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Guide to the Jubble Bubble Trophy

by steward26


Also by wamhk


Jubble Bubble is the new craze to hit Maraqua. Whether it's getting a valuable piece of a Maraquan World Challenge map or an adorable trophy with a Maraquan JubJub on it, I hope to help you improve on this fun game. Read on to find out more!

Overview Of Jubble Bubble

Here is a little information about the game before I begin my guide to help you get to trophy position. Well, here it goes…

In the game, you are Kelby, a Maraquan Shoyru. Your objective is to save your JubJub friends from falling by blowing air bubbles to save them from crashing too quickly to the ocean floor. During the game, seashells or dubloon coins may fall. Get them and they are worth 5 points for the seashells and 25 points for the dubloon coins! JubJubs are worth 10 points each.

You have only 3 lives in total. Make good use of them because there are no extra lives to be gotten. The Neopoint payout on this game is 1 Neopoint for every point you score in the game, so getting 3000 Neopoints a day is not too hard if you can play this game well. All you need is to score 1000 points for this game, which should be easy if you follow my guide.

Game Settings

This game is played fully with the mouse! Left click to start blowing a bubble, then hold down the left mouse button to give it more power. You have to let go of the mouse button to catch the JubJub, seashells or dubloon coins when they are just right above your head. If you aim too much below or above them then you will not be able to rescue them in time.

The best way to play with the game is on full screen and high quality so that you can aim accurately. Moving slightly to the right or left to save the JubJubs will not work, so aim well before shooting. Nevertheless, if the first bubble you blow does not save them, then you must try to salvage the situation quickly so that you do not lose a life.

Game Play

Isn’t this game simple yet pretty frustrating when you try to get a good score? Well, Jubble Bubble is not always dependent on practice. Pure luck plays a part as well!! I would estimate that 40% of the game depends on luck. Even if you have a very good game at the start, if the JubJubs keep falling at different corners of the ocean thereafter, you definitely will not have the time to rescue them. The best way to play is to turn off all sound effects because they might distract you while you are playing the game. At the start of the game, the JubJub falls slower than the seashell and dubloon coins. Eventually, after you score about 500 points, the JubJub’s velocity increases; after 1000 points it will definitely be faster than the bonus items. Learn to stay in the center of the game so that eventually when the JubJub falls from one corner, you might have the chance to rescue it.

Take note that although the game speed increases, the speed of the Maraquan Shoyru does not increase throughout the game. Therefore, you have to be quick to catch the falling JubJubs and bonuses.

Although the dubloon coin gives the highest points in the game, if you do not have the time to rescue it from falling, leave it because no damage will be done to your game. When you score 1000 points and above, try to restrain yourself from picking up the dubloon coin. This is because the JubJub will simultaneously fall from the other side most of the time and you might not be able to rescue it. It is not worth it to go for a bonus, only to risk losing a life for nothing.

Extra Tips

1. Sliding mouse technique

Basically you have to practice the game purely by using a “sliding mouse technique”. Just before you catch a JubJub or a bonus, you have to start blowing your bubbles just before you reach them.

2. Rescue the JubJubs and bonuses earlier

Are you thinking that your bubble has to touch the JubJub or bonuses when you are just below them? Well, that is not the case. Try to practice by blowing the bubble before you reach them.

3. Time-Saving Strategy

The bubbles do not have to touch the Jubjub or bonuses to trap them. You can stop blowing the bubble approximately 2 small bubbles below them, thus saving you a little time to go for the next item to catch.

4. Seashell and Dubloon coin rescue

It is good that you try to rescue all the bonuses but do not forget that if you drop a JubJub, a life will be deducted. If you drop a dubloon coin, nothing will happen. However, if a seashell drops, the Shoyru will feel giddy and not be able to move for about 3 seconds.

5. What happens if you drop the seashell?

When it so happens that the JubJub and seashell fall together but in different directions, rescue the JubJub first. If you do not have the time to rescue the seashell after that, leave it alone. Just before the seashell falls to the ocean floor, continue blowing a few sets of bubbles by releasing your mouse button a few times, The Shoyru will not be giddy after that. I have been using this trick and it works for me 90% of the time. If the trick doesn’t work, maybe the timing is not right so just try to practice more in order to get the right timing.

6. What if you lose a life?

Do not get distracted or affected by that! Just keep going on. If you lose your concentration, all your lives will be gone in succession.


The best time to go for a trophy is on the first day of the month when scores reset. You can probably get a trophy with about 3900 points on that day. Good luck, and have fun playing this game!

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