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Top-Ten Pie Countdown

by weirdo_number_7


Hi, and welcome to my list of the top ten best types of pie! I was inspired by my awesome pie gallery. Be thrilled by all of the GREATEST types of pie! Never underestimate the power of the pie! What’s that you say? Get on with the list already?!?! Calm down, my friends, calm! *disclaimer* I am not responsible for large dislikes of the type of pies shown on the list. Also, do not throw these display pies at me out of anger or dislike. If you eat, harm or perform any combination of the above, you will have to pay me how much you owe for the pie you damaged.


10. Apple Pie

You can’t argue with a classic like a good old Apple Pie! It’s traditional and tasty. Just like my Granny used to make when I was a little tyke. Those were the days. However, it lands on my ten spot because it lacks the pizzazz and spice to be a top contender. It’s okay, apple pie, we still love you!

9. Sour Melon Pie

Yummy! This pie is a personal favorite. The combination of a sweet and sour melon goop packed between flaky crust is delicious! However, it can be too sour at times and melons aren’t always in season, so getting a perfectly fresh one can be hard. But fresh or not, this treat is very good. If you have no taste for melons, one taste of this awesome pie may convince you to like them. You can't hate a melon. Yay for melon!

8. Tetraberry Pie

Now this one is something special. It’s a cute little pie great for snacks. Also, it’s filled with an irresistible blue colored berry paste. The only thing that has me puzzled is this: what is a Tetraberry? Perhaps, it is similar to a Blueberry. Or rather something terribly different from that. Whatever a Tetraberry is, it tastes pretty good. If you know what a Tetraberry is, please inform me, for I am lacking in this knowledge.

7. Passionberry Pie

This pie is very strange to look at. You may be puzzled by the pinkness of the filling. But in reality, it is actually the pink that makes the pie more appetizing. You should try some. It makes you feel very happy and mystic! Great for a gift idea. The receiver will be bursting with joy! Ideal for a sweetheart, good friend or family member.

6. Slice of Pea Pie

Now you may be thinking that I am crazy for putting this one on the six spot, or even on the countdown at all! Yes, it is rather odd, but it tastes better than it seems. And besides, peas are a great health food! With them in pie, they tastes even better! I also find it a reminder of the cute pea Chia. And, honestly, who hates a cute, little pea Chia?

5. Blackberry Pie

Ah, yes! One of everybody’s favorites, Blackberry pie. Now, how can you argue? I mean, it’s fresh, tangy Blackberries surrounded by layers of fluffy crust. This one is yet another classic favorite. If you find this pie disgusting, then shame on you! Who doesn't love a mouth watering (and blackening) pie? Great fun for kids and kids at heart to eat. Black, sticky teeth and hands are the best!

4. Triple Chocolate Mince Pie

Obey the chocolate! This is great for the chocoholic in your life. Its sweet, chocolatey goodness can make any bad day turn out good. However, do not eat too many in one sitting, or you will be sorry! It's like eating twenty-nine chocolate bunnies in one sitting: oh so tasty, yet it gives you the biggest tummy ache ever! But it's still great!

3. Coconut Cream Pie

Truly greatness. Coconuts that are creamy: yum. Who doesn’t love Coconut? A Coconut hater, that’s who! I’m sure that any real pie fan has tried this pie at least once in their pie collecting career! Just thinking of this pie makes me drool. Yes. I am even starting to drool at this very moment thinking of its greatness! Yummy! Please note: Do not eat a Coconut Cream pie if you are allergic to coconuts, cream or pie.

2. Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie

So much cherry! So fluffy and delectable! I never want to see the end of this pie! The best Faerie food ever created! The cherries are fresh and sweet as candy. No wonder everybody loves Faeries! They make great pies! But, can you believe it? This isn't number one! So what is? Here you go! ( So much tension! I just can't wait for it!)

And finally what we have all been waiting for....

1. Starry Gelert Pie

The greatest pie ever!!!! There are several reasons that I chose this one as the best. Firstly, it is starry! That’s a really nice touch. Secondly, it is in the shape of one very cute Neopet! Who can resist the cuteness of this pie?!?! I certainly can’t! And neither should you! Come on everybody, let’s celebrate the cuteness of the best pie ever!!!! Hooray! Buy one for yourself! And a friend! And for your grumpy next-door neighbor! (Hey, it's worth a shot. Maybe giving him or her the world's best pie will make his or her day!)

I hope that you enjoyed the pie countdown and that you agree with all of my choices. What?!?! You don’t?!?!? SHAME ON YOU!!!! Now, go out there and eat all the pie you can! Come on, I’m encouraging all of you to join in the celebration of the world’s greatest food: pie. This has been a great countdown and your satisfaction is guaranteed! And I wasn’t even pummeled with pies this time! Wait. What's that you have? A pie?!?!?! Oh, no! So you are throwing a pie at me?!?! No!!!! Don't do it!!!! Please!!!! I spoke too soon!!!! No!!!!! The pain! The creamy filling! Hmm... actually, this tastes pretty good. Thank you for the great tasting pie!

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