty varieties of Petpetpets in Neopia, and each species is rumored to have a distinct trait or two. Have you ever wondered which itchy, scratchy cutie bears the closest likeness to your shining personality? Well, wonder no more, my Neofriend. By answering the following 7-question quiz, you can determine whether you are the most like a Vernax, Fleaf, Glack, or Mootix.

1.) Where is your Neohome?

a. Neopia Central. I’m planning a block party for my neighbors. Want to come?

b. Faerieland. I like to be near the Faerie Queen, in case I need to ask for help or give advice.

c. The Spooky Woods. I just… ended up there. It’s kinda scary, but, well, it’s my home.

d. Roo Island. It’s a little out of the way, but I like the small, comfy community.

2.) How do you spend the majority of your Neopoints?

a. Feeding at the Kadoatery! It’s hard work, but the Kadoaties are so cute!

b. Avatar items. I like to use different avvies on different message boards. It’s fun!

c. The Pharmacy. I always seem to catch the Bubbles from the Wheel of Excitement…

d. On my beautiful Neohome! I don’t like to brag, but it is nearly perfect. I am thinking about trying for the Neohome Spotlight, but I don’t want to call too much attention to myself…

3.) Are you saving for a Paint Brush?

a. You bet! Faerie. Or Royal, or perhaps Darigan.

b. I was thinking Disco or Electric. I’m not entirely sure, but I dig those bright colors!

c. I wanted to paint my Kougra with the Orange Paint Brush, but then that avatar came out, and I can’t exactly afford it…

d. I’ve painted my pets already: White, Shadow, and Speckled. It wasn’t too expensive, and not too flashy.

4.) Do you frequent the Battledome?

a. I fought in the Lost Desert Plot! But other than that, no.

b. I have quite the impressive trophy from a little something I like to call Defenders of Neopia.

c. I wouldn’t say I frequent. I needed to teach that Pant Devil a lesson!

d. Oh, no. I’ve thought about it, though.

5.) Are you a collector?

a. I’m working on my stamp album. My guildies are very helpful. Thanks guys!

b. I’ve got a great gallery! I’m trying to figure out some html to spruce it up.

c. I’ve been saving the items my pet gets from Underwater Fishing. I’d like to have a complete gallery someday. Right now, I’ve mostly got old rotten right boots.

d. I collect plants for my Neogardens. I watch the Gardening Center pretty closely, let me tell you.

6.) Which shop is your favorite?

a. The new Petpet shop in Altador! Those Altachucks are so cute. It doesn’t restock very often, but I can usually manage to get something when it does.

b. The Clothing Shop. I like to demonstrate my Pet’s style in my gallery.

c. Do the Tiki Tours count? I’ve never been on one, but I’m sure there is no chance I will run into an evil witch doctor or anything.

d. The Super Happy Fun Snow Shop. I can usually get some rare items at a lower price there. I think it may be because most of Neopia is trying to restock elsewhere.

7.) How do you feel about Neopian Guilds?

a. I’m a very active member in a great guild. It has an awesome theme based on one of my favorite subjects!

b. I’m in a very influential elite Avatar/Trophy guild.

c. I tried to start one once, but it didn’t take off. I’m thinking of trying again real soon, though!

d. Do you think I should join one? There are so many to choose from, and I’m happy the way I am.

MOSTLY A: Mootix. Cute and popular, everyone knows who you are! The Mootix is probably the most well known Petpetpet in all of Neopia. Your Neofriends probably think that you are friendly, outgoing, and up for anything! (Not to mention adorable.) Whether you are skydiving in the Babaa Battle for Mootix Drop or radiating fun in your very own avatar, you are surely a peppy, popular Petpetpet! You might want to think about creating a new user lookup to show off your shining personality to your many Neofriends.

MOSTLY B: Glack. You are not afraid to speak your mind. Now, I’m not saying that the Glack is noisy. Glacks are, erm, vociferous. Personally, I consider this an admirable quality. If you or your pet is in need, you are not afraid to speak up! Bullies, beware; this Neopian can stand up for themselves. You, like the Glack, are very clear when you communicate your ideas. Have you ever considered submitting an article or short story to the Neopian Times?

MOSTLY C: Vernax. Sometimes you can wind up in a bit of trouble. It isn’t your fault… at least not always. There you are, looking for a light snack, and WHAM! A Spyder fang slams into the ground next to you. You weren’t looking for this mess (were you?), but there you are anyway. Don’t worry! You can handle this Spyder the way you’ve handled every other Spyder in Web of Vernax: determination, spunk, and just a little luck. While that luck holds out, you should try your hand at Brucey B Slots. A lucky bug can make a lot of money that way!

MOSTLY D: Fleaf. You might be a little shy. It’s a big world out there, and sometimes it seems like you’re an awfully small Neopian. In fact, you often feel like you’re just blending in with the scenery. Don’t believe it, little Fleaf! You are a very smart, fashionable Petpetpet with a healthy dose of survival skills. Your resilience, tenacity and sharp wits have probably earned you a game trophy or two. Why not branch out a bit, and try a new game. You’ll master it long before I do!

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